Voyage Of The Druid Blue – The Hunt For Sabre & Madrean


Voyage Of The Druid Blue

by Doragon Kishu

The Druid Blue (Backstory)

Tch’ahm Ba’er (Land Races & Characters)

Chapter I – To Tch’ahm Ba’er

Chapter II – Welcome To Hammen

Chapter III – Mercenaries 


Blue’s grey hawk Nor located Aden, and delivered the note.

“Rune And I Are Hiring Mercenaries, And Will Accompany You On Your Quest To Find Your Comrades, Madrean & Sabre

Don’t Try To Dissuade Us, On This We Are Settled



And so they set course for the Second Tower of Hammen, where lay the Wisest of the Three Mages, Priminus…

Rumor has it that Madrean didn’t want to wait for Aden, who was running behind, to arrive, and thus set off without him… Sabre, being of Lawful Good, determined that he must follow him in order to protect him.

But still set on course for the three of theirs plan, Madrean would head to the Second Mage Tower to seek guidance in regards to The Red Dragon Droah.

Upon horses, the Dervish, SYN by name, road in front of the party…

…while in back was the Ragner, TORME.

In the middle, Blue, Rune and Aden road side by side.

“Why would you keep company with such a Dragonborn as this… Leaving without you?” questioned Rune.

Aden took pause before responding, “There is good in Madrean… I can’t explain it more than that,” briefly explained Aden.

The weather was mild in the Hills of Hammen, it would take a good week for them to arrive at the Second Tower, and home of Priminus.

Their first day of traveling went undisturbed, and they would ride through the night in hopes that they would gain on Madrean and Sabre.

Suddenly Blue sees a lone large Goblinish creature, but bigger, running in the dark some thirty feet from them.

“Very odd to see a lone Bugbear…” Blue speaks.

“A scout…” replies Aden.

“Leave it!” speaks Syn loudly, and so they do.

The next morning they come across a Hammen Patrol of two Gnomes.

They block their way, their swords drawn.

“HOLD!” they proclaim, and the party brings their horses to a halt.

Blue dismounts, and steps to the front bowing in respect.

Suddenly one of the Gnomes sheathes his sword, and smacks the other on the shoulder to do the same, and so he does.

“An Elf… How nice,” speaks the first Gnome.

“I am Blue… Innitiate of the 1st Circle.

“Well met… We are Keb, and Dorii, Hammen Swordsmen,” he replies.

“We are heading to the Second Mage Tower, have you perchance come upon a Blue Cleric Dragonborne, and a Human Paladin?” she inquires.

“We saw them, but they were out of range, as we travel on feet,” replies the second Gnome.

“How long ago would you say?” questions Blue.

“Why just yesterday… Keb here was sleeping,” he finishes.

“Thank you Keb… Thank you Dorii,” she bowes again, then mounts her horse…

…and they’re off.

That night they decide to camp, and Aden takes first watch while the others sleep.

Some two hours after the midnight hour, Aden becomes aware of 5 sets of orange fire like eyes surrounding the camp.

“Wolves,” he thinks to himself.

They don’t seem to be coming any closer, so he sits it out.

Happily, they do not come into the camp, and instead slowly back away, and disappear into the night.

“They must have already have eaten,” he thought to himself.

He never bothered telling the group of the wolves.

The next morning Blue woke and noticed the Ranger Torme inspecting the path before them.

“They’ve been through here… We’re only a half a day behind them,” he spoke as he mounted his steed.

The rest of them finished breakfast, mounted and were off.

That night, the party saw a great firey camp ahead, and from what the Ranger could discern, it was a band of Merchants.

Four in all, protected by 16 Mercenaries.

They looked as though they were to be there for several days, and to Aden’s elation, Sabre and Madrean were standing at the Hat Tent.

“SABRE! MADREAN!” hollered Aden on approaching them, giving Sabre a hardy pat on his shoulder, and Madrean a great hug.

“Bout time,” spoke Madrean as he continued to look at a lavish velvet green hat.

Blue and Rune had Torme and Syn stay back with the horses, as they also approached.

“This is Blue, and Rune… They accompanied me on our travel here,” explained Aden.

Sabre nodded a bit, but Madrean paid Blue no mind, and instead haggled over the price of the hat.

“I am Blue, and this is Rune,” spoke Blue.

Sabre suddenly loosened up a bit, “Sabre… Paladin of the Order of Greenlight,” he spoke.

Rune reached out his arm and embraced Sabres, “Rune the Protector… No current affiliation… Other than this one,” with this he nudged Blue.

Suddenly Madrean turned around wearing his great green velvet hat, “Come on, lets drink!” he proclaimed, and the group of them went to the food tent and drank and told stories through the night. Including Torme and Syn, who Blue invited, as the horses were guarded by the camps Mercenaries.


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