Thorin Ryo’s Sacred Oath Ceremony Speech



by Doragon Kishu

(The Speech My Paladin Character Will Be Reading For His Sacred Oath Ceremony When He Hits Level 3, Which Will Be Soon)



There came a day in my life when a divine ability entered my body, mind and spirit…

And since then, I have found my true home in its’ light.

More than ‘Training’, my path towards Paladinship has been an Awakening of who I truly am.

A few nights ago, I was reached out to in my dreams by a God known as ‘Theramus’…

Perhaps some of you have heard of him.

He is a God of ‘Truth & Compassion’.

He spoke to me… Called upon me to serve him…

To… Aid him in the betterment of this world.

I shall answer this call.

I will make the Sacred Oath of Devotion in his name.

Though I shall always love, and cherish my natural born parents, Theramus will be my Guide and Teacher in this life hence forward.

When I set off to Pinnacle, leaving my home in Mount Marshal…

Leaving my Post as a Swordsman of Landrich, and Servant to King Balthild…

I knew not what lay ahead for me.

Only that these hands bearing blue light, were meant for something…


There are things about my past I have not disclosed, much like many, if not all of us.

My reasons for this were, and are meant to protect someone who means very much to me.

But soon enough I will depart this knowledge to my trusted companions…

To The League of Unity.

To all of you.

The life of a Paladin is not an easy one…

It is riddled with difficult tasks, and living at a standard that can be trying to maintain.

I shall approach it with Vigor, Truth and Compassion, even towards myself.

Theramus demands it.

I demand it.

Now I’ve asked some of you to say some words in regards to the Tenants, and/or things that run through me, as a Paladin of Devotion.

I have asked Laenor to say a few words about Honor, as I find him to be most Honorable…

And Arinar to speak a few words about Compassion.

Ashkan a few words about Duty.

And Nekana a few words about Courage.

(They’ll each Speak)

I thank all of you for being part of this.


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