Blue Phoenix – Norwhyn



The Quest For Frost Rhealm

by Doragon Kishu

Chapter One

Chapter Two


The Moriath arrived 16 days later, two days longer than expected due to rough seas, at The North Eastern Port of KRAE, in the Land of NORWHYN.

Quartz stepped off the ship looking even more pale than usual…

“I hate sea travel…” he then went to retrieve the horses.

Ornhawk & Symayah stepped off into what was likely the coldest breeze either of them had ever experienced.

“Well… This ought to be fun…” spoke Ornhawk as he pulled his cloak around his shoulders, and put his hood back over his head.

“I’m sure Quartz has secured us some more adequate attire,” responded Symayah.

“Wine, wine, wine…I thought you were a Ranger,” spoke Min as she walked past them briskly pulling on thick leather gloves.

She then turned and faced the two new comrades, “It is called ‘Frost Rhealm’ after all…”.

“MIN! IS THAT YOU!” suddenly hollered Quartz seeing the Rogue as he approached with the horses.

He gave her a great squeeze!

“There wasn’t time to get back to you, I was kind of–” she began..

“On the run… As usual,” interjected the deep, warm voice of A’RO, a Human Ranger.

A’ro was a sight to behold…

…a strong, lean, yet robust man with a sharp blond beard, yet brown shaggy hair.

His eyes a dark brown.

“Good to see you A’ro,” spoke Quartz warmly as he embraced arms with him.

Suddenly A’ro’s gaze attached itself to Ornhawk, “A Second Ranger… I thought you were joking…”

With this Ornhawk pulled down his hood once more.

“A Drow…” A’ro looked at Quartz, “Are you mad?”.

“Where we’re going, we’ll be surrounded by Arctic Orcs, Gnolls an Goblins…” a young bald man with a long black braided pony tale, and dark red robes, spoke as he approached, his head looking down at a book.

He looks up, “I really don’t think they’ll mind.”

“This is TARO, a Monk from the Palace of Pey…” spoke Quarts as he arm embraced with Taro.

“Good to see you again lad…” Quartz continued.

“And you Quartz,” Taro replied as he glanced around at the group gathered, “Interesting assortment you have here…”.

“This? Oh, this ain’t nothing, wait until you meet the Warlock!” Quartz replied in amusement.

“WARLOCK??!!” A’ro said in shock.



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