Rune – The Wounded Warrior




by Doragon Kishu

“Somewhere My Brother Fate Is Waiting For Me…

I Must Find Him…

Or Will The Stars Bring Him To Me…”

“Who are you?” spoke the woman behind the bar.


The SHADOW’S EDGE TAVERN, though a bit run down, was still much more inviting than the weary road, or cold night.

Sitting at the counter was a young Barbarian Warrior…

Sandy blond hair, hazel green eyes with darkened skin, having obviously traveled a lot.

“Do you address all of your Patrons in this way,” he replied taking a deep swig of his ale, without a glance in her direction.

“You are not like our general ‘Patrons’,” she spoke.

RUNE looked about the place, which seemed to be filled with drunken Dwarves, shadowy Thieves, loud Fighters, and an occasional wealthy Merchant with paid companions on their laps.

He then looked at the girl, “Perhaps not…”.

“I am SANDRA, my father owns this Inn,” spoke the fair skinned, blond girl with the medium build and solid hips.

“I am Rune,” he replied pushing his empty tankards towards her.

And with a glance she knew he wanted another.

Sandra went to fetch it.

“You’re not from around these parts, are you lad…” spoke a gravely voice.

Beside him had appeared an older gentleman in a black hooded cloak.

Rune could not see his face, but he could tell he was at least in his 50’s.

Rune being only 28.

“No Sir… I am not,” replied Rune.

Sandra returned with two ales, one for Rune, and one for the man.

“You’re looking for someone…” spoke the man as he lit his long tobacco pipe.

Rune stopped mid swallow upon hearing this…

…he glanced at the man, whose menacing smile could be seen, though his whole face could not.

“What makes you say that old man…” Rune replied, then continued drinking.

“Your Ring…” spoke the man.

This time Rune pushed his tankard away, and grasped the man by his cloak pin!

“What of it…” replied Rune.

“I’ve seen another like it…” he spoke.

Rune released the man’s cloak.

“About three days ago… A younger fellow than yourself… With a pretty face I might add…”.

“HaHaHa!” suddenly blasted Rune.

“Fade… You speak of Fade…” he told the old man.

With this the man pulled down his hood.

His hair  and beard were a silver and black, and his eyes almost black.

“Many think him to be an Elf on first sight of him,” continued Rune.

“That’s because he’s part Elf…” replied the old man.

Rune stood, grabbed the man by the throat, and raised him up into the air!

“You think I don’t know my bother’s bloodline!!” announced Rune, some within the Inn taking note, but going about their business.

Sandra however took a step back.

“He is a Human Barbarian through and through… Like his mother… Like his father… And like me!” proclaimed Rune.

Suddenly Rune’s hands begin to glow an orange red.

It seemed to be coming from the man, and Rune’s hands began to burn.

“WIZARD!” Rune spoke loudly as he released him, the man dropping back to his seat.

“I should have known…”” with this Rune tossed some silver on the counter, and left the Inn.

The silver haired man simply stared after him.


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