Voyage Of The Druid Blue – Aftermath

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Voyage Of The Druid Blue

by Doragon Kishu

The Druid Blue (Backstory)

Tch’ahm Ba’er (Land Races & Characters)

Chapter I – To Tch’ahm Ba’er, Chapter II – Welcome To Hammen,

Chapter III – Mercenaries , Chapter IV – The Hunt For Sabre & Madrean

Chapter V – Road To Priminus, Chapter VI – Return To Port Hammen

Chapter VII – Bugbears, Chapter VIII – Gifts Chapter IX – West Bound

Chapter X – The 12th Day, Chapter XI – Into The Shrine

Chapter XII – Protect The Shade Chapter XIII – Priminus

Chapter XIV – Aden Chapter XV – To Slay A Dragon Chapter XV – Droah

Chapter XVI – Into The Lair Chapter XVII – Battle

CHAPTER XVII – Aftermath

As Syn, Sylva and Torme gathered up, and separated the treasure…

“Ha Ha Ha!” laughing and celebrating the Party’s victory over the Red Dragond Droah…

Others did not.

Sitting on a large rock overlooking the snowy terrain below, was Kurai, pondering what was to become of her life as a Shade.

Madrean and Sabre argued a bit off in the distance, about whether allowing it to live was truly a victory.

Aden prepared all of their gear for movement away from the Lair…

And Rune sat alone near a tree.

Blue approached him, “What is it?”.

“Your Pegasus may have saved several of our lives…” he spoke solemnly.

Blue sat beside him, “So he did.”

“We were fools to take on a Red Dragon,” he spoke.

“What is it Rune?” asked Blue.

“Two things really… First of all, we should have never let that girl come with us,” with this he gestured towards Kurai who was still sitting atop a tall rock.

“And secondly, it’s what Droah said… ‘Holy Art Though… But Godless None The Less’…” quoted Rune.

“She was just trying to get into your head…” replied Blue

“Well… It worked… The truth is, I am serving no cause… I am associated to no Order… I am a Paladin by name alone,” sadly expressed Rune.

Blue puts one of her hands on his shoulder, “You are a Paladin by action… You’ve helped to rid Droah from the land,” she spoke.

“She’ll be back, and she’ll kill us all…” spoke Madrean who walked by, leaving a frustrated Sabre behind him.

Rune gestured towards Madrean, “Exactly.”

Kurai approaches, “I will stay and watch her lair for a while… Make sure she doesn’t return.”

“No Kurai… You’re coming with us,” Blue sternly spoke.

“I am of no use to you… At least this way, I can help to watch all of your backs,” she explained.

Syn and Sylva approach, “The Dragon needs to be slayed… There’s no two ways about it… But Sylva and I will track it down, and go from there,” spoke Syn.

“You can come with us,” spoke Sylva to Kurai…

Kurai lit up, then looked over to Blue who nodded in agreement.

“Now get your gear girl! We leave within half an hour,” spoke Syn, and so Kurai did.

Syn crouched down by Blue and Rune,”The two of you have showed me that there’s something more to life than being a Warrior for Hire… And for this I thank you… We will take our shares, and Kurai, and go to the nearest city… From there, we will hunt the Dragon…” she explained, then started to walk away when…

…”I will join you as well,” spoke Torme who suddenly appeared.

Blue looked saddened, and rose to hug him, “Are you sure?” she questioned as she held him tightly.

“Yes… And we’re not taking you,” he spoke towards Madrean who grimaced.

“We’ll be in touch when we find her… Take care of one another,” spoke Torme, then with Sylva and Syn he went to prepare his gear.

“I must admit, I feel a bit better now,” spoke Rune.

Sabre approaches Rune, “I feel your pain brother… I employ you to journey back to the Temple of my Order of Green Light… I feel you may find that you belong with us… And if not, you can go your way,”.

Rune smiled a bit, then looked at Blue who nodded,”I accept brother,” and so Rune stood and arm embraced Sabre.

Sabre and Rune went to prepare their gear as well.

As Blue was Leader, the Party awarded her a Ring of Spell Turning, without debate.

Torme was awarded a Magical Long Sword which grew even stronger versus creatures with the ability to regenerate…

…thus returning Blue’s father’s sword to her.

Aden was awarded a Protection vs Petrification Scroll, and Kurai was awarded the Philter of Persuasiveness.

The other 5 Party members all received a different type of Potion.

Each of them also received somewhere over 1,100 Gold, the Paladins and Cleric would see that part of it was given to their Orders… Save Rune, who was considering saving it towards the construction of a Keep, where he would bring future Paladins to train.

Blue was given 7 of the 15 precious gems, each of the others received 1.

The Party wanted it that way.

“Where now?” questioned Aden, as the two Paladins, and Dragon Hunting Party left.

This left Aden, Blue and Madrean.

Madrean grumply bowed, then went on his own way.

“How quickly a family falls apart…” spoke Blue.

“Space does not separate a family… We shall see them again,” with this Aden looked at Madrean who made his way down the mountain,”Well… Most of them at least,”.

They both laughed, as the Pegasus landed before them.

“Spwil Tol Qu?” spoke Blue, allowing herself to talk to the Pegasus.

“What is your name?” she asked.

“Rohan Seban Rul… But you can call me ‘Ro’,” it replied.

Aden and Blue mounted the Pegasus, and flew off into the distance.


Voyage Of The Druid Blue – Battle

droah attk

Voyage Of The Druid Blue

by Doragon Kishu

The Druid Blue (Backstory)

Tch’ahm Ba’er (Land Races & Characters)

Chapter I – To Tch’ahm Ba’er, Chapter II – Welcome To Hammen,

Chapter III – Mercenaries , Chapter IV – The Hunt For Sabre & Madrean

Chapter V – Road To Priminus, Chapter VI – Return To Port Hammen

Chapter VII – Bugbears, Chapter VIII – Gifts Chapter IX – West Bound

Chapter X – The 12th Day, Chapter XI – Into The Shrine

Chapter XII – Protect The Shade Chapter XIII – Priminus

Chapter XIV – Aden Chapter XV – To Slay A Dragon Chapter XV – Droah

Chapter XVI – Into The Lair

Chapter XVII – Battle

Before Blue, Rune or Sylva can react, Kurai walks around the corner, and into the Dragons Lair.

