Blue Phoenix – In Walks The Warlock



The Quest For Frost Rhealm

by Doragon Kishu

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

CHAPTER FOUR – In Walks The Warlock



An unrelenting storm strikes The Northern Port of Krae


Quartz and his Party Members spent much of the day within the J’AYARCH TAVERN.

Symayah was right… Quartz had secured proper attire for their journey across the FROZEN WASTELANDS of SCRE’ER.

All that remained was their last few Party Members, who had yet to arrive, two days after Quartz’s ship arrived in Krae.

Symayah, Taro, A’ro and Quartz play cards with a couple Hunters, while Min hides in the shadows watching, and Ornhawk stands at the door of the Inn, hood drawn as usual, staring at the snowy front which stretches out to distant mountains before him.

Beyond these mountains is Frozen Wastelands, and beyond that is The TRIGON, in the middle of three great mountains.

Within the Trigon, FROST RHEALM, The Tower of the KNIGHTS OF DARK FROST, and the THE FROST GIANTS MAW, a great cave.

These three things form a triangle which is The Trigon.

Ornhawk lets out a decent sigh.

“What is it?” speaks Min who suddenly appers at the Ranger Drow’s side.

Ornahawk looks down at Min, “Thinking of my once home… I never thought I’d leave it let alone be exiled to a Dark Forest above ground, let alone travel to a place like this.

Min was surprised that Ornhawk opened up to her… Perhaps he was surprised as well, but he did not show it.

Quarts may have been right to bring him she thought to herself.

“Come, sit, drink, play cards Ornhawk, you’re making me nervous standing at that door hours on end,” spoke A’ro.

Ornhawk turned towards the table, and stepped forward, pulling down his hood once more…

Many within the Inn took notice, and a murmur of concern seemed to fill the otherwise warm setting.

Taro stands, “Here, take my spot, I was letting them win anyway,” the Monk spoke with a smile.

“I don’t believe you,” replies Symayah, feeling her ale a bit.

Ornhawk sat at the table, when suddenly he felt a firm hand upon his shoulder.

“We don’t serve your kind here,” spoke the large Inn Keeper.

A’ro stood staright up, very dunk at this point, “HEY! ONLY I CAN INSULT HIM!” he proclaimed, then passed out face down.

“He’s a good man!” spoke Symayah as she too stood.

“It’s alright,” replied Ornhawk who reached back and took the Inn Keepers hand into his with a very tight squeeze.

The INn Keeper grimaced and fell to one knee, but Ornhawk relaesed it once standing, and pulled the large black fur laden coat Quartz had supplied over him and walked outside.

The next morning Quartz made his way down the stairs earlier than any other, as usual, only to find the Inn Keeper, two Bar Mades, and three remaining customers, all aslepe, with a dark purple glow around each of them.

“Hello Quartz…” spoke a deep purple robed man standing in the doorway of the Inn, his black shoulder length hair draping down before his sliightly bowed face, with eyes glowing red underneat, his hands stretched out as he cast a spell of sleep upon the inhabitants.

“Best s leave whilst no one takes notice,” he continued.

Quartz smiles…

It was CHALACE BROHM, The Warlock.



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