Maliad The Traitor


“Maliad The Traitor”

by James Mahoney

CHAPTER I – Traitor

The snow storm had hit much harder than expected…

The North Eastern mountainsides of the Borne Mountains, were covered in 4 feet of snow…

And this was what the Northern White Orc Maliad contested with as he fought his way towards the great Indo Sea Cliffs, hunted by a party of White Orc Warriors…

Quarrels whizzing by him, one finally struck his left shoulder… But he did not flinch… One quarrel would not bring down a form as vigorous as a White Orc… Especially he

Finally reaching the cliff, he looked down hundreds of feet upon the icy waters of the Indo Sea, crashing against the many jagged rocks of its’ shores…

“What have I done” went through his mind

“Treason… There was no other word for it”.

Just then, two of the White Orc Warriors were upon him…

The first, he merely flipped right over the side of the cliff, watching him plummet to  his death against one of the rocks…

The second stuck a curved dagger into his belly…

“Chom Bor La!” (Taste That) he spoke in the White Orc Tongue.

With this Maliad picked up the second warrior above his head, and tossed him too into the rocks below… But he instead hit the water.

More quarrels whizzed by, one striking his back… He looked to see 5 more White Orc Warriors coming his way, bows drawn…

With this, he hurled himself off the cliff…


Some thirty miles west of him, in the dark forest of Kind Yor, three Rangers make their way…

The first in a bad mood… His name is Tyl… Dark haired, and bearded, he lead them

The second, Viimly, bald as could be, and could not stop speaking of his girl at home

Then there was Lyle… Younger than the other two, a Ranger in training, this trip was for him… Shoulder length blond, almost white, hair, and dark eyes… He was constantly distracted… Which explained Tyl’s frustration.

Suddenly there was a great roar from thirty feet ahead… With this Tyl drew his sword, and disappeared into the shadows…

“Stay here!” spoke Viimly, as he too went into the shadows, his long ash bow drawn…

The sounds and screams that would come from ahead, ripped Lyle’s heart to pieces…

“No…” he spoke under his breath, as he dropped his sword, and a great shadow approached him.



Dungeons & Dragons – An Inspiration

An Article I Wrote And Posted Over 4 Years Ago On My Creative Writing Site

The Written Word

~Dungeons & Dragons~

I remember as a young boy, my brother and I went into a Hobbies Shop, and it had all sorts of Dungeons & Dragons Cast Iron Mini’s (Figures). Glass cases full of them. And as we got closer to the back of the store, we could hear voices coming from a back room. As we (or maybe just me) inched our way back towards the back of the store, the back room became visible…. In it, there was a longggg table, with several 20 to 30 year old men sitting at it. Layed across this table was a huge map, which had graph paper like squares on it. And atop it, ten to twenty, to thirty or more of Dungeons & Dragons cast iron mini’s, all custom painted. In addition, sprawled here and there were the the glorious Dungeons and Dragons Dice. That was it, I was…

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