Voyage Of The Druid Blue – Aden


Voyage Of The Druid Blue

by Doragon Kishu

The Druid Blue (Backstory)

Tch’ahm Ba’er (Land Races & Characters)

Chapter I – To Tch’ahm Ba’er, Chapter II – Welcome To Hammen,

Chapter III – Mercenaries , Chapter IV – The Hunt For Sabre & Madrean

Chapter V – Road To Priminus, Chapter VI – Return To Port Hammen

Chapter VII – Bugbears, Chapter VIII – Gifts Chapter IX – West Bound

Chapter X – The 12th Day, Chapter XI – Into The Shrine

Chapter XII – Protect The Shade Chapter XIII – Priminus


The Hippogriffs landed upon the Mage Tower of Priminus with a swoop…

Blue and Kurai quickly dismounted from the back of theirs, as did Rune and the hired Mercenary Warrior, Sylva.

Around were some six Gnome Hammen Swordsmen to escort them down the winding stairwell in the middle of the tower.

Each of the Three Mage Towers of Priminus had their own Regiment of some two dozen Hammen Swordsmen, though Hammen had no more than 250 Swordsmen across its’ great land in total.

These Mage Towers were only the start of what they hoped would begin a Campaign of Defense versus all that might try to conquer Hammen…

Tch ahm Ba er (1) (1)-1 2

To the North was the Blackwell Forest, and the Dark Elf Drow, lead by the Malevolent Prince Eradyn and his diabolical sister, Mora…

Their People were said to be one of, if not the most powerful force of Tch’ahm Ba’er…

And to the East, the Glane Boro Sands, inhabited by the Dark Tribe, and lead by Prince Tahab, who also has a sister, though her name is unknown…

The Dark Tribe prefers not to mix Races, and so for the most part, stay within their Borders… But whose to say they won’t expand their reach to include The Hills of Hammen… And more specifically, Port Hammen.

The Party is brought to the magical quarters of Priminus, one of the 3 Mages of Hammen…

He sits in the middle of a white drawn circle in the middle of the room… Little blue glowing Rune Markings all around it.

His eyes are shut.

“Sit,” he says without opening them.

And so Blue, Sylva, and Rune do as requested…

…Kurai on the other hand, finds a dark corner and nearly disappears.

Priminus peeks one eye in Kurai’s direction, than closes it once more.

Soon Torme has arrived with their horses, and is brought to the quarters as well.

He sits.

“Ah… Now that you are all here… How may of be of service,” speaks Priminus, as his eyes open softly.

He is a Gnome, with dark, lavish red robes, and a white ivory staff appearing to stand all by itself some two feet from him.

“My name is Blue, we-” starts Blue.

“I know who you are,” he speaks semi annoyed, “My question was, how may I be of service?”

Blue looks over at Rune.

“Friends of ours were to come here to gather information about Droah… The Red Dragon of Mount Ridge (See Map Above)…” explained Rune.

“Ah yes, the Dragonborne Cleric, Human Paladin, and Elven Archer… Continue,” replies Priminus.

“I think that they have made a mistake in attempting such a quest… I’ve come to try and persuade them to return…” Blue explains.

“For some that won’t be necessary,” suddenly came the all too familiar voice of Aden, who entered the quarters.

Without thinking, Blue jumped up, and hugged him tightly,”ADEN! IT’S YOU…”.

With this Kurai suddenly started to step out of the shadows, in some sort of jealous jolt…

…but then retreated back to them.

Torme took note…

Blue let go of Aden as quickly as she had grabbed on to him.

“I’m sorry… So glad to see that you’re ok… And that you didn’t go to Droah,” she spoke.

“Neither did I,” spoke the Dervish Syn, who entered the room as well.

Rune was quick to offer her an arm embrace, which she returned.

“What happened?” questioned Torme.

Suddenly Priminus rose, “Let us all discuss it over some breakfast.”

The Party followed them… Even Kurai.


The Dining Table was quite a sight to see…

At one end of the table, was Priminus, the Mage, who seemed to be perfectly content with his odd colored porridge before him… A blueish green.

Rune, Torme, Sylva and Aden on the other hand, spooned at great bird eggs, and forked pieces of meat.

Making sounds, that only men make…

Meanwhile Blue gestured towards Priminus’s bowl, “May I try a bit of that?”

Priminus smiled, “Of course,” and summoned one of the guards to retrieve her some, which he did.

She tried it, and her body felt a cool vibration, “My…” she replied.

Priminus smiled again, “Good… Right?”

