The Journal Of Thorin Ryo – Home Bound



by Doragon Kishu

Chap I – Paladin

Chap II – 200 Years Of Peace

Chapter III – Nekana Agnimitra

Chapter IV – The Spider

Chapter V – Thugs (Part 1)




Chapter IX – The Magic Grows

Chapter X – Challenging Times

Chapter XI – The Blightlands

Chapter XII – Gnome Tossing

Chapter XIII – Gnoll Warfare

CHAPTER XIV – The Oath Of Devotion

CHAPTER XV – Home Bound

When we reached the border of the Blightlands where the Barbarians had told us about an exit through the magic barrier, where it for some reason parted, there were dead bodies all about.

Lost souls who had tried to come through the barrier by passing through its’ magic, only to lose there minds, and apparently, meet their makers.

Unbelievably there was a Gnoll underneath one of the bodies that was still alive…

Laenor approached it, and tried to speak to it, but it only mumbled ‘Kill Man… Kill Man” over and over again.

And so Laenor secretly put it out of its’ misery, and told the Party it had died.

After this, we inspected the opening in the barrier, and once I was convinced it was safe, I offered to go through it first.

Once through it the extreme heat of the Gainsboro Sands sent me to one knee.

The Blightlands had been so much cooler, but we really hadn’t seemed to realize the vast difference upon entering it.

Though we were underground a long time before we had.

The rest came through, some felt weakened like me by the heat, some did not.

Nekana our Barbarian laughed at us.

And so we were headed home, but first we needed to travel through the Gainsboro Sand’s intense heat.

Immediately we ran into three large Desert Lizards…

A short battle occurred, Nekana literally cutting one of them in half with a single blow of her great axe…

She laughed again.

The rest of us were able to take down the other two pretty quickly, and so we continued.

We reached the large city where we hoped our Party Member Ulfin would be, as we had Ashkan our Ranger send his pet Vulture with a note to him requesting to  meet us here.

Nekana, Feldaerae and Walker went to the tavern, while Laenor and Ashkan headed to the Inn.

Meanwhile Arinar checked out the Herb shop, and I went to the Jeweler.

I had found three blue gems on one of the bodies by the Blightlands border, but couldn’t discern what they were.

The man with the long goggles on his face told me that they were Azurite, and that though they weren’t worth all that much to Gainsman, the Elves found them to be of some value.

I asked if he could put them on silver chains, and he said that he didn’t do such things, so I pocketed them and said good day.

Meanwhile Arinar purchased some Herbs which might aid us against the extreme heat, and Ashkan went to a watchtower where he called his vulture.

He spoke to it, and it told him that it had delivered the note to our Dwarven companion, but for some reason Ulfin headed to the Blightlands instead of staying like we had requested.

And so he sent another note to Ulfin via the vulture, in hopes that he would return in the morrow.

Meanwhile the three girls got drunk at the tavern, and Arinar and I arrived there around the time they felt feeling their drinks.

I offered to buy Arinar some of my homeland’s wine, which they carried, and he said he had never had a drink.

We joined the girls, purchased some wine, and drank.

It seemed to affect Arinar right away, so I escorted him to his room, and hoped to find out some word about Ulfin.

To no avail, and so I went to my chambers, did some meditation and prayer, then went to sleep.

Meanwhile Larnor studied the ‘boom stick’ he found within the Blightlands, joined shortly after by Ashkan who wished to speak to him.

Ashkan was concerned about him, noticing that Laenor had seemed a bit odd since he had went into the trance upon the Blightland Temple’s throne.

Laenor spoke of his past, and how it had something in it that the vision had reminded him of.

The two of them spoke about a good many things, and at the end Ashkan cut his hand, and asked that they be blood brothers…

…a Gainsmen tradition.

Laenor quickly accepted, cut his own hand, and so the two are bonded.

The next morning Laenor spoke to the Sage we had met earlier in our travels, who apparently was logging in the Inn as well, and told him all about what we had discovered in regards to the Gnoll’s Curse.

Sadly, we had agreed the night before that we as a group would discuss these things prior to telling any other…

Laenor had broke a direct agreement with me, and the group, so I needs speak to him.

To a Paladin, one’s word is very important.

Our morning did have some good news, as the gates of the city opened, and in walked our long separated companion Ulfin, laughing in his familiar high pitched way.

PICTURE – Lizard


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