There she is, Droah, a 15 year old Red Dragon, large, but not gigantic.

“Hello…” Kurai speaks.

This seems to please Droah… “Hello little one… You are special, aren’t you,” she almost hisses at Kurai.

Suddenly Blue, Aden and Rune appear from around the corner, Blue Casting Barkskin, and Rune Protection from Evil.

Blue’s skin turns bark like, and Rune’s skin glows a white light.

“We’ve come for your hide Droah… You will fall,” speaks Rune.

Droah’s’ gaze quickly switches to the Paladin, “Holy art thou… But godless none the less…” she speaks, unnerving Rune.

“Leave the land Droah… You will not survive this,” proclaims Aden stepping in front of Blue, his bow drawn.

“Elfs are to bows, as bows are to Elves… Inseparable,” speaks Droah in almost a hiss.

Torme starts to rubs his eyes a bit…

Blue takes note and approaches him, looking at Droah, “You are the stronger here Droah… But things do happen… How can we convince you to leave this land?”

Sylva peers around, as if trying to see where the other half of the Party is.

“And you’re the Leader… Interesting choice,” hisses Droah.

Blue now rubs her eyes as well.

Sylva notices, “IT’S A TRICK!”

…with this Sylva leaps through the air, swinging down his scythe striking Droah!

“AHH FOOL! ATTACK!” Droah yells.

With this Aden aims his arrow at Sylva, and Blue runs at Sylva staff raised.

“What the?” Rune is perplexed.

“THEY’RE UNDER HER SPELL!” yells Kurai who hides in the shadows, drawing her bow.

Blue swings her staff at Sylva, who blocks it with his shield.

And Aden releases his bow, but Sylva knocks it out of the air as well.

Rune raises his great mace and comes down upon Droah, who is able to move out of its’ way.

Kurai then releases her bow, striking Blue with an arrow in the leg!

“Ahh!” she yells, as she stumbles to the ground…

…which wakes her from Droah’s spell, but the shot was quite good, leaving her bleeding badly.

“Woops,” speaks Kurai who disappears back into the shadows.

Suddenly Madrean appears and he too brings his great glowing mace down upon Droah.

“AHHHH!” yells Droah.

Suddenly Droah starts to take a great breath…

Sylva tries to strike Droah, but misses…

…and Rune jumps in front of Blue, holding up his great shield.

Just as the Dragon is about to breathe on the group the Pegasus flies in from behind Droah, crashing into its’ head!

With this the Dragons fire hits the side of the cave, away from the Party, and the Pegasus falls to the ground.

Sabre now appears, his skin also glowing white, he places his hands on Blue, and they glow a golden light!


With this Blues leg begins to heal up.

Blue runs to the Pegasus, and gets on its’ back, “GO!” and it rises to the air.

Torme enters the lair, bow drawn, and fires!

…but misses.

And lastly Syn enters spinning her Dervish way, but her blade slips from her hand, sticking in the cavern wall.

“NO!!” she stops spinning, and tries to pull it out of the wall.

Kurai releases her bow at Ander who is attacking Sylva!

…but it misses.

“Damn,” she says under her breath, then disappears into the shadows.

Rune strikes Droah!

“AHHH PALADIN SWINE!” yells Droah.

Madrean strikes at Droah again

“AHHH CLERIC YOU WILL PERISH!” yells Droah, who snags Madrean with its’ claw!

“AHHH!” yells Madrean.

Droah then squeezes him with his other claw, but his Armour seems to hold.

She tries to put him in her mouth, but Madrean blocks her mouth with his great shield.

Torme then releases an arrow which sticks in Droah’s cheek!

“AHHHHHH!” screeches the Dragon.

Sylva makes a terrible swing at Droah, and hits the wall instead, bending his scythe.

Syn then strikes the Dragon with her great scimitar!

…wounding her badly.

“AHH NOOO STOPP!” yells the Dragon.

“I WILL LEAVE!” proclaims the wounded Dragon.

“But,” speaks Blue who hovers in front of Droah upon the Pegasus.

“I’m taking my treasure with me,” continues the Dragon.

Blue looks at Rune who grimaces, “I don’t trust her…”.

“Neither do I,” speaks Torme who draws back his bow.

Suddenly Droah turns and starts to crawl towards the back exit!

“NOOO!” yells Rune who hurls his mace at her!

… but is not quick enough, as Droah takes flight and disappears into the night sky.

Voyage Of The Druid Blue – Into The Lair


Voyage Of The Druid Blue

by Doragon Kishu

The Druid Blue (Backstory)

Tch’ahm Ba’er (Land Races & Characters)

Chapter I – To Tch’ahm Ba’er, Chapter II – Welcome To Hammen,

Chapter III – Mercenaries , Chapter IV – The Hunt For Sabre & Madrean

Chapter V – Road To Priminus, Chapter VI – Return To Port Hammen

Chapter VII – Bugbears, Chapter VIII – Gifts Chapter IX – West Bound

Chapter X – The 12th Day, Chapter XI – Into The Shrine

Chapter XII – Protect The Shade Chapter XIII – Priminus

Chapter XIV – Aden Chapter XV – To Slay A Dragon Chapter XV – Droah

CHAPTER XVI – Into The Lair

That night at the Parties first camp of Droah’s mountain incline, Torme and Blue suddenly appeared from the night.

The rest of the Party were gathered around two fires, and didn’t pay it much mind.

Other than Sylva and Rune…

“Well?” spoke Sylva.

“A story for another time,” replied Blue, who found a spot, layed down a blanket, and fell directly asleep.

Rune and Sylva then shifted their gaze to Torme who joined them at the fire…

“What’s for dinner?” he asked with a smile, and Rune and Sylva knew he wasn’t going to tell them anything.


Day and night two went without incident as they made their way, and the weather got colder.

But on day three a very strange thing occurred.

As the full moon prepared to rise, one of Priminus’s Hippogriffs appeared above them, dropping a rolled parchment down to Sylva .

Sylva opened it, “I have to go… But I’ll return,” he spoke, as he mounted the hipporgriff, and flew off.

“Very odd…” spoke Rune.

