Warriors Of Light – Kor

The Written Word


Warriors Of Light – Kor

by DarkJade

Episode I

Episode II

Episode III

Episode IV

Episode V

Episode VI

Episode VII


In the North East Region of the Mountain Region of The North Lands, just below the Great Lake of Gorne…

KOR, a White Orc General, and Leader of a Legion of 600 White Orcs, sits atop his Great Silver Dire Wolf… A gift from the Orc Priests of Mon Era…

Kor is a strong looking White Orc, but smarter than most… He sits staring at a small Black Temple… The Temple of Triad

At his side, looking impatient, is his Captain, LOR GOH, and his High Mage, BREE, a Female White Orc

“We’ve been here for three days Kor… The Legion grows restless,” speaks Lor Goh maintaining respect.

Kor does not asnwer…

Lor Goh is about to step towards Kor, when Bree places her hand on his…

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