The Journal Of Thorin Ryo – Lost In Time



by Doragon Kishu

Chap I – Paladin

Chap II – 200 Years Of Peace

Chapter III – Nekana Agnimitra

Chapter IV – The Spider

Chapter V – Thugs (Part 1)




Chapter IX – The Magic Grows

Chapter X – Challenging Times

Chapter XI – The Blightlands

Chapter XII – Gnome Tossing

Chapter XIII – Gnoll Warfare

CHAPTER XIV – The Oath Of Devotion

CHAPTER XV – Home Bound

CHAPTER XVI – A Scarab For Your Thoughts

CHAPTER XVII – River Of Ghouls

In Our Last Session, The League Of Unity visited a town in Thorin’s (My 5e Paladin) homeland of Mt. Marshal

The Town didn’t have a very good reputation, but it ended up being a good place to buy goods

Sadly our Eldritch Knight, and newly accompanying us Rogue, got into a fight with a local in the Gambling Hall, and before Thorin could intervene, they ended up killing the man in the street

Though the locals didn’t seem to disturbed by this, Thorin was

In out Next Session Thorin was about to confront the Eldritch Knight and Rogue, but now our League Of Unity Sessions have been put on hold

Two of our Players schedules aren’t going to be available on our Session Days, one of whom was the Player of the Eldritch Knight

I Suggested to our DM that we might start a Second Group, so that when players can’t make it, we play the Second Campaign instead

The DM said we could do that, or we could try a New Game he picked up called


I’ve never played a Sci-Fi RPG, though I love Sci-Fi Films, so I was kinda open to it… Mainly because the DM seemed so excited about it

But in truth, D & D is where my passion lay

And so for now, we shall try this new game

And Thus, my now Level 4 Paladin Thorin, shall be lost in time, hopefully to return soon

Journal of Thorin Ryo

Signing off

For now



Welcome To THE WILD COASTS OF VALA (General Info.)



FLYNN (Eastern Port) – Human Ran/Largely Populated Port & City* **

*Thieves Guild

**Officials (NPC’s)

SPEAHR TORN (North East) – High Elf City

YORK (North West Port) – Rock Gnome Ran/Cliff Port*

*Gnomes go up and down in Baskets and ropes from top of cliff, down to Port

KRIEG (Western Island/Land Mass) – Large Island/Land Mass to the West of the main Continent of The Wild Coasts of Vala, but still considered part of The Wild Coasts of Vala* ** ***

*OTO’RA (Southern Port of Krieg) Ran by Dragonborn

**Dragonborn Scouts may be hired at the Port’s Tavern, The Blue Eye, to take Adventurers ETc. through Krieg

***PIRUS (Northern Part of Krieg) – A Drow City

THE STEM (Island East of Krieg) – And UCHARTED Forest Island, East of Krieg

BRIM STOE (Large Island South of Rahhun) – South of the Main Continent of The Wild Coasts of Vala, is the Volcanic Island, Brim Stoe. Still considered part of The Wild Coasts of Vala, Brim Stoe has three thriving Towns upon it, but is in constant danger of The Pirates of Kornor’s Island.*

*In the middle of the currently non-active volcano, is a Mysterious Lava/Stone Temple

KARNOR’S ISLE (Island South of Brim Stoe) – Outside the borders of The Wild Coasts of Vala, is Karnor’s Island, home to the Pirates of Karnor’s Island.*

*A Mysterious Pirate Captain (NPC)

KAI ISLANDS (Islands South of Rahhun, East of Brim Stoe) – Four Islands Ran and Inhabited by Tieflings.*

*Two of the Islands have Towns

KAHG (South East Port of The Wild Coasts of Vala) – Dwarven Ran Port.

ORN WOODS (South East) – Wood Elf City in the Trees, North of Kahg.

DRUDGEK PLAINS (North of Orn Woods) – Home to The Barbarians of Rahhun, and the Barbarian City of KIJT.

WORN (Eastern Mountains) – Mountain Home of the Mysterious Orcs.

BAR STOAH (East of Orn) – Home to the Mountain Dwarves of The Wild Coasts of Vala.

THE KEY (Home of the Four Mage Towers of The Wild Coasts of Vala) – On an Island, in the middle of a Gigantic Lake, is a Mysterious Labyrinth. Surrounding the Lake, one on each corner, is one of the Four Mage Towers of The Wild Coasts of Vala. Each holds a mysterious Wizard And/Or Sorcerer. The Tower Names & Colors are White, Green, Red and Silver (Known as The Sil Quest Tower). *

*Sil Quest homes a Silver Eyed/Haired Elven Sorcerer.