“He’ll be back… I got a feeling about that one,” interjected Syn, and the Party went about eating their dinners, and going to sleep.

Each night leaving two different Party members up on watch.


Then just like that, Priminus’s hippogriff returned with Sylva on its’ back.

“Sorry about that,” spoke Sylva as he joined the Party at the morning fire, and ate some food.

Madrean and Syn just stared at him, but then went back to eating.


Two thirds into the day, the Party came upon a huge cave…

“Well then… That’s it,” spoke Rune.

“I believe so,” replied Torme.

“Do we enter now, or in the morning?” inquired Kurai.

“Now’s better… It will catch our scent soon enough,” interjected Syn.

Then they all looked at Blue.

“Now’s good,” she replied, trying her best not to tremble.

“Torches or light?” inquited Madrean.

“One lantern should sufice… With one window open,” spoke Torme.

And so they entered the cave, this time with Torme, Syn and Sylva in front…

Blue, Kurai and Madrean in the middle…

And Ander, Rune and Sabre in the back.

After about an hour, they began to come across charred bones…

Torme knelt down and inspected them, “Some human… Some Elf,” he spoke, and the Party continued forward.

Within another half an hour the cave narrowed, and the Party found theirselves traveling down a spiral cavern, barely enough room for the Dragonborn Paladins to make it through.

“How does the Dragon get down this?” questioned Ander, half joking.

“He doesn’t… There must be another entrance further atop the mountain,” spoke Torme.

“And what about the dead bodies?” asked Kurai.

“He must have come in behind them,” replied Torme… “Now stop talking.”

What seemed like hours, but was only one, they finally descended into a large hallway.

It looked as though it was man-ish made.

“Dwarves I think,” spoke Rune as he peered around at the ornate walls.

They travled for a while, and soon it went back to being a cavern…

…when suddenly their path split into two directions.

“Oh great,” spoke Madrean.

Blue turned to Rune, “Now what?”.

Torme inspected the two paths,”There are Dragon tracks in both of them… I suspect they both lead to the same place.”

“If we separated, it can’t sneak up on us,” spoke Syn.

“We separate,” spoke Rune.

“We don’t separate” spoke Blue.

Both speaking at the same time.

“We separate,” suddenly interjected Torme with a decisive third vote.

Party One consisted of Torme, Madrean, Syn and Sabre.

Party Two, Rune, Blue, Ander, Kurai and Sylva.

The Parties moved through their caverns for about 45 minutes, when a slight golden glow started to appear from ahead around the corner of Party Two.

“Gold…” spoke Sylva.

The rest of them looked at Sylva and nodded.

Blue was about to speak, but Sylva shook his head.

“Come in… Come in… Don’t be a stranger,” suddenly a rumbling, yet soothing female voice came from ahead.

It was Droah…

PICTURE CREDIT – Fire Dragon Lair

Voyage Of The Druid Blue – Droah


Voyage Of The Druid Blue

by Doragon Kishu

The Druid Blue (Backstory)

Tch’ahm Ba’er (Land Races & Characters)

Chapter I – To Tch’ahm Ba’er, Chapter II – Welcome To Hammen,

Chapter III – Mercenaries , Chapter IV – The Hunt For Sabre & Madrean

Chapter V – Road To Priminus, Chapter VI – Return To Port Hammen

Chapter VII – Bugbears, Chapter VIII – Gifts Chapter IX – West Bound

Chapter X – The 12th Day, Chapter XI – Into The Shrine

Chapter XII – Protect The Shade Chapter XIII – Priminus

Chapter XIV – Aden Chapter XV – To Slay A Dragon


Even with the Hippogriffs, it took two days for us to catch up to Madrean and Sabre who were on horseback…

…right at the bottom of Mount Ridge, the home of the Red Dragon Noah.

We released the Hippogrifs back to their home at the Mage Tower of Priminus, which left us on foot… But the climb ahead of us would not be a good place to bring horses anyway…

Even more so because Dragons love to eat horses, and can smell them a mile away.

Our Ranger Torme took lead, with the Shade girl Kurai right behind him… Which I know made Torme non too comfortable…

…with her black velvet like skin, and black pupiless eyes.

But from what Rune has said, some Shades look for redemption in an otherwise half shadow, half alive life.

So seemed the case with our young Kurai.

In back was our Dervish Syn, a fierce one to be sure… With our newly acquired ‘Silver Warrior’ Sylva…

The two of them seemed to hit it off… Each of them telling stories to one up the other.

Our Paladins, the Dragonborn Rune and Human Sabre climbed together… Discussing the Gods and such…

While our ‘unlikely’ Dragonborn Cleric Madrean, climbed behind them, alone.

Which left me, the Druid Blue, and our Elven Archer Aden climing side by side towards the back.

“How long do you think it will be before we reach her lair?” asked Blue.

“Five days maybe… We’re sure to hit some blistery weather,” replied Ander.

Suddenly Blue stood straight up, “Would you look at that…”.

Hundreds of feet above them amongst the sharded rocks stood a great winged, white pegasus, appearing to look over the party from above.

Ander just stared at it in bewilderment…

Meanwhile Torme made his way back to Blue, “You should try and befriend it Blue… Tame it,” he spoke anxiously.

“Oh… I don’t know… I–” she stammered.

“He’s right Blue… You’re a perfect choice for such an alliance of good,” replied Ander.

Rune, suddenly noticing that the Party had stopped moving, “What’s going on?”.

Just then the Pegasus flew over the Paladin with a nay.

“By the Gods…” Rune mumbled in shock at what he was seeing.

“There’s no way possible that I am worthy of allying with such a majestic beast as a Pegasus…” Blue spoke without thought.

“Don’t you see Blue… That is exactly why you are,” interjected Kurai who had come down to meet them.

“We can’t stay here,” spoke Madrean, who continued to climb on without them.

Sabre quickly followed.

“I’m not risking my life for that one,” spoke Aden unwittingly…

Rune just stared at him.

Torme slapped a hand on Aden’s shoulder, “Your words are wise… But you know you probably would.”

“Come Blue… I’ll take you another route which will lead you to the Pegasus’s Peak… But once near, approaching it is something you need to do alone,” explained Torme.


Blue reached the Peak in which the Party had seen the Pegasus.

