The Journal Of Thorin Ryo – A Scarab For Your Thoughts


5/23/2006 , 10:16:58 AM


by Doragon Kishu

Chap I – Paladin

Chap II – 200 Years Of Peace

Chapter III – Nekana Agnimitra

Chapter IV – The Spider

Chapter V – Thugs (Part 1)




Chapter IX – The Magic Grows

Chapter X – Challenging Times

Chapter XI – The Blightlands

Chapter XII – Gnome Tossing

Chapter XIII – Gnoll Warfare

CHAPTER XIV – The Oath Of Devotion

CHAPTER XV – Home Bound

CHAPTER XVI – A Scarab For Your Thoughts

And so we were all together again.

All sitting at a long table for breakfast at the Inn, Laenor came down the stairs with the Sage.

After breakfast, the Sage got us all a private room for a meeting to occur.

After much discussion, we decided we would not return to Pentacle, in case they were aware of why the Gnolls were cursed, and were merely using the Gnoll Slaying competition in order to clean up their mess.

it was decided that the Party would separate, Walker our Rogue, and Ulfin our Barbarian Dwarf would head to the Halfling Leader of The Sun Hills, while the Sage would find his son, the Fighter, and communicate our findings to the Gainsboro Sands Capital, and their Leaders.

To my surprise Laenor suggested we head to Mount Marshal, so that I could speak to my King, and then head towards the Till Woods to notify his Elven people.

I brought up the fact that we had promised Nekana that we would help her confront her family, who had banished her years ago, but being that they too were from Mount Marshal, this wouldn’t be a problem.

It was decided that I would approach their King while they went to see her family.

And so we were off!

Finally to make our way out of this Desert, it’s heat, it’s bugs, its’ death and mystery.

But of course, on our second day of travel, we ran into four swarms of Scarabs, and/or Beetles.

Difficult to attack, we did our best

Our Elven Fighter Feldaerae lashed at them with her whip, hitting some, but the bugs struck back damaging her.

I called out the words ‘BY THERAMUS, I SEARING SMITE THEE!’, and my blade caught a blaze…

Several of the bugs were killed, and some were left ablaze, but sadly the fire quickly went out.

Nekana, our massive (tall) female Barbarian, continued onward at first unaware of the attack that was happening behind her…

…but after I damaged the Scarabs, they fled and ran right into her.

She Raged in a Frenzy! Angry, and annoyed, she laid waste to the rest of that group.

Meanwhile Ashkan, our Human Ranger sent his Vulture after the bugs, with minimal results…

…he also swang his short sword about, to no avail.

Unfortunately one of the other unharmed groups of Beetles attacked me, damaging my form, and thus I called upon Theramus once more, my hands glowing blue, and placed them upon my chest, healing me.

Sadly they were relentless, as they covered my body, attacking me until I fell unconscious.

Meanwhile our Elven Eldritch Knight Laenor swang his rapier, and even threw down his fist smashing several of them.

Arinar, our Druid, threw out Faerie Fire so we might see our enemy better…

…then, seeing I was down, cast Healing Word upon me, raising me directly to my feet with a gasp!

I can not say how many times this Druid has aided me, I am forever in his debt…

…for though I have great bestowed gifts within me at the hands of my God Theramus, my body is not as strong as I’d like it to be.

Soon we defeated the enemy, Nekana doing more than her fair share of the damage, and we continued towards Mount Marshal.

Once there we came across a bit of a run down Tavern…

…I myself wanted to continue to our destination, but before I could say anything, Nekana had entered, and got the Party a table.

Laenor, stricken by her unusually friendly behavior, watched from the doorway, trying not to be seen.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Party entered, and sat at the table.

The oddest thing then occurred…

…Arinar, not a drinker, asked for water, and the Barkeep wouldn’t give him any…

…after much questioning, and Laenor secretly trying some of the water for himself, we came to find that a WIGHT had moved into the area of their well, and tainted the water.

Laenor threw up most of the water, but I grabbed his arm and took him outside where I Cast ‘NEUTRALIZE POISON’ upon him, my hands glowing blue once more, I placed them against his chest, and he suddenly felt better.

He then looked at me and said, “A Wight… This sounds up your alley…”.

He was, of course, right.

Inclined to ‘extinguish’ this Wight from mortal troubling, the Party decided, we would seek it out, and destroy it!

But Wights are very dangerous…




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