The Journal Of Thorin Ryo – The Spider


The Journal Of Thorin Ryo 

by Doragon Kishu

Chap I – Paladin

Chap II – 200 Years Of Peace

Chapter III – Nekana Agnimitra

CHAPTER IV – The Spider

Once Ashkan was bandaged up, we continued into what ended up being a huge webbed area…


Before we knew it a large, black, furry spider, with a swollen stomach, dropped from the ceiling, and we were in battle.

Laernor flanked it, and got in a nice cut at the beast, but not without cost, as it turned and knocked him down with a swipe and wound…

I moved towards Laernor, as Arinar and Ashkan took shots with their arrows.

Meanwhile Fidaerae tried to hit it with her whip, and Nekana went into a rage, and let loose on the beast…

“A Barbarian,” Laenor spoke, before getting struck down by the Giant Spider, knocking him unconscious, and on death’s door…

I moved in, put a hand on Laenor, “Heal!”, and he began to breathe again…

I then took a mighty swipe at the wounded creature, and did the finishing blow…

…unfortunately, the bulging stomach turned out to be babies, and before we knew it, the group was surrounded by two swarms of them.

Arinar and Ulfin attacked the swarms, followed by Ashkan who took a terrible shot, and hit me in the back, “Ughh!”

I fell to my knees.

They continued to battle the Swarms, and instead of attacking I swallowed down a healing potion, but the arrow was still sticking in my back.

The swarm then attacked Nekana, tearing at her skin, and wounding her badly…

I needed to get a potion to her…

Suddenly Laenor had a Second Wind, and began battling vigorously with successful hits against the swarms…

Sadly it seemed as though our hits on the swarm weren’t damaging them as much as it should have been…

The damage must have been reduced for some reason.

I considered lighting the web on fire, but my better judgement told me that the burning web on the ceiling would drip down like wax, damaging the party…

No, we had to kill the swarms.


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