DYLEE (South West) – Dylee is a Town owned and ran  by Halflings.

THAEN (Mountains North of The Key) – UNCHARTED, The Mountains of Thaen are a Mystery.

JOR (Southern Port of The Wild Coasts of Vala) – The Southern Port of The Wild Coasts of Vala is Owned, Operated and Protected by The Warrior’s of Jor. It Includes All Races of Warriors.

UNCHARTED – There are Five other Areas that are considered UNCHARTED, and/or UNCLAIMED. * ** *** **** *****

*South of The Red Tower, East of the Woods.

**West of Sil Quest Tower, in the Hills.

***North Mountain Range, West of Speahr Torn, beyond the Uncharted Lake.

****South West of The White Tower, North of Jor, against the Uncharted Mountains.

*****Just West of Orn Woods, at the bottom of the Uncharted Mountains.

RIOX PASS (West of Flynn) – A Mountainous Pass that leads to the Eastern Port of Flynn. This Mountain is Inhabited by Gnolls, who do not like Travelers, which makes journeying to Flynn a bit dangerous.


A HOOK – The Wild Coasts of Vala Needs Paladins & Clerics/More Peace and Order. Currently there are no Paladin or Cleric Orders within The Wild Coasts of Vala.

Feel free to Use any part of The Wild Coasts of Vala you’d like.

Qued Foros, Underground Temple Of Zarnack


One hundred and fifty years ago, in the Land of Thay, an extraordinary Water Elemental appeared, and by its’ command, called upon the ocean to flood the Southern Regions.

It then returned to the Water Plane.

A Necromancer by the name of Zarnack The Unyielding, so impressed by this show of power, built an underground Temple in its’ honor.

He, however, referred to the Elemental as a ‘God’, and demanded that he/it be praised.

Zarnack built this Temple underground, in case the ocean should rise again at the Elemental’s will…

Built under the remains of one of the many cities which it destroyed.

As the years went by, Zarnack had several hundreds of Cultists join his following, and demanded 20 virgin sacrifices each month.

The number was so taxing, that he often called upon his own Followers to sacrifice themselves, should they be unable to find the virgins.

On Zarnack’s 122 birthday, in great ceremony, he plunged a knife into his own heart, and with his last breath told his 8 High Priests of Qued Foros to ‘Seek Out The Great Bear’, and to draw from it the mystery of Therianthropy, and to inject the secrets into his corpse in order to raise him once more.

Zarnack died, and was placed into a tomb below Qued Foros.

The High Priests did as they were told, and seeked The Great Bear…

Brought into the fold of Qued Foros, were the ‘Bandits of the Bear’, who often had Black Bears at their side.

At long last the Great Bear was found, and brought to the confines of Qued Foros, where it is worshiped, and experimented on, in hopes of optaining the secrets of Therianthropy…

…yielding the manifestation of Werebears, and the essence that would raise the undead body of Zarnack, back to life.

The Legend Of Oz The Caster – The White Tower


“The Legend Of Oz The Caster 

by Doragon


CHAPTER II – Departure

CHAPTER III – The White Mage Tower

Traveling to ‘The Key’, home to the Four Mage Towers of Thay, would be a three day journey.

Fortunately it would be Grasslands, so the traveling wouldn’t be too tough, but that doesn’t mean I won’t encounter creatures and/or travelers.

But it was just me and my snow tiger cub, Sherwood, and though I apparently have innate Magical abilities, I have not mastered, nor truly harnessed them…

…which is the reason I’m traveling to The Key, in hopes to become an Apprentice to one of the Four Mages, each in their own tower surrounding the giant lake.

Truth be known, I should probably hire a Mercenary to protect me for now, but I’d be very fortunate indeed to run into one along the way.

As I am not near a town, where a Tavern might deliver one.

On my first day of traveling, I came across two men that looked slightly shady…

Fortunately I was able to sneak by them while they got water from a nearby stream.

As it neared night, I also came across a Snow Leopard who was eating a recent kill, and once more was able to avoid an encounter.

That first night at camp, however, I would not be so lucky.

As I sat by the fire, starting to doze off, a rock flew into the camp, striking me on the side of the head.

