The Journal Of Thorin Ryo – Nekana Agnimitra


The Journal Of Thorin Ryo 

by Doragon Kishu

Chap I – Paladin

Chap II – 200 Years Of Peace

CHAPTER III – Nekana Agnimitra

And so we were off, the “League Of Unity”, on our first quest…

Leading us into the desert was Ashkan, the Human Ranger.

Followed by myself and Fildaerae, the Elven Fighter.

Behind us was Laenor, the boisterous Elven Fighter, telling story after story of his days in the Till Woods.

As well as Arinar the Elven Druid, Ulfin Hillhammer the Dwarven Barbarian, Walker the Gnomish Rogue and Iven the Human Thief, now Squire of Laenor.

At first night fall we were attacked by two Desert Snakes, I was able to kill one, and Filderae with her whip, with the help of others, disposed the second.

During our next day of travel, Filderae noticed that someone was following our Party.

She notified the group, and on further inspection, it ended up being a 6’5″ woman of strong build, wearing many robes, scarves, much jewelry and a large axe on her back.

Her hair was white, as was her skin and eyes, other than the large pupils within…

…and her hair stretched down all the way to her ankles.

An older woman, maybe around 50, she was quite a sight to behold.

Laenor approached her, but she did not appear friendly.

She told us she was lost, and asked to join our group.

Something didn’t seem quite right, but we allowed her to join.


On our next day we came across a 50′ by 50′ shack…

Apparently these were common, says Ashkan, who grew up in the Ganesboro Sands…

He and I approached the door, as not to overwhelm them with the whole of the group, when we heard gasping breath within.

When we called out, none answered, so I took it upon myself to draw back the curtain that served as the door.

Inside there was an older man with a dagger stuck within him…

…I quickly made my way to him, place my hand upon him, and in a blue flash of light spoke the words, “Heal”, and his breathing started to get better.

Ashkan pushed me aside, and began questioning him, “Who did this?”

The old man went on to tell us that a ‘Kill Squad’ had taken his wife, for her use of magic, which is highly frowned upon in this land…

…I couldn’t help but think about my mother who had been banished by the use of it…

Kill Squads were something we were made aware of when we were in the walls of Pinnacle…

Groups of Gainsboro Sands People who were against the use of magic, and would kidnap, and later kill those that used it.

Reclaiming my wits, I pushed Ashkan aside, “There is a time for questions, and now is not it,” I then pulled the dagger out of the man, which caused him to pass out.

“Let Laenor and the others know what the man has said!” I spoke at Ashkan, as I bandaged the mans’ wound.

Ashkan was quick to do so, and though our newest member Nekana fiercely implored that we stay on course with the quest, to many others wanted to help the kidnapped woman.

As we camped the night before we would leave, our Druid Arinar investigated the camel tracks, which the Death Squad had left, casting a Detect Magic and finding Runes hidden underneath each track.

Walker the Rogue soon joined him, but suggested that he merely say that he found tracks, and not tell the group about the magical Runes.

Meanwhile, I approached Nekana to see if there was something wrong, as she seemed quite distressed about changing course from our quest, to this new focus.

But she was not friendly towards my gesture to speak, and so I left it alone.

However, following me, was Ashkan, who told her that he didn’t want her interfering with the pursuit of the Death Squad, and that he’d help her with her ‘hidden agenda’, if she helped him with his.

They agreed.

Lastly, Laenor approached her, having offended her during the deliberation, and apologized.

She said she was fine.

Onward we went, until the Rune riddled path of camel tracks lead us to a mysterious oasis the next day.

As we approached the oasis, it disappeared, and became a cave shaped like a skull, which is where the camel tracks ended, and a camel was tied to the rocks outside the entrance.

The Party started to get into a long deliberation of whether we should enter, all save Arinar that is, who cast a spell allowing him to talk to the camel, who indicated that 5 total had entered the cave.

At this point I became inpatient, largely due to the fact that the killing of magic wielders was a sensitive subject to me, and so I proclaimed that we would enter the cave.

Our stealthiest would enter first, save Walker our Rogue, and Iven our Thief, who should have been upfront, but Walker said he was going to protect the camel.

Upset at Walker, I told her that she needed to be part of the group, and stop having secret little conversations with Arinar.

Walker swore she was only staying to protect Iven, playing on my Paladin nature most likely, so I said, “Fine!”.

And so we entered, Ashkan, and Laenor in front, followed by Arinar, Fildaerae, Ulfin and finally me.

After going through some lightly torch lit passageways, it finally opened up to a great hallway, at which point I suspected it might be trapped!

Being perceptive, I noted some sliding floor slabs, and notified the rest of the group immediately, “Stop! Shifting Floor Plates!”.

They stopped just in time.

Fortunately, all of us made it across without activating any trap…

…all of us save Ashkan, who was the last to pass through, with Nekana at his side…


A crossbow bolt shot from the side wall right into Ashkan’s shoulder.

He was bleeding badly, so before he could stop me, I pulled it straight out.

I then cast, “Heal!”.

My hands glowed with a blue light once more as his shoulder began to heal.


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