Suddenly it landed some 15 feet from her, with a nay.

The two stood and looked at one another for what seemed like forever, but was truly only moments.

“I’m not quite sure what to say…” spoke Blue.

With this, it took a couple steps back.

“I wish I knew your name… It would seem silly to name you, when I’m sure you already have one,” she spoke more to herself than to the Pegasus.

Suddenly it nayed, then flew off.

“I guess that answers it…” she spoke softly to herself, when suddenly Torme appeared.

“It’s alright,” he spoke touching her shoulder, “Just getting a chance to be that close to one is… Well… Something I’m likely to never know,” with this there’s a loud thump behind him.

“It’s standing behind me, isn’t it,” spoke Torme…

…and indeed it was.

Voyage Of The Druid Blue – To Slay A Dragon


Voyage Of The Druid Blue

by Doragon Kishu

The Druid Blue (Backstory)

Tch’ahm Ba’er (Land Races & Characters)

Chapter I – To Tch’ahm Ba’er, Chapter II – Welcome To Hammen,

Chapter III – Mercenaries , Chapter IV – The Hunt For Sabre & Madrean

Chapter V – Road To Priminus, Chapter VI – Return To Port Hammen

Chapter VII – Bugbears, Chapter VIII – Gifts Chapter IX – West Bound

Chapter X – The 12th Day, Chapter XI – Into The Shrine

Chapter XII – Protect The Shade Chapter XIII – Priminus

Chapter XIV – Aden

CHAPTER XV – To Slay A Dragon

Priminus invited the ever growing group of Blue Party members to stay the night before they sorted out whatever it was they would sort out.

In the middle of the night Blue couldn’t sleep, and thus walked the halls a bit, ending up on the roof of the Tower, where the Hippogriff are kept, and sleep.

To her surprise, Rune was sitting atop the roof, legs over the edge, pensively looking out over the land.

Blue quietly approached, and sat next to him.

“You’re up late,” she spoke…

…he turned to face her, “As are you.”

“Yes… Well… All this traveling, and battling, but no real time to think,” she explained.

“Agreed…” he replied.

Blue noted something different about Rune, “What is it Rune?”.

“I’m going to go after Sabre and Madrean…” he stated.

Blue seemed taken aback, “But why? You heard what Aden said, Madrean is set, as Sabre is to protect him.”

“I know…” he spoke with a soft, yet convicted smile, “I’ll head towards Mount Ridge in the morning,” and with this he stood.

“Palidans,” suddenly came a voice from the shadows, surprising both Rune and Blue.

Into the light stepped Priminus and Kurai.

“If it’s one thing I know about Paladins, they long to protect… No matter the cost to themselves,” continued Priminus.

“I approached Priminus,” suddenly spoke Kurai… “He’s offered to loan us his Hippogriffs in order to catch up to Sabre and Madrean.

“Us?” questioned Rune.

Suddenly Torme stepped out of the shadows, “With the size of this group, we might actually have a shot at taking down Droah,” he added.

“We have better than a shot,” spoke Syn who also appeared… Beside her the silver armoured Warrior, Sylva.

“I’d like to join you, if that’s alright… No charge,” Sylva requested.

“As would I,” spoke Aden, the last to appear.

“You have a chance… But a little help wouldn’t hurt,” spoke Priminus.

Suddenly two of the Hammen Swordsmen appeared carrying a long box, maybe 5’ long, and 1” wide.

They sat it on the ground, and Priminus took a gold key from around his neck, kneeled before it, and unlocked it.

What was in it was astonishing to the eyes…

… A long red silver blade, with a Dragon Head handle on it.

“The Barom Draconen,” spoke Sylva, his eyes widened.

“I thought that but a Myth,” added Syn.

Priminus held it in the moonlight, where it flared, and flickered silver red light.

“My father used to speak of it in his stories,” Blue jumped in, “But I never suspected it was actually real…”

“It’s real alright… Even I remember that,” spoke Kurai.

“This is not a gift… It is a loan,” explained Priminus.

“But who will wield it?” and with this, they all looked at Rune who had remained utterly silent, though his eyes, like Sylva’s, were also wide.

“Not I… We’ll bring it to Sabre,” Rune quickly replied to their gazes.

“It must be you Rune,” added Priminus as he stepped towards him, the blade glowing and sparking, demanding all who stood there’s attention.

“It must be you Rune,” spoke Kurai under her breath.

Priminus held out the blade to Rune, and he licked his Dragonsborn lips, and took it into his large hand.

As he did, a surge of energy, and magic ran through him, like he’d never known, “By the Gods…”

One of the two Hammen Swordsmen brought over a solid silver sheath, and handed it to Rune.

Rune was quick to sheath it, and then attached it to his belt.

Rune then kneeled before Priminus, “I will not let you down Priminus,” he vowed.

Priminus touched his chin, indicating that he should raise to his feet, and so he did…

“To face Droah has already determined this to be true… To slay him is another matter all together… Get out of their alive Rune The Protector… I have more for you to do in this life of yours,” he concluded, then turned and left the rooftop.

Voyage Of The Druid Blue – Aden


Voyage Of The Druid Blue

by Doragon Kishu

The Druid Blue (Backstory)

Tch’ahm Ba’er (Land Races & Characters)

Chapter I – To Tch’ahm Ba’er, Chapter II – Welcome To Hammen,

Chapter III – Mercenaries , Chapter IV – The Hunt For Sabre & Madrean

Chapter V – Road To Priminus, Chapter VI – Return To Port Hammen

Chapter VII – Bugbears, Chapter VIII – Gifts Chapter IX – West Bound

Chapter X – The 12th Day, Chapter XI – Into The Shrine

Chapter XII – Protect The Shade Chapter XIII – Priminus


The Hippogriffs landed upon the Mage Tower of Priminus with a swoop…

Blue and Kurai quickly dismounted from the back of theirs, as did Rune and the hired Mercenary Warrior, Sylva.

Around were some six Gnome Hammen Swordsmen to escort them down the winding stairwell in the middle of the tower.

Each of the Three Mage Towers of Priminus had their own Regiment of some two dozen Hammen Swordsmen, though Hammen had no more than 250 Swordsmen across its’ great land in total.

