Maliad The Traitor – Not So Free


Maliad The Traitor

by James Mahoney


Chapter Two – Not So Free

Maliad had survived the fall from the cliffs… Landing directly in the rough ocean below.

But so had one of the other fallen White Orcs, and thus a quarrel quickly ensued.

It did not last long, however, as Maliad overpowered him quickly

Several hours later Maliad entered the Mountain Town of Onkin, carrying the severed head of the White Orc he had slain.

Meanwhile a great snow storm had ensnared the small Town, and thus when Maliad suddenly appeared from the blinding snow, the town guards knees trembled, and they quickly sought out the town Marshal, who was a Drarven Paladin by the name of Hornic.

Without a fight, Maliad allowed himself to be captured, and placed into the small town jail.

That is where word came of the missing Rangers to the North in the Kind Yor Forrest.

It was also indicated by the tired messenger who had delivered the news, that one of the Rangers, a local young man by the name of Lyll, may yet be alive.

Quickly the town Cleric Avia declared that she would go and find this young Ranger, and do her best to aid, and or heal him, whichever the situation required.

Hornic was most uneasy at the idea of the Cleric heading out alone to face whatever unknown villains had slain the other two Rangers.

That is when he noted Maliads dark Orc eyes glaring from the darkness directly at him.

Hornic stepped towards the cage and engaged with the Orc in Dwarven tongue.

After explaining the situation, Maliad quickly said he could help the Cleric find the Ranger… Perhaps this would not only prove more so than the severed White Orc head that he indeed meant no harm to the Humans, Dwarves, Elves and Halflings of this land.

Hornic was apprehensive, but after much persuation from Avia, a deal was agreed upon.

Instead of facing an early town hearing, in what would likely end in an unlawful hanging of Maliad, primarily because he was indeed an Orc… Hornic and Avia, both of Lawful Good inclination, gave Maliad a chance to earn his freedom, and their trust.


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