Voyage Of The Druid Blue – Into The Shrine


Voyage Of The Druid Blue

by Doragon Kishu

The Druid Blue (Backstory)

Tch’ahm Ba’er (Land Races & Characters)

Chapter I – To Tch’ahm Ba’er, Chapter II – Welcome To Hammen,

Chapter III – Mercenaries , Chapter IV – The Hunt For Sabre & Madrean

Chapter V – Road To Priminus, Chapter VI – Return To Port Hammen

Chapter VII – Bugbears, Chapter VIII – Gifts Chapter IX – West Bound

Chapter X – The 12th Day

CHAPTER XI – Into The Shrine

Outside can be heard Goblin screams as they investigate the strange fire on the hill south of the Shrine.

Meanwhile, Blue and Torme make their way stealthily into the Shrine.

To their surprise the inside of the Shrine appears to be broken down, and unused for years… Maybe even decades.

“Here,” Torme suddenly says, as he kneels, “Goblin tracks… Fresh.”

Blue nods, and they continue in through the dark corridors of the Shrine.

Soon Torme finds a large tile in the floor that has been shifted, the two of them lift it, and start down a dark stairway, Blue in front, as she has Infravision, and they don’t want to light a torch.

“TELL US WHERE IT IS!” can be heard in Goblin tongue, which they both understand.

Blue stops, and looks at Torme, “How far?”

“Difficult to say… Maybe 70 feet from the bottom of the stairs,” Torme replies.


Suddenly what sounds like a door slamming occurs.

They move to the bottom of the stairs and two large goblins come into view some 50 feet away, going through the robes of 4 dead monks.

Torme grimaces, draws his bow, and releases.

FOOMPH! it goes right through the head of one of them, its’ body slumping to the floor…

Blue follows in suit, tossing her silver dagger at the second, but misses.

She gasps as the Goblin looks back at them, “Sebo Bori,” and casts Bark Skin, and suddenly her skin changes so.

The Goblin goes for the door, Torme taking a second shot, misses, and the Goblin is through.

They look at one another, “This could be bad,” speaks Torme.

“Then it’s good I’m here,” suddenly comes the gravely voice of Rune, as his great Dragonborn form passes by them, large glowing mace in hands.

“Great gods, they’ve killed these men of the Gods, they shall pay!” he speaks as he makes his way towards the door, “Em Protecto,” and casting his Protection from Evil spell, making his skin glow slightly white.

“AHHHHH!” screeches the escaping Goblin as it runs through a great hall.

Meanwhile Rune comes through the door some 30 feet behind it…

…Blue and Torme close behind.

Rune in loud pursuit, Torme draws back his bow once more…

FOOMPH! striking it down in the back of the neck…

…all goes quiet.

Rune halts, then looks back at Torme and Blue.

“There must be more…” she speaks.

“They’re hiding…” replies Torme.

Suddenly Torme runs over to the wall between the hall and the next room…

…he then puts on a golden green stoned ring, and suddenly he can see through the wall.

Blue and Rune stand next to him.

There’s 7 large goblins, and an even larger leader.

“Perhaps this is too much?” questions Blue.

“Not for me,” Rune says and raises his mighty mace, making his way towards the other room, “Cover me!”

Torme quickly follows, bow drawn, with Blue right behind him.

Rune runs into what is a large Dining Hall, and the Goblins are all trying, but not succeeding at hiding behind the chairs.

Suddenly the Leader Goblin stands and points at him, “ATTACK!”

Two of them come at Rune, and he takes a large swipe, knocking one’s head againt the other, and both against a wall, killing them both in one stroke.

“DIE FOUL BEASTS!” he yells.

Torme then takes a shot hitting one right between the eyes, killing it as well.

No plant life in the room, Blue can not Entagle, so she goes after one with her staff, but it deflects it with its’ short sword, “MUAHHHEER!” the sound it makes.

It then takes a huge sweep at Blue, cutting right through her staff and gashing her in the stomach, “Uhhh,” she sighs as she strikes the floor.

“BLUE!! NO!!” yells Torme.

With this Rune looks back at Blue who is bleeding on the floor.

“No…” he speaks under his breath.

The remaining three go at Rune, but he bats them away.

The Leader of the Goblins tries to sneak away to a further northern hallway.

Blue’s hands suddenly light up with a Green Light, “Yo Ho Hei,” she speaks…

…and her wounds begin to heal.

Rune smiles, then turns to the other Goblins, but is quickly tackled by the remaining three.

“I can’t get a clear shot,” Torme says, as he watches Rune wrestle with the three Goblins…

…he then notes the escaping Leader Goblin, “Oh no…”.

Two of the Goblins attempt to hold Rune down, while the other strikes him in the chest with his short sword, “Umphh,”.

But he is undamaged.

Torme takes a shot, and hits the Leader Goblin in the arm as he disappears form sight, “THE LEADERS GETTING AWAY!”

Rune bangs the two Goblins holding him heads together, then rises.

Two of them get good shots at his Armour, but they do not penetrate.

Meanwhle Blue gets up, and chases after the Leader!



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