Blue Phoenix – The Quest For Frost Rhealm



by Doragan Kishu

“If You Believe Hard Enough… Your Spirit Will Carry You There.”

CHAPTER ONE – The Quest For Frost Rhealm

despa sp


The SOUTHERN PORT OF DESPA, known as much for its’ FOUR KINGS TAVERN, and the Travelers who pass through it to break from their long voyages in the Southern Sea, as it is for the great Merchants who did their business there…. But more than that, as a meeting place for Adventurers not necessarily from Despa, but other Lands, who come together in the name of Adventure, both for treasure, and cause

Such is the case for Ornhawk, a Renegade Drow, and Ranger… Who finds himself in the unlikely place of ‘Four Kings Tavern’, awaiting a Paladin whose reached out to him.

His dark blue hood drawn to cover his face & black skin, sure to draw hostility at every turn…

But the Paladin’s letter intrigued Ornhawk, and so he came.

“Ornhawk… My name is QUARTZ, and I am a Paladin of North Protmey… We are gathering a Party of 8 able Adventurers to travel to the Ice Wastelands of VIVE, our destination being FROST RHEALM, in the Mountains of THE TRIGON.

Our goal, to capture the mysterious ‘BLUE PHOENIX’ , an item told to bare great power.

“We need a Second Ranger… Our First is a Human named A’ro, perhaps you’ve heard of him, who we will acquire after our rendezvous with you… Should you agree to this meeting.

The location of said meeting will be in ‘The Four Kings’ Tavern in the Southern Port of Despa.

I realize for you to leave the Dark Forest of SCAE’HM puts you at significant risk, do to your betrayal to your kind…

But I believe in what you’ve done, and I reach out a hand of trust and faith to you in hopes that you reply, and/or joins us.

Yours Truly, ‘Quartz Von Rictall Smaere’


“You must be Ornhawk… The Ranger, right?” came a gruffly voice.

Ornhawk looked up from his wine to see a fair skinned, dark brown haired Dwarf in White Gold Armour.

“I am,” replied Ornhawk.

“Well, we best be on our way, we have more Party members to gather, it will be night soon, which I know your kind prefer to travel in…” he spoke plainly.

Ornhawk wasn’t sure what to make of the Dwarf… He was right, the Drow despise the light, but still… Why would a Paladin trust the company of a Drow.

Outside waiting with three horses, was SYMAYAH, a young female Cleric, who seemed timid, but nodded at Ornhawk anyway as he mounted his chestnut colored horse.

Quartz rode a black War Horse, and Symayah a white stallion.

“Our ship leaves soon, YAH!” hollered the Dwarf, and the three of them were off to catch it!


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