Voyage Of The Druid Blue – Into The Lair


Voyage Of The Druid Blue

by Doragon Kishu

The Druid Blue (Backstory)

Tch’ahm Ba’er (Land Races & Characters)

Chapter I – To Tch’ahm Ba’er, Chapter II – Welcome To Hammen,

Chapter III – Mercenaries , Chapter IV – The Hunt For Sabre & Madrean

Chapter V – Road To Priminus, Chapter VI – Return To Port Hammen

Chapter VII – Bugbears, Chapter VIII – Gifts Chapter IX – West Bound

Chapter X – The 12th Day, Chapter XI – Into The Shrine

Chapter XII – Protect The Shade Chapter XIII – Priminus

Chapter XIV – Aden Chapter XV – To Slay A Dragon Chapter XV – Droah

CHAPTER XVI – Into The Lair

That night at the Parties first camp of Droah’s mountain incline, Torme and Blue suddenly appeared from the night.

The rest of the Party were gathered around two fires, and didn’t pay it much mind.

Other than Sylva and Rune…

“Well?” spoke Sylva.

“A story for another time,” replied Blue, who found a spot, layed down a blanket, and fell directly asleep.

Rune and Sylva then shifted their gaze to Torme who joined them at the fire…

“What’s for dinner?” he asked with a smile, and Rune and Sylva knew he wasn’t going to tell them anything.


Day and night two went without incident as they made their way, and the weather got colder.

But on day three a very strange thing occurred.

As the full moon prepared to rise, one of Priminus’s Hippogriffs appeared above them, dropping a rolled parchment down to Sylva .

Sylva opened it, “I have to go… But I’ll return,” he spoke, as he mounted the hipporgriff, and flew off.

“Very odd…” spoke Rune.

“He’ll be back… I got a feeling about that one,” interjected Syn, and the Party went about eating their dinners, and going to sleep.

Each night leaving two different Party members up on watch.


Then just like that, Priminus’s hippogriff returned with Sylva on its’ back.

“Sorry about that,” spoke Sylva as he joined the Party at the morning fire, and ate some food.

Madrean and Syn just stared at him, but then went back to eating.


Two thirds into the day, the Party came upon a huge cave…

“Well then… That’s it,” spoke Rune.

“I believe so,” replied Torme.

“Do we enter now, or in the morning?” inquired Kurai.

“Now’s better… It will catch our scent soon enough,” interjected Syn.

Then they all looked at Blue.

“Now’s good,” she replied, trying her best not to tremble.

“Torches or light?” inquited Madrean.

“One lantern should sufice… With one window open,” spoke Torme.

And so they entered the cave, this time with Torme, Syn and Sylva in front…

Blue, Kurai and Madrean in the middle…

And Ander, Rune and Sabre in the back.

After about an hour, they began to come across charred bones…

Torme knelt down and inspected them, “Some human… Some Elf,” he spoke, and the Party continued forward.

Within another half an hour the cave narrowed, and the Party found theirselves traveling down a spiral cavern, barely enough room for the Dragonborn Paladins to make it through.

“How does the Dragon get down this?” questioned Ander, half joking.

“He doesn’t… There must be another entrance further atop the mountain,” spoke Torme.

“And what about the dead bodies?” asked Kurai.

“He must have come in behind them,” replied Torme… “Now stop talking.”

What seemed like hours, but was only one, they finally descended into a large hallway.

It looked as though it was man-ish made.

“Dwarves I think,” spoke Rune as he peered around at the ornate walls.

They travled for a while, and soon it went back to being a cavern…

…when suddenly their path split into two directions.

“Oh great,” spoke Madrean.

Blue turned to Rune, “Now what?”.

Torme inspected the two paths,”There are Dragon tracks in both of them… I suspect they both lead to the same place.”

“If we separated, it can’t sneak up on us,” spoke Syn.

“We separate,” spoke Rune.

“We don’t separate” spoke Blue.

Both speaking at the same time.

“We separate,” suddenly interjected Torme with a decisive third vote.

Party One consisted of Torme, Madrean, Syn and Sabre.

Party Two, Rune, Blue, Ander, Kurai and Sylva.

The Parties moved through their caverns for about 45 minutes, when a slight golden glow started to appear from ahead around the corner of Party Two.

“Gold…” spoke Sylva.

The rest of them looked at Sylva and nodded.

Blue was about to speak, but Sylva shook his head.

“Come in… Come in… Don’t be a stranger,” suddenly a rumbling, yet soothing female voice came from ahead.

It was Droah…

PICTURE CREDIT – Fire Dragon Lair


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