Blue Phoenix – No Turning Back



by Doragon Kishu

Chapter One – The Quest For Frost Rhealm

Chapter Two – Beyond The Southern Seas Of Despa

Chapter Three – Norwhyn

Chapter Four – In Walks The Warlock

Chapter Five – The Eye

Chapter VI – The Frozen Wastelands Of Scre’er

Chapter VII – First Conflict

CHAPTER VIII – No Turning Back

After the short skirmish, Quartz realized that marching 15 hours straight, through devastating snow storm weather, with only a 10 minute break, perhaps wasn’t enough.

They decided to camp and rest for a few hours…

…eat, interact.

Even though the weather was treacherous, it wasn’t likely to get any better, so they did as best they could to rest.

Bre’atoa and Symayah tended to Krent’s wounds, though she did not seem pleased…

…Chalace told her she had no choice.

Ornhawk, A’ro and Min patrolled the camp, while Taro, Quartz and Chalace sat around the campfire.

“So tell me Chalace, what exactly is the difference between a Warlock and a Mage?” asked the Monk Taro, trying to open up conversation.

Chalace laughed, “Well, lets just say, there’s certain ‘pacts’ involved in my trade,”.

With this Quartz shook his head, “Oh dear,” he spoke under his breath.

“What about you ‘Monk of Pey’?” asked Chalace with a grin, “What winds your clock…”.

Taro nodded, and smiled a bit, figuring he deserved this sort of question.

“Well, my Father, and his Father before him were Monks of Pey… But my Great Grandfather, well, he was a Thief,” explained Taro.

“A Thief? Really…” replied Quartz as he toar a piece of meet off a stick which had been roasting over the fire.

“Go on…” spoke Chalace.

“He actually ended up falling to his death while trying to escape the Emperors Guard, and so his family was left to pay his debt,” Taro explained.

“Hmm…” Chalace seemed a bit erked by this notion.

“So his son, my Grandfather, went into service at the Temple of Pey in order to pay his Father’s debt… And my Father and I simply continued that tradition,” Taro concluded.

“Not a lot of heart  in that decision,” spoke Chalace abruptly, with this Quartz lightly smacked his fist against Chalace;s shoulder.

Chalace smiled at Quartz.

“Well…” Taro started to reply when the Ranger A’ro approached.

“Guard change… Taro, you replace Min, Quartz you replace Ornhawk, I’m not sleeping tonight,” and with this A’ro stepped back out of the fire’s light.

“Another time,” Taro spoke to Chalace, then stepped out of the fire’s light as well.

“Take it easy on him Chalace,” spoke Quartz who grabbed his axe, and also disappeared from the fire’s light.

Entering the fire light was the Drow Ranger Ornhawk, and Min the Rogue…

Min pulled down her hood, as did Ornhawk, both giving Chalace a nod.

The night went without incident, and the Party was off once more towards the three mountains which surrounded the Trigon, and Frost Rhealm within.



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