The Warlock Chalace (Backstory)


As I Continue To Create The Dungeons & Dragons Characters Which I’m Using In My ‘Blue Phoenix – The Quest For Frost Rhealm’ Story, I’ve Really Been Looking Forward To Completing The Warlock Chalace…

Here’s His Backstory;

Chalace was left on the doorstep of a very powerful Warlock.

When he reached the age of 16, his Master left him in the middle of a great city to fend for himself…

To Chalace’s surprise, his Master returned 3 months later, and brought him to his Mountain Retreat, where he taught him everything he knew about being a Warlock…

It came very easily to Chalace.

The only thing that remained, was Chalace’s Pact.

When Chalace turned 27, he traveled through many lands, until a day where he arrived in a small Town in the Vey Kild Mountains.

There, sitting at a small table in the middle of the reclusive Dark Dragon Inn, was the ever Illusive, Warn Tai.

Sitting alone drinking tea, Chalace found himself drawn to join him.

“None has ever sat at my table…” spoke Warn Tai.

“Forgive me Sir… Though I suspect you’re not entirely human,” spoke Chalace.

Warn Tai, a bald, late twenties looking man, rose his eyes to meet Chalace’s.

His eyes were a bright yellow gold, with pupils like a cat.

“True enough…” Warn Tai replied.

“I can’t help but feel that I am meant to serve you in some way…” continued Chalace.

“Perhaps…” Warn Tai spoke as he stood, “For a while,” and with this Warn Tai placed his hand upon Chalace’s shoulder as he departed mumbling some words under his breath.

With this a screeching pain shot through Chalace’s shoulder, as Warn Tai’s hand glowed a brilliant purple.

Chalace blacked out.

And when he woke, he was completely nude, laying on a lavish bed, with three naked woman sleeping next to, and intertwined around him…

They were not dressed either.

On his chest he felt a burning, and when he looked down there was a black onyx, and amethyst dagger laying upon him.

It glowed slightly purple, and burned its’ shape like a cross into his skin…

“Slay me a white dragon…” spoke a voice inside his head…

…it was Warn Tai.

“Then return to my table once more…”



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