These Mage Towers were only the start of what they hoped would begin a Campaign of Defense versus all that might try to conquer Hammen…

Tch ahm Ba er (1) (1)-1 2

To the North was the Blackwell Forest, and the Dark Elf Drow, lead by the Malevolent Prince Eradyn and his diabolical sister, Mora…

Their People were said to be one of, if not the most powerful force of Tch’ahm Ba’er…

And to the East, the Glane Boro Sands, inhabited by the Dark Tribe, and lead by Prince Tahab, who also has a sister, though her name is unknown…

The Dark Tribe prefers not to mix Races, and so for the most part, stay within their Borders… But whose to say they won’t expand their reach to include The Hills of Hammen… And more specifically, Port Hammen.

The Party is brought to the magical quarters of Priminus, one of the 3 Mages of Hammen…

He sits in the middle of a white drawn circle in the middle of the room… Little blue glowing Rune Markings all around it.

His eyes are shut.

“Sit,” he says without opening them.

And so Blue, Sylva, and Rune do as requested…

…Kurai on the other hand, finds a dark corner and nearly disappears.

Priminus peeks one eye in Kurai’s direction, than closes it once more.

Soon Torme has arrived with their horses, and is brought to the quarters as well.

He sits.

“Ah… Now that you are all here… How may of be of service,” speaks Priminus, as his eyes open softly.

He is a Gnome, with dark, lavish red robes, and a white ivory staff appearing to stand all by itself some two feet from him.

“My name is Blue, we-” starts Blue.

“I know who you are,” he speaks semi annoyed, “My question was, how may I be of service?”

Blue looks over at Rune.

“Friends of ours were to come here to gather information about Droah… The Red Dragon of Mount Ridge (See Map Above)…” explained Rune.

“Ah yes, the Dragonborne Cleric, Human Paladin, and Elven Archer… Continue,” replies Priminus.

“I think that they have made a mistake in attempting such a quest… I’ve come to try and persuade them to return…” Blue explains.

“For some that won’t be necessary,” suddenly came the all too familiar voice of Aden, who entered the quarters.

Without thinking, Blue jumped up, and hugged him tightly,”ADEN! IT’S YOU…”.

With this Kurai suddenly started to step out of the shadows, in some sort of jealous jolt…

…but then retreated back to them.

Torme took note…

Blue let go of Aden as quickly as she had grabbed on to him.

“I’m sorry… So glad to see that you’re ok… And that you didn’t go to Droah,” she spoke.

“Neither did I,” spoke the Dervish Syn, who entered the room as well.

Rune was quick to offer her an arm embrace, which she returned.

“What happened?” questioned Torme.

Suddenly Priminus rose, “Let us all discuss it over some breakfast.”

The Party followed them… Even Kurai.


The Dining Table was quite a sight to see…

At one end of the table, was Priminus, the Mage, who seemed to be perfectly content with his odd colored porridge before him… A blueish green.

Rune, Torme, Sylva and Aden on the other hand, spooned at great bird eggs, and forked pieces of meat.

Making sounds, that only men make…

Meanwhile Blue gestured towards Priminus’s bowl, “May I try a bit of that?”

Priminus smiled, “Of course,” and summoned one of the guards to retrieve her some, which he did.

She tried it, and her body felt a cool vibration, “My…” she replied.

Priminus smiled again, “Good… Right?”

Blue felt first dizzy, then exhilarated, “Oh yes…”

Kurai on the other hand, who did not eat, and wouldn’t have partaken anyway, sat in her chair, arms crossed, glaring heatedly at Aden…

…when she noticed Syn, who wasn’t eating, but instead had her boots up on the table, as her chair balanced back on two legs, stared at her with a gleam in her eye.

Not liking this at all, Kurai quickly picked up a glorious orangeish yellowish fruit, and tossed it at her…

Syn in response stuck her dagger through it, right out of the air, and pinned it to the Mage’s table.

Blue looked at Syn, then at Priminus who seemed amused.

“So tell us Aden… What changed your mind?” spoke Rune, as he finished his first piece of meat, and gestured for more.

“It was a fools errand… I fear Madrean borders on mad… I still believe him to be good in his core… But his judgment… Especially after our counsel with Priminus… I needed no more to convince me,” he explained.

“And you Syn?” asked Torme.

“I was only hear to protect the Archer for this lady,” with this she pointed her now clean dagger at Blue.

This seemed to embarrass Blue a bit.

“Priminus requested that we stay another week… And not wanting to be rude after all of his kindness, Syn and I agreed…” he looks at the Party, “And now I see why,” he says with a smile directed at Priminus who has finished up his porridge, and is drinking some morning wine.

“And Sabre?” spoke Rune.

Aden shook his head, “He won’t leave his side… I couldn’t convince him otherwise.”

“Tis madness,” interjected Syn, who was now breaking open, and eating the tossed piece of fruit, and smiling at Kurai.

Kurai couldn’t help but smile a little.

“What now Aden? Where will you go?” Blue questioned.

“I can’t say I know… And what about all of you? Now that you’ve saved me from myself,” Aden jests with a wink at Blue.

This infuriates Kurai, who now stands and is about to leave the Dining Chamber.

“So what’s your story?” Syn questioned at Kurai, which brought her to a halt… Her back still turned.

“A Shade, eh…” Syn continued…

…with this Kurai turned to face the confident Dervish.

“One hit…” Kurai draws her pure black blade, “One question,” with this she taps Syn on her studded leather chest armour.


Kurai and Syn face one another.

Syn with a great two handed axe…

And Kurai with her black blade.

The rest of them stand on one side or the other of them.

“Will she be alright?” questioned Blue to Rune, nervously.

“Time will tell… But I don’t think the Dervish will actually hurt her…” Rune replies.

“Maybe just a little,” Torme interjects to Rune and Blues dismay.

Kurai suddenly leaps through the air with imense quickness, almost appearing to hover to her opponent.


…but Syn is too quick, and knocks the girls blade asside.

“Come on girl… Again,” prods Syn.

She hovers quickly again, taking two swings…


…both blocked.

“My turn,” speaks Syn.


With one strike of her great axe, she disarms Kurai, her blade sticking in the ground some 30 feet from her.

“I’m told I was a Cleric… Of The Silver Bane Order,” answers Kurai her first question.

