The Evolution Of Tch’ahm Ba’er


What Started Out As Me Creating A Land During Some Downtime, And In The Mist Of Looking To Get Back Into Dungeons & Dragons Again, But For The Moment, As A Player…

Though Generally I DM, And Thus Have Made Many Homebrew Lands, Creatures & Campaigns

And Thus, Came Tch’ahm Ba’er, Which You Can Check Out HERE If You’re Looking For Some Content, Or Inspiration As A DM… Or A Player

It’s Written Up Based On A Basic/Expert/AD & D Dungeons & Dragons Blend, Which Is What I Play

Though Now It Looks As Though I Will Be Partaking In A New, Most Likely 5e, Campaign With A Friend & Associate Of Mine…

And So, Being He Doesn’t Have A Lot Of Time To Design A Homebrew, I Offered Him Tch’ahm Br’er To Use As A Foundation For The Campaign

And Beginning With The Name (Which He Renamed From My Original Name, Which Was Cham Bae Island (Which I Didn’t Care For, And Told Him He Was Welcome To Come Up With Something Better, Which I Feel He Did)

Now He’s Started Working On The Synopsis For The Campaign, And Began Transferring My Rustic Pen & Paper Map Above To This…


Which I Thought Was Very Cool… And Now To This


Which Blows Me Away… He Also Shifted Some Things Around From The Original As Noted Below In His Accompanying Note

Here is the completed Map for the synopsis. I swapped only a few things around, I put two different “Torn Regions” for goblins, swapped the northern Torn with The Heights. I swapped the Tum hills with the renamed Clockwood Grove to fit the topography and align them with more realistic region changes. I also changed the name of Mount Ridge to Orphinshtalr Ridge, Sheridan Falls to Shridan Falls, and Mount Hhad to Hhad Mountain Range. I’ll be starting on the synopsis soon.

For Those Of You That Are Using The Content, And Want To Update The Info You May Have Gotten From My Original Tch’ahm Ba’er Post

All Is Well In D & D Land…

We May Begin Session ‘0’ As He Called It On Monday Night, Should My Schedule Allow

Thanks For Reading

Doragon Kishu-


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