I was bleeding, but otherwise ok.

Sherwood growled his little cub growl, but I suspect it did little good, as a screaming Goblin came tearing into the light!

I quickly grabbed my staff, and indicated that he should leave via body language.

He did seem to hesitate for some reason, perhaps it was my boyish charm, as I was only 19.

I put down my staff, and tossed him a piece of cooked meat on a stick.

He ate it, gave me a fierce glare, then traveled on.

I was lucky, (Oz looks at his hands), or perhaps he was.

The next day I ran into a Patrol of three swordsmen, who served ‘The Key’…

They told me I was heading the right direction, but had no information about where I might find a Mercenary, other than the Forest town of Dilee, some seven days away, or the Southern Port town of Jor, also about seven days away, both in the wrong directions.

Later I saw an enormous Mammoth, something I had never seen before, and I admit, the taste of the life of an Adventurer suddenly found its’ way in to my brain.

An Adventurer… Hmm

That night while I was dosing off once again while sitting at the fire, I heard a noise outside my camp.

I stood, staff in hand, “Who’s there?”

…but there was no reply.

I sat back down, when suddenly that same Snow Leopard wandered slowly into my camp.

Sherwood ran towards him right away, “Sherwood! No!”

Sherwood rolled on his back beneath the Snow Leopard, and started batting at his forelegs, as a kitten might do.

But the Snow Leopard didn’t seem to pay it any mind.

He instead just stood there staring at me…

An insane impulse hit me, and suddenly I sat the staff down, and sat back down at the fire…

…and then the most amazing thing occurred.

The Snow Leopard stepped towards the campfire, and as he did, he took the form of a man…

A white haired, yellow eyed, man.

“May I,” he spoke, gesturing towards the fire.

“Of course,” I replied, and he sat across from me.

“You are an interesting one…” he spoke.

“Thank you,” I replied, as I continued to cook some vegetables and meat on a stick.

“Are you hungry?” I asked, but he nodded no.

“A young man, traveling with a cub Snow Tiger, who does not flinch at a Snow Leopard turning into a man…” spoke the now man.

“I have read about your kind… Fascinating,” Oz replied.

The man smiled, “Then you’re a scholar?”

Oz laughed as well, “Not quite… I mean… Not yet.”

This got the man’s attention, “Ah, then you’re a Mage, heading to the Four Towers?”

Oz looked surprised at the man’s perceptiveness, “Yes… Well… I mean… I’m a Caster, yes.”

This puzzled the man, “A Caster?”

“Yes, you see, I’m not a Wizard… Yet… And I’m not a Sorcerer… Yet, but I do seem to have an innate ability to cast… Er… Magic,” Oz explained.

“Interesting… And you’re in need of a Mercenary?”

Once again, Oz was surprised, “How? Never mind, yes, I am in fact in need of some protection, as I am not an astute Caster, and thus, I’m kind of lucky to be alive out here traveling alone…”

“I’m your man… How much are you paying?” responded the man.

Oz seemed pleasantly surprised, “Well… In truth… I hadn’t thought on it… How about 25 Gold?”

The man seemed surprised by this amount, “Well then, that would buy you two weeks of service,” he reached arcross to Oz to shake on it…

…and so they did.




The Legend Of Oz – The Caster (Chapter II)


“The Legend Of Oz – The Caster 

by Doragon


CHAPTER II – Departure

That night, it was my uncle who found me, tied to a tree.

When I told him what had happened, he told me to go home, that he would deal with it.

My uncle was a intriguing site to behold.

6’ 3” with a longish dark brown beard, and a bald head.

And on his shoulder, a great red tail hawk.

My uncle then made his way to the woods after them, but I did not go home.

It didn’t feel right him fighting my battle…

…at least alone.

I followed a great distance behind him.

Though perhaps he knew I was there.

At some point he finally came upon the band of thieves camp.

There must’ve been a dozen or so…

They danced around, and sang drunkedly…

Each falling down, and/or passing out, at some point.

My uncle waited until the last one was out cold, and that’s when he went into the cam…

…but first.

“I told you to go home Oz…” he spoke softly, but harshly from the dark behind me.

“I know, but–” I started, but…

“Here,” and with thi he placed his great hawk upon my shoulder.

“Watch over him,” and then he made his way into the camp.

First he retrieved my sister’s hawk and sent it into the sky…

…second he released my cub Sherwood, who followed him out of the camp