The Journal Of Thorin Ryo – 200 Years Of Peace


The Journal Of Thorin Ryo 

Chap I – Paladin

“To Pinnacle…”

CHAPTER II – 200 Years Of Peace

The journey to Pinnacle was arduous…

…but I arrived safely at the southern gate, of what was a very large city.

Once within the city, I was immediately scoped by a Gnomish girl, who on seeing me, stopped, then headed right at me, bumping me…

At once I knew she had robbed me, so I grabbed her shoulder, and demanded whatever it was she had taken…

40 Gold, a large chunk of my total gold.


This Gnome, who went by the name ‘Walker’, would not stop talking, and at some point, I determined that she might be good in the middle…

…so I cut her a deal. 5 Gold for her to show me around the large city.

Given the choice of heading to a tavern, or the quiet seats of where would be the Starting Ceremonies of the Festival of the Crow, I chose the latter.

When we arrived there, I quickly went into a meditation, while this hyper little Gnome paced around, board out of her mind.

When my eyes finally opened, there was a beautiful Elf Female sitting not 30 feet from me.

Walker was quick to indicate to me that she preferred the company of other woman, and I determined immediately that she took a shine to this Elven woman.

“I know her… Her name is Caelynn Nialistacia… She is one of the Inner Circle of Pinnacle…” she explained.

Of which there were 5 members.

Out of respect, and so that the Lady knew that she was safe from harm when it came to me, I introduced myself.

She was lovely… She went on to tell me that ‘The Great Hunt’, a traditional aspect of the Festival of the Crow, would happen soon.

Once we parted ways, we went to the tavern after all, and that’s when I met who would end up being my Companions on the Hunt.


LAENOR SUNBRINGER, an Elven Fighter from the Till Woods, who was quite boisterous… It was apparent that he longed to be the Leader of our Party…


ARINAR ENSLAND, an Elven Male, also from the Till Woods, who did not say what his skills were, but I suspect that it might be something of a ‘magic’ related thing. He’s a quiet one.


FILDAERAE ERFINA, an Elven Fighter, also from the Till Woods, who seemed most timid for one of the sword.


ASHKAN SETAREH, a Human Ranger from the Ganesboro Sands, he would end up being our Guide. There’s definitely something ‘forceful’ about this one, but being the ‘Great Hunt’ was to take place in Ganesboro Sands, his company was invaluable.

Once we all made our way to the Festival of the Crow Opening Ceremony, it became known to us that Gnolls from the Ganesboro Sands were threatening Pinnacles Allies, The People Of The Sands, and thus the ‘Great Hunt’ was basically to be used as a way to stop them.

Being that this was more of an act of War, than a Festival’s Activity, I approached Caelynn Nialistacia to find out more…

…she quickly referred me to her brother, Eryndol Nialistacia, who basically confirmed that the participants of the Hunt would basically be aiding their allies.

The truth is as it turns out, that Pinnacle is a Center Piece to the Unity of the Southern Lands of Tch’ahm Ba’er, and thus I felt inclined to help them.

We called ourselves, “The League Of Unity”… At least for the time being.

And so we gathered Healing Potions Etc., and would make our way to the BLIGHTED LANDS of Ganesboro Sands in the morning.


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