Blue felt first dizzy, then exhilarated, “Oh yes…”

Kurai on the other hand, who did not eat, and wouldn’t have partaken anyway, sat in her chair, arms crossed, glaring heatedly at Aden…

…when she noticed Syn, who wasn’t eating, but instead had her boots up on the table, as her chair balanced back on two legs, stared at her with a gleam in her eye.

Not liking this at all, Kurai quickly picked up a glorious orangeish yellowish fruit, and tossed it at her…

Syn in response stuck her dagger through it, right out of the air, and pinned it to the Mage’s table.

Blue looked at Syn, then at Priminus who seemed amused.

“So tell us Aden… What changed your mind?” spoke Rune, as he finished his first piece of meat, and gestured for more.

“It was a fools errand… I fear Madrean borders on mad… I still believe him to be good in his core… But his judgment… Especially after our counsel with Priminus… I needed no more to convince me,” he explained.

“And you Syn?” asked Torme.

“I was only hear to protect the Archer for this lady,” with this she pointed her now clean dagger at Blue.

This seemed to embarrass Blue a bit.

“Priminus requested that we stay another week… And not wanting to be rude after all of his kindness, Syn and I agreed…” he looks at the Party, “And now I see why,” he says with a smile directed at Priminus who has finished up his porridge, and is drinking some morning wine.

“And Sabre?” spoke Rune.

Aden shook his head, “He won’t leave his side… I couldn’t convince him otherwise.”

“Tis madness,” interjected Syn, who was now breaking open, and eating the tossed piece of fruit, and smiling at Kurai.

Kurai couldn’t help but smile a little.

“What now Aden? Where will you go?” Blue questioned.

“I can’t say I know… And what about all of you? Now that you’ve saved me from myself,” Aden jests with a wink at Blue.

This infuriates Kurai, who now stands and is about to leave the Dining Chamber.

“So what’s your story?” Syn questioned at Kurai, which brought her to a halt… Her back still turned.

“A Shade, eh…” Syn continued…

…with this Kurai turned to face the confident Dervish.

“One hit…” Kurai draws her pure black blade, “One question,” with this she taps Syn on her studded leather chest armour.


Kurai and Syn face one another.

Syn with a great two handed axe…

And Kurai with her black blade.

The rest of them stand on one side or the other of them.

“Will she be alright?” questioned Blue to Rune, nervously.

“Time will tell… But I don’t think the Dervish will actually hurt her…” Rune replies.

“Maybe just a little,” Torme interjects to Rune and Blues dismay.

Kurai suddenly leaps through the air with imense quickness, almost appearing to hover to her opponent.


…but Syn is too quick, and knocks the girls blade asside.

“Come on girl… Again,” prods Syn.

She hovers quickly again, taking two swings…


…both blocked.

“My turn,” speaks Syn.


With one strike of her great axe, she disarms Kurai, her blade sticking in the ground some 30 feet from her.

“I’m told I was a Cleric… Of The Silver Bane Order,” answers Kurai her first question.

Syn smiles and nods.

Suddenly Kurai hovers straight up, 50 feet above the ground, drawing her bow as she goes.

“Amazing,” ghasps the Warrior Sylva.

“Is she a user of magic?” questions Aden.

“She is a shade…” speaks Priminus with a slight smile of delight.

Kurai releases her arrow, but Syn is too quick, tucking and rolling out of harms way.

She releases a second shot, and Syn knocks it from the air.

Syn reaches for her crossbow which is on her back, but it gets caught up in its’ straps…

“Damn it bow!” speaks Syn.

Kurai hovers down towards her blade, takes a shot which misses, tucks and rolls grabbing her blade, and holding a defensive position.

“Well done,” speaks Syn confidently.

Suddenly Kurai runs straight at Syn and leaps over her striking down at her shoulder, and gashing her.

“Ahh!” yells Syn, who grits her teeth, and turns to face her attacker who now stands behind her.

Blue jumps forward to aid Syn, but Rune stops her, “Let them finish.”

“Why are you really here…” speaks Kurai just as Syn is about to counter attack.

With this Syn throws her axe into the ground.

“A Dragonborne Paladin… An Elven Druid… An Archer and Ranger? This seems to be a promising group of Adventurers, don’t you think?” she replies.

Kurai sheathes her blade, “Yes… Yes it does,” she pulls Syn’s axe out of the ground and hands it to her.

Syn puts pressure against her wound, which is now being attended by Blue, “One to one girl… We’ll finish this another day.”.

Kurai nods, then heads towards the tower.


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