Syn smiles and nods.

Suddenly Kurai hovers straight up, 50 feet above the ground, drawing her bow as she goes.

“Amazing,” ghasps the Warrior Sylva.

“Is she a user of magic?” questions Aden.

“She is a shade…” speaks Priminus with a slight smile of delight.

Kurai releases her arrow, but Syn is too quick, tucking and rolling out of harms way.

She releases a second shot, and Syn knocks it from the air.

Syn reaches for her crossbow which is on her back, but it gets caught up in its’ straps…

“Damn it bow!” speaks Syn.

Kurai hovers down towards her blade, takes a shot which misses, tucks and rolls grabbing her blade, and holding a defensive position.

“Well done,” speaks Syn confidently.

Suddenly Kurai runs straight at Syn and leaps over her striking down at her shoulder, and gashing her.

“Ahh!” yells Syn, who grits her teeth, and turns to face her attacker who now stands behind her.

Blue jumps forward to aid Syn, but Rune stops her, “Let them finish.”

“Why are you really here…” speaks Kurai just as Syn is about to counter attack.

With this Syn throws her axe into the ground.

“A Dragonborne Paladin… An Elven Druid… An Archer and Ranger? This seems to be a promising group of Adventurers, don’t you think?” she replies.

Kurai sheathes her blade, “Yes… Yes it does,” she pulls Syn’s axe out of the ground and hands it to her.

Syn puts pressure against her wound, which is now being attended by Blue, “One to one girl… We’ll finish this another day.”.

Kurai nods, then heads towards the tower.

Voyage Of The Druid Blue – Priminus


Voyage Of The Druid Blue

by Doragon Kishu

The Druid Blue (Backstory)

Tch’ahm Ba’er (Land Races & Characters)

Chapter I – To Tch’ahm Ba’er, Chapter II – Welcome To Hammen,

Chapter III – Mercenaries , Chapter IV – The Hunt For Sabre & Madrean

Chapter V – Road To Priminus, Chapter VI – Return To Port Hammen

Chapter VII – Bugbears, Chapter VIII – Gifts Chapter IX – West Bound

Chapter X – The 12th Day, Chapter XI – Into The Shrine

Chapter XII – Protect The Shade


The remaining outside Goblins scattered, and their Leader being held prisoner with the remaining Gnome Monks of Hammen, Rune, Blue, Torme and the Shade girl made their way towards Priminus, which was only two days away now.

What had started as a pursuit to reconnect with the Elven Archer Aden (See Chapter VI), had become something else.

“So let me get this straight… I’m now wearing around my neck, a mysterious Green and Black Stone Necklace, which the Goblins had come for… And The Hammen Gnomes were protecting… And yet we know nothing about…” spoke Rune to Blue who road next to him, Torme road Lead, while the Shade girl road in back.

“And this girl, who is a Shade, is now your responsibility? Who, once again, we know nothing about…” he finished.

“Yes…” replied Blue.

“Alright,” he replied throwing his arms up in the air, and riding up to join Torme.

Meanwhile Blue slowed a bit until she road side by side with the girl.

“Hello,” Blue spoke, but the girl did not reply.

“What is your name?” Blue asked.


“It’s alright,” Blue continued.

The girl looked directly at her now, her eyes completely black, no pupils, an immense vibe of sadness upon her, “Kurai.”

“Kurai… That’s a lovely name,” spoke Blue, but the girl once again did not reply.

“If you need anything Kurai… Food–” Blue started, but Kurai interrupts…

“I don’t eat,” spoke Kurai.

“Oh…” Blue responded, not really knowing what to say.

“Shades don’t eat… And we don’t breathe air,” continued Kurai.

Blue was speechless.

“It’s ok… You’ll get used to it… I did… I guess… I don’t really remember my life before I became a Shade,” explained Kurai.

“Do you sleep?” questioned Blue.

“I do… Yes… Some… And… Sometimes,” she replied with almost a half smile.

At this point Torme looked back at the two of them talking, “I don’t know what to make of her…” spoke Torme.

“Make of her? She’s a young girl… Scared… Alone,” replied Rune.

“No… I mean…” Torme continued.

“Ohhh… You mean you don’t know what to make of Shades…” replied Rune.

“I don’t mean to be…” finished Torme.

“It’s alright… It’s a mysterious world we live in… And until you’ve actually experienced something… Caution, is good,” with this Rune smiled, patted Torme on his shoulder, and passed him his wineskin.

Torme smiled, then took a swig.


Their Party came across 2 Hammen Gnome Swordsmen at some point, and Blue indicated that they should make their way to the Shrine, to protect the remaining Monks from Goblins.

They agreed, and continued to them.


While they camped that night, Torme made contact with a lone Warrior who had a camp as well.

Torme went on to hire the Warrior to join them the rest of the way to Priminus, using the gold Blue and Rune had paid him originally.

“This is SYLVA,” Torme introduced the male Warrior, who had beautiful Silver Armour, with a bright orange shirt underneath, and black pants and boots.

“You are but a day away… Sleep, I will take watch,” spoke Sylva, but Rune wouldn’t have it, and thus joined the Warrior.


On the final day, two hippogriffs appeared from the sky, each with a Hammen Gnome Swordsman upon it.

They landed in front of the Party.

“We bring Greetings from the Mage Priminus!” they spoke with a smile.

“We’ve come to take you to his tower, which you could already see if it wasn’t such a foggy day,” they explained.

“I’ll bring the horses, you four go ahead,” spoke Torme.

And so Blue and Kurai got on the back of one of the Hippogriffs, and Rune and Sylva on the other.

What they saw as they flew through the air amazed them…

…soon the fog cleared, and the Great Mage Tower of Priminus appeared.

“Welcome to Priminus!” spoke the Gnome to Blue and Kurai.


