The Journal Of Thorin Ryo – Thugs


The Journal Of Thorin Ryo 

by Doragon Kishu

Chap I – Paladin

Chap II – 200 Years Of Peace

Chapter III – Nekana Agnimitra

Chapter IV – The Spider



There we were, mid battle, the Giant Black Fury Mother Spider dead, and its’ remaining babies around us.

Our Barbarian Nekana began to spin, finishing up one of the two swarms, and rest of the group was able to finish up the other.

We had a short discussion, checking how many Healing Potions we had left etc…

“I’m not sure we can survive whatever’s coming around the next corner,” I spoke, knowing this would not sway the group from continuing…

…and so we did

After traveling a bit further, we left the dark of the Spiders Den, and/or hallway, and entered a long wide hall, the walls now covered in torches.

A voice inside my head said that if we had traveled past the Giant Spider, we could have used these torches to burn down the Den instead…

Oh well, who knew.

Next we came across a fork in our path…

After inspecting the ground, our Druid Arinar indicated that there were Traps either way, but the way to the right was the way the Death Squad had taken the girl.

And so we continued on, only to come upon a door.

Laenor, our Elven Fighter, inspected the door, but found nothing.

Our Human Fighter Fildaerae tried to open the door by lashing her whip at the handle, so she could pull it open, but that did not work.

“Why don’t we just tie your whip to it, and pull it open?” spoke Laenor wisely as I was about to just open it.

And so we did.

It opened into a dark chamber, but our Dark Vision Elves could see that it was empty.

We then tossed a lit torch into the middle of the room…

…at first nothing.

And then, it began to sink, and was gone…

“Quicksand,” I spoke.

Ashkan, our Human Ranger, was able to take a better look, and determined that there was a 2 foot wide path, shaped snake like, across the room.

I suggested roping across, but my rope was 50′, and the room was 70′.

We quickly determined that our Barbarian Dwarf Ulfin, who was 5’2″ by 5′ wide, would not have an easy time trying to cross.

But we tied the rope to Ulfin, and would have the others cross holding onto the other end of the rope.

But first, Larnor went and grabbed some of the hallway torches, and Ashkan crossed, leaving a few torches on the path ahead, so all could see it.

Most of us had no problem crossing, but our Female Barbarian Nekana, a very tall, strong woman, fell in twice.

Fortunately Laenor and Ulfin were able to pull her out.

At that point we decided to send the rope over with an arrow, striking the wall.

And the Party members that made it across already tossed her the rope, and would pull her over.

However, Nekana, with the rope anchored to us, was able to pull her self through the sand with ease.

Next, Laenor crossed without problem, and we were good to go…

…leaving our good friend Ulfin behind to guard the hallway, as he could not cross.


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