Voyage Of The Druid Blue – To Tch’ahm Ba’er


The Druid Blue (Backstory)

Tch’ahm Ba’er (Land Races & Characters)

Voyage Of The Druid Blue

Chapter I – To Tch’ahm Ba’er

by Doragon Kishu

Blue looks out over the dark Formo Sea…

They were only a few hours from arriving in the ports of The Hammen, home to the Hammen Gnomes, in the land of Tch’ahm Ba’er.

Tch’ahm Ba’er was a large land mass, though technically some call it an island…

It was much larger than what one normally would consider an island.

There were 26 different territories, filled with 12 different types of people, or races, from Goblins, to Elves, to Mermen to Human.

Not to mention the Lair of the Red Dragon DROAH, and an all powerful Storm Giant.

No, Tch’ahm Ba’er was much more than an island.

And somewhere upon it might, I say might, be ESQSA’S brother, ADEN…

And she must deliver the fallen Esqsa’s sword to him.

“How Did I Get In Such A Situation” she wondered to herself.

“You Wanted Adventure, You Got It,” she thought in jest.

“You look lost,” suddenly came a gravely voice.

She looked to see, to her amazement, a black skinned Dragonborn, in like black platemail armour, by the name of RUNE.

“No more lost than anyone else,” she quietly replied.

Rune was so pleased with her response, he almost smiled… as best a Dragonborn can.

He steps over to stand beside her…

…at his side is a long two handed mace, glowing slightly blue at the end.

Rune is a large specimen, 6’4″ tall, weighing some 270lbs… But only a bit over the average of any given Dragonborn.

“I am Rune… The Protector–“

“–A Paladin…” Blue finished his sentence for him.

“Yes… I suppose I am,” he replied.

She notices his shield is completely black.

“You have no banner?” she speaks.

Rune nods his head, “You are a perceptive one.”

Blue on the other hand is 5’7″, weighing 115 pounds, as elves are lean, and light…

Her most telling trait was her deep blue hair.

In her left hand she leans on a crooked wooden staff…

Looking more like a tree branch, but polished none the less.

She wears dark brown leather armour, and a dark green hooded cloak, with light brown boots.

She pulls the hood down, and begins to relax…

Something about the Dragonborn seems to put her at ease.

“What business have you in Tch’ahm Ba’er…” she spoke in a friendly, yet still quiet tone.

“Who me? I’ve come to slay the dragon,” he says gregariously.

They both begin to laugh…

“I don’t believe you,” she interjects.

“No I… I’ve come for solace… In hopes a bit of it will deliver me some direction,” he replies.

“I see…” she calmly acknowledges.

“What about you?” he questions warmly.

“I’m looking for a High Elf by the name of Aden…”

Suddenly an Elf with light blue eyes, and white hair, wearing thick black and green leather armour, turns and looks at her…

“I am Aden…”


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