Voyage Of The Druid Blue – Protect The Shade


Voyage Of The Druid Blue

by Doragon Kishu

The Druid Blue (Backstory)

Tch’ahm Ba’er (Land Races & Characters)

Chapter I – To Tch’ahm Ba’er, Chapter II – Welcome To Hammen,

Chapter III – Mercenaries , Chapter IV – The Hunt For Sabre & Madrean

Chapter V – Road To Priminus, Chapter VI – Return To Port Hammen

Chapter VII – Bugbears, Chapter VIII – Gifts Chapter IX – West Bound

Chapter X – The 12th Day, Chapter XI – Into The Shrine

CHAPTER XII – Protect The Shade

Chasing the Leader Goblin down a hallway, into a large chamber, suddenly a Crystal Statue comes to life, blocking his way…

The Goblin Leader slides to a halt, only to be met with a Great Crystal Axe to the chest, sending him sliding across the floor…

Meanwhile Blue comes to a halt… The Crystal Statue paying her no mind, it makes it’s way towards the barely breathing Goblin.

Suddenly Blue stands between the Goblin and the Statue, holding the palm of her hand out.

“STOP! Please,” she pleads…

The Crystal Statue pauses, then brushes her aside as it raises its’ Great Axe!

“HALT!” suddenly a voice calls out…

Standing at the opening of another North East Hallway is the Leader of the Gnome Monks, white robed, and dark wood staff at his side.

Behind him can be seen what looks almost to be a shadow of a girl, but in reality, she was really there.

Black eyed, no pupils, black hair, 5’4″ with a slight build, her skin looks like black velvet.

She keeps her head bowed the whole time.

Suddenly Torme and Rune enter the chamber, Rune steps forward.

“We slayed the Large Goblins, but were unable to save any of your Monks lives.”

Suddenly a nearby room opens, and 3 Monks come out, “A few of us survived.”

Blue notices around the Monk Leader’s neck is a large green and black stone in the shape of a Large Eye.

The Goblin slobbers at the site of it, but does not move, holding its’ hands to its chest as it bleeds across the floor.

Torme suddenly ties the Goblin Leader’s arms behind his back, and Blue sees to his wounds.


The Goblin Leader tied to a chair in the Monk Leader’s Chambers, Torme questions him.

Meanwhile the shadowy girl stands in the shadows, barely visible.

Blue finds herself very drawn to her.

The Monk Leader, ELSTO by name, notes this.

Torme approaches Elsto, Blue and Rune, “I can’t get anything from him… But by the glaze in his eyes, I’d say he came for that necklace.”

With this Elsto places his hand around it… “Yes… Well, lets talk elsewhere.”

“Better yet, I’ll take the Goblin into the Crystal Statue Chamber with me…” speaks Rune, “You two can catch me up later.”

With this Rune escorted the bound Goblin Leader out into the Crystal Statue Chamber.

“Who is that girl?” asks Blue suddenly.

Torme is taken off guard by this, he’d never seen the girl.

“Wow, didn’t even see her,” he spoke.

“We’ll discuss her later,” replied Elsto.

He then removes the Green Eye Necklace from around his neck.

“I need you to hold onto to this for me,” he speaks as he hands it to Blue.

Blue does not take it, “What is it?”

“Difficult to explain… Important only that it is protected… I was a fool to think its’ location would not be found here,” he explains.

“We have no guards… Only being located under the Shrine to protect us, which it has, until now…” he finishes.

“Take it please…” he tries again… This time Torme snatches it up.

“I’ll give it to Rune to hold onto,” he takes it, and leaves the room.

Alone now with Blue Elsto takes her arm softly,”About the girl… She’s not safe here either,” he explains.

The girl now moves into the light, a dark odd creature, she seems drawn to Blue.

“I’ve never seen her be drawn to anyone before… Not even I,” he explains.

“Will you be her Guardian for now… She is very capable with a Bow and Sword… She’ll hold her own… But she is young… Maybe 16,” he explains.

“Yes… But… What is she?” Blue bluntly asks.

“She is a Shade… Half Human… Half Shadow,” he speaks.

“I will take care of her,” Blue suddenly says.

The girl seems almost excited as she quickly puts on Silver Chain Armour, which changes to a Dark Grey once upon her.

She also grabs a sack of personal items, her Long Bow, and a Long Sword.

She stands beside Blue without looking at her.

“Protect her,” speaks Elsto.

“I will,” replies Blue.


Voyage Of The Druid Blue – Into The Shrine


Voyage Of The Druid Blue

by Doragon Kishu

The Druid Blue (Backstory)

Tch’ahm Ba’er (Land Races & Characters)

Chapter I – To Tch’ahm Ba’er, Chapter II – Welcome To Hammen,

Chapter III – Mercenaries , Chapter IV – The Hunt For Sabre & Madrean

Chapter V – Road To Priminus, Chapter VI – Return To Port Hammen

Chapter VII – Bugbears, Chapter VIII – Gifts Chapter IX – West Bound

Chapter X – The 12th Day

CHAPTER XI – Into The Shrine

Outside can be heard Goblin screams as they investigate the strange fire on the hill south of the Shrine.

Meanwhile, Blue and Torme make their way stealthily into the Shrine.

To their surprise the inside of the Shrine appears to be broken down, and unused for years… Maybe even decades.

“Here,” Torme suddenly says, as he kneels, “Goblin tracks… Fresh.”

Blue nods, and they continue in through the dark corridors of the Shrine.

Soon Torme finds a large tile in the floor that has been shifted, the two of them lift it, and start down a dark stairway, Blue in front, as she has Infravision, and they don’t want to light a torch.

“TELL US WHERE IT IS!” can be heard in Goblin tongue, which they both understand.

Blue stops, and looks at Torme, “How far?”

“Difficult to say… Maybe 70 feet from the bottom of the stairs,” Torme replies.


Suddenly what sounds like a door slamming occurs.

They move to the bottom of the stairs and two large goblins come into view some 50 feet away, going through the robes of 4 dead monks.

Torme grimaces, draws his bow, and releases.

FOOMPH! it goes right through the head of one of them, its’ body slumping to the floor…

Blue follows in suit, tossing her silver dagger at the second, but misses.

She gasps as the Goblin looks back at them, “Sebo Bori,” and casts Bark Skin, and suddenly her skin changes so.

The Goblin goes for the door, Torme taking a second shot, misses, and the Goblin is through.

They look at one another, “This could be bad,” speaks Torme.

“Then it’s good I’m here,” suddenly comes the gravely voice of Rune, as his great Dragonborn form passes by them, large glowing mace in hands.

