Warriors Of Light – Odle & Chemney

The Written Word


Warrior Of Light – Odle & Chemney

Episode I

by DarkJade

In the forest region of the Northlands, south of the Northern Mountain Gate, is a town called Widdle Ben.

And at the chenter of this town, The Red Dragon Tail Tavern and Inn.

A not all that smart Dwarven Cleric enters…

“I need a drink” he speaks.

“Not too much now ODLE… We are Clerics of Grey Ring after all, and must stay to our purpose…” Speaks a second, tall, but very think Cleric.

“Ahh… You’re no fun CHEMNEY…” Proclaims Odle, as he takes a seat at the bar.

“Two water please!” speaks Chemney to the bartender jovially.

The bartender, not a friendly looking fellow, approaches.

“We don’t serve water here… Wine, or Ale, which will it be…”

“Um… A wine for me, and a tankarnd of ale for my Dwarven friend here…” replies Chemney.

“Aye… Now you’re talking…”…

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