Voyage Of The Druid Blue – Mercenaries


Voyage Of The Druid Blue

by Doragon Kishu

The Druid Blue (Backstory)

Tch’ahm Ba’er (Land Races & Characters)

Chapter I – To Tch’ahm Ba’er

Chapter II – Welcome To Hammen

CHAPTER III – Mercenaries

Aden, Blue and Rune sat in the well lit, and festive Hammen Inn.

It looked to be a very clean, and friendly place…

…and it was packed.

Never had Blue seen so many Gnomes…

They were everywhere.

But beyond that, there were 6 private boothes, black curtains drawn, as 5 of them were in use.

Other than that, there were two humans, one looked to be a fanciful Fighter, but wore a mask and hood…

…and another was hooded, and sat at the bar.

There was one more who had the look of a human, but not the scent nor feel, Blue’s senses told her so.

Whether it was her Elvish, or Druid senses, or both.

Rune leaned over to Blue, as Aden ordered the three of them drinks.

“The Warrior looks to be a Dervish…” he spoke.

Blue in turn looked to be perplexed.

“A prestigious Fighter… Someone who demands, and receives respect,” he explained.

Blue nodded in understanding.

“The hooded fellow at the bar I’m sure is a Ranger, judging by the long ash bow leaned against the counter next to him,” he continued.

“But I can’t get a reading on the third one.”

“Lycanthrope I think…” suddenly inserted Blue…

…and with this the dark eyed stranger peered their way.

Blue merely nodded in knowing, and the stranger responded the same.

The drinks are served.

“So, tell me… How did my brother die…” speaks Aden grimly.

“I can’t be sure… But it looked like he may have been ambushed by a party of four bandits or such,” she replies.

“Hmm,” Aden replies.

“Did your brother have any enemies?” Interjected Rune as he swallows down his goblet of wine in one gulp.

“Like I say… The life of an adventurer… Anything’s possible.”

“He said… He was trying to come and stop you from going to Tch’ahm Ba’er,” she finished.

Aden merely looked at Blue at this.

“Why are you here Aden?” asked Blue.

Aden took a deep breath, and a swig of his ale.

“Originally me, and my two comrades Madrean, a Dragonborn Cleric, and a Warder Paladin of the Green Light Order named Sabre, were heading here together,” he began.

“The three of you are adventuring here? Seeking treasure?” asked Blue.

“Basically…” Responds Aden.

“No disrespect, but I find it a bit odd a Paladin hunting for treasure…” interjects Rune.

“He’s not… He’s here for the Red Dragon Droah… He’s pretty intense about Evil beings…” Aden explains.

“I see,” replies Rune with a troubled brow.

“And he’s protective of me and Madrean, who do hunt for treasure…” he continues.

“Madrean is a good being… But… He’s a bit… Restless, I’ll leave it at that…” he finishes.

“And on that note…” Aden stands.

“It’s time I found them… In truth, they should have been registered here, in this Inn, but the Inn Keeper insures me they’re not,” he explains.

“Foul play?” questions Rune?

“I’m not sure… But I doubt it… I thank you Blue for my brother’s sword… I am in your debt…” with this Aden bows, and leaves the tavern.

“What do you think?” asks Blue.

“My better judgment says we don’t let a solo Archer head blindly into the hills of Hammen, which are very poorly protected by the way…” Rune replies.

“I tend to agree…” responds Blue.

She stands, “Do me a favor… Attempt to hire that Dervish and the Ranger…” She plops down a sack of 50 gold on the table.

“I’m going to speak to Aden.”

Rune nods.

Blue steps outside and approaches her gear which is in a locked holding box outside the Inn.

She takes out a key and unlocks it.

From inside she pulls out a covered cage, and lifts the cover…

…within if is her grey falcon, NOR.

She quickly writes a note, takes Nor out of his cage, and puts it in one of his claws.

She makes a few screeching sounds, and Nor flies off.

Minutes later Rune steps outside with the Dervish behind him.

The Dervish takes off their mask and hood, and reveals that they are in fact a woman with short dark hair and violet eyes like a gypsy.

She gives Blue a broad smile.

“It went well,” Blue says to Rune.

Rune smiles a third time in one day just as the Ranger steps outside his hood still drawn.

“It did…” responds Rune.


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