Voyage Of The Druid Blue – Bugbears


Voyage Of The Druid Blue

by Doragon Kishu

The Druid Blue (Backstory)

Tch’ahm Ba’er (Land Races & Characters)

Chapter I – To Tch’ahm Ba’er

Chapter II – Welcome To Hammen

Chapter III – Mercenaries 

Chapter IV – The Hunt For Sabre & Madrean

Chapter V – Road To Priminus

Chapter VI – Return To Port Hammen

CHAPTER VII – Bugbears

Blue finds herself sitting on her horse some 80′ away from a party of 9 Bugbears as a stare down occurs.

“Aden Was Right… It Was A Scout… And This Must Be Its Party”

As the Bugbears begin to scream and bang their spears and shields together, Blue begins to chant some words, “Hespen Bre Omes,” and the weeds and brush begin to secure 3 of them to where they stand, and one other is slowed but is able to move a bit.

She then turns her horse around and begins to ride…

The remaining 5 Bugbears begin to pursue her on feet, throwing their spears behind her.

Only one of them landing some 20 feet away, she appears to be just out of range of their spears.

Within a few hours Blue comes upon a disapproving looking Rune, with Torme right behind him.

She brings her horse to a halt, her horse obviously tired from riding at a faster pace than usual.

Rune and Torme halt their horses some 5 feet away from hers.

“Well… What have you to say for yourself,” stated Rune, more than asking.

“That I feel like the young girl who snuck away from her people to live the life of a Druid…”

“Hmf… Fare enough,” he replied.

“It will be night soon… We’d best make camp,” spoke Torme, who dismounts from his steed, and begins gathering wood.


That night Rune and Blue sit around a fire Torme has made, as he then joins them.

“There are some tracks of Brown Bears, but I doubt they’ll bother us,” Torme spoke as Rune handed him a stick with some roasted meat on it.

“I didn’t feel right asking you two to join me, when-” Blue began.

“When your reasons are personal, I understand… But for the record, let us make our own decisions next time… For anything having to do with you is personal to me,” expressed Rune with one of his unlikely smiles.

Blue smiled back.

“You went for the Elf then… Aden,” spoke Torme.

“My reasons are two fold… But yes, he’s part of it,” she replied.

Rune stands, “Well, if we plan on leaving early, you two best get to sleep, I will go without tonight,” spoke Rune as threw his eating stick into the fire, and walked away.

The two of them did as was suggested.


“I came across the Bug Bears Party, there were 9 of them… And they won’t be happy to see me,” she told Rune who rode beside her.

Meanwhile Torme road some 100 feet ahead, checking the ground for tracks as he went.

Suddenly he rides back and joins them, “Bugbears… They could be anywhere around us… They know we are here,” expressed Torme.

Rune brings his horse to a halt, “If it’s a fight they want, it’s a fight they’ll get,”

Suddenly two spears strike Rune, one repelling off his Armour, one breaking through his chain.

“Ahh,” he hollered.

More spears pass by Torme and Blue, but do not hit them.

Torme draws back an arrow and sends it in the general direction of where the spears came from, but hits nothing.

Rune suddenly mumbles some words, “Em Protecto,” and a light white glow covers his skin.

He then cocks his head back, then forward and lets lose an acid breath as some of the Bugbears come into view, wounding 3 of them.

Blue speaks the words, “Sebo Bori,” and her skin suddenly turns into what looks like bark.

The Bugbears then draw their clubs and move towards the Party, 9 in total.

Blue reaches out her hands and once again, “Hespen Bre Omes!” and the brush around them entangles three of the Bugbears, and slows another.

Rune smiles at this, as he eyes the other 5 remaining, who appear a bit flustered by the magic.

He then raises his great blue glowing Two Handed Mace and rushes them!

Bringing it down squarely on one of the wounded ones, killing it completely, as there’s no other way.

Two of them go after Blue, but she easily out maneuvers their clumsy attempts to hit her with their spiked clubs.

Two go after Rune, one striking him, but it can not penetrate his platemail…

…and the last after Torme.

Torme then releases two shots, one after another…

…each taking out one of the two entangled Bugbears, who could not avoid them.

Rune captured by rage, takes an overly ambitious swing at one of the remaining attacking him, and loses the grip of his great mace, as it flies through the air landing some 50 feet away.

“DAMN!” he cries.

Blue seeing this, briskly retrieves Rune’s hammer, and tosses it back to him, “RUNE!”

…and to even his own amazement, he’s able to catch it.

The remaining Bugbears frothing stay after them, one of them striking Blue successfully with it’s spiked club.

“Uhh!” she cries, but is hardly wounded.

Torme takes a shot at the wounded one that pursues him, wounding it, but it keeps coming…

Rune his mace returned to him, strikes at his remaining attacker, wounding him.

Meanwhile Blue strikes the last entangled Bugbear in the back of the head, rendering him unconscious.

Two Bugbears continue after Blue, but she is too illusive…

…Rune however is struck again hard by his last attacker.

Blue then makes her way towards Rune, leaping on his back, she places her palms against his shoulders, “Yo Ro Hei,” and her hands glow green, causing his whole body to glow green, his woulds completely closing up.

Torme takes another shot, but hardly scathes his pursuer.

“DAMN IT ALL!” he yells, tossing down his bow, he draws forth his long blade.

His pursuer, starting to run out of blood, falls to one knee… And the others are unable to strike Blue nor Rune.

Rune then heads to the slowed Bugbear, and strikes him unconscious as well.

Rune’s attacker leaps in the air, striking down upon his helmet, wounding and shaking him.

One of Blue’s attackers comes at her, but she’s barely able to avoid his blows.

Torme, comes at his knelt attacker, and sticks his blade straight through his back, ending him.

“AHH!” he yells.

Rune whacks his attacker across the chin, shattering his jaw, it tries to crawl away, bleeding badly.

“STOP!” yells Blue suddenly, putting both of her hands outwardly.

“Let them go,” she speaks

The two remaining attackers stop, and look at one another confused.

“Go… Take your wounded, and unconscious, and go… This is your last warning,” Torme suddenly says speaking a fluent Bugbear Tongue.

The remaining conscious look confused, while one bleeds crawling away.

Rune then suddenly stands before them holding his great mace in the air, “LEAVE OR DIE FOUL ONES!” he yells, knowing they do not speak the Common Tongue, it’s apparent to all what he’s telling them, including them.

But they do not move…

With this Blue mounts her horse, “Mount… Lets go…” she speaks.

The remaining Bugbears do not attack as Rune and Torme mount…

…and they all ride off.


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