“Great gods, they’ve killed these men of the Gods, they shall pay!” he speaks as he makes his way towards the door, “Em Protecto,” and casting his Protection from Evil spell, making his skin glow slightly white.

“AHHHHH!” screeches the escaping Goblin as it runs through a great hall.

Meanwhile Rune comes through the door some 30 feet behind it…

…Blue and Torme close behind.

Rune in loud pursuit, Torme draws back his bow once more…

FOOMPH! striking it down in the back of the neck…

…all goes quiet.

Rune halts, then looks back at Torme and Blue.

“There must be more…” she speaks.

“They’re hiding…” replies Torme.

Suddenly Torme runs over to the wall between the hall and the next room…

…he then puts on a golden green stoned ring, and suddenly he can see through the wall.

Blue and Rune stand next to him.

There’s 7 large goblins, and an even larger leader.

“Perhaps this is too much?” questions Blue.

“Not for me,” Rune says and raises his mighty mace, making his way towards the other room, “Cover me!”

Torme quickly follows, bow drawn, with Blue right behind him.

Rune runs into what is a large Dining Hall, and the Goblins are all trying, but not succeeding at hiding behind the chairs.

Suddenly the Leader Goblin stands and points at him, “ATTACK!”

Two of them come at Rune, and he takes a large swipe, knocking one’s head againt the other, and both against a wall, killing them both in one stroke.

“DIE FOUL BEASTS!” he yells.

Torme then takes a shot hitting one right between the eyes, killing it as well.

No plant life in the room, Blue can not Entagle, so she goes after one with her staff, but it deflects it with its’ short sword, “MUAHHHEER!” the sound it makes.

It then takes a huge sweep at Blue, cutting right through her staff and gashing her in the stomach, “Uhhh,” she sighs as she strikes the floor.

“BLUE!! NO!!” yells Torme.

With this Rune looks back at Blue who is bleeding on the floor.

“No…” he speaks under his breath.

The remaining three go at Rune, but he bats them away.

The Leader of the Goblins tries to sneak away to a further northern hallway.

Blue’s hands suddenly light up with a Green Light, “Yo Ho Hei,” she speaks…

…and her wounds begin to heal.

Rune smiles, then turns to the other Goblins, but is quickly tackled by the remaining three.

“I can’t get a clear shot,” Torme says, as he watches Rune wrestle with the three Goblins…

…he then notes the escaping Leader Goblin, “Oh no…”.

Two of the Goblins attempt to hold Rune down, while the other strikes him in the chest with his short sword, “Umphh,”.

But he is undamaged.

Torme takes a shot, and hits the Leader Goblin in the arm as he disappears form sight, “THE LEADERS GETTING AWAY!”

Rune bangs the two Goblins holding him heads together, then rises.

Two of them get good shots at his Armour, but they do not penetrate.

Meanwhle Blue gets up, and chases after the Leader!


Voyage Of The Druid Blue – The 12th Day


Voyage Of The Druid Blue

by Doragon Kishu

The Druid Blue (Backstory)

Tch’ahm Ba’er (Land Races & Characters)

Chapter I – To Tch’ahm Ba’er, Chapter II – Welcome To Hammen,

Chapter III – Mercenaries , Chapter IV – The Hunt For Sabre & Madrean

Chapter V – Road To Priminus, Chapter VI – Return To Port Hammen

Chapter VII – Bugbears, Chapter VIII – Gifts Chapter IX –  West Bound

CHAPTER X – The 12th Day

In the dark, the Ranger Torme scopes out what looks to be a Shrine of some sort, which is currently surrounded by a group of Goblins.

The Dragonkin Paladin Rune soon crawls up next to him, “What is it… What do you see?”

“You’re not going to like this… It appears to be a Shrine, likely home to Gnome Monks of Hammen, but it is currently surrounded by a couple dozen Goblins.

“WHAT!” Rune says in a loud whisper as he’s about to jump to his feet…

…Torme quickly grabs his arm, “That wouldn’t be wise.”

Suddenly the two of them are joined by the Druid Blue.

“I heard what you said Torme… What should we do?” she speaks.

“Well… It will be difficult to go around it without losing some time–” suddenly Torme’s sentence is cut off.

“Go around it?? Go around it??” steams Rune.

Torme and Blue look at one another.


Torme seems to be creating a drawing with sticks and rocks as props.

“If we are to try and get in there to see what’s going on without alarming any of the surrounding outposts, it will be hard… At least for Rune,” Torme explains.

“What?” Rune replies, but Torme clinks a stick against Rune’s Armour.

“You’re loud,” Torme speaks.

“Oh… Well… Yes… A Bit… But I carry a huge mace!” with this Torme and Rune both smile.

“Perhaps Rune could do some sort of a distraction? Allowing for me and Torme to get in…” Blue suggests.

“Definitely possible… But what?” questions Rune.

“Well, we’ve got at least another few hours of light, which is in our favor…” explains Torme.

“Something with fire perhaps?” suggests Rune.

“Could work…” replies Torme.

“Quickly, build a huge stack of wood and brush atop this hill, placing oil all over it… From a distance I will light it on fire, and several, if not most, will go to it…” explains Torme.

“And you and I will go in,” replies Blue.

“Just light it up, I’ll take it from there…” speaks Rune.

“But, where will you be?” questions Blue.

“Don’t worry about it, just get into that shrine and figure out what’s going on,” speaks Rune as he starts to bring wood and brush to the top of the hill.

Meanwhile Torme sets several bear traps about, to slow them down.


Blue and Torme are in position, and the stack of wood, brush and oil is set.

Rune stands some 30 feet back from the stack.

Torme lights the arrow, and shoots it to the stack… It lights!

Nine of the 11 southern guards run up the hill towards the fire…

That’s when Blue and Torme quickly make a move towards the shrine, knocking out the 10th goblin along the way…

Meanwhile when the 9 goblins get within 40 feet of the fire, 4 of them step into bear traps… “Aiyyyy! what a terrible sound.

This alerts the 13 northern goblins, who begin to make their way towards the hill as well…

Fortunately Blue and Torme have already stealthily made their way into the entrance of the shrine.

As the 5 close goblins near the fire, Rune stands behind it waving around his two handed mace casting a great shadow upon them, “AHHHHHHH!” he yells in ghostly tone.