The Druid Blue


Blue was a quiet child…

Often keeping to herself

She spent much of her time hanging by her people’s river Centai, in the forest of Kay na rue.

Blue’s father was a Fighter of the Kay na rue Legion, protecting their people from the many dark elements of the world…

Most stemming from the Humankind.

Thus her people forbid interaction with the humans, other than in battle.

Blue did not listen.

Though she has yet to actually interact with one, she did find herself drawn to the Druid ceremonies that took place only 5 miles away from her home.

Within the forest of Fern.

She felt that she truly belonged amongst them.

But beyond the fact that her people forbid interaction within Humankind, it was also known that no Elves were allowed to be Druids.

Many of the Elves of the lands felt Druids were Humans who longed to connect to the Forests the way the Elves naturally did…

The Elves in turn felt that Humans were not worthy.

Blue did not agree…

She felt that the great Mother called to those that belonged…

And that the Humans who answered this calling were merely doing the Mother’s work.

None the less, Blue studied the ways of the Druid from afar…

Her quiet, and stealthy ways, coupled with her heightened Elven senses, made it possible without her ever being seen.

Blue is an Initiate of the First Circle and has decided it best to leave her home, and share her ways in a pain stricken world.

Accompanied by her grey Falcon Nor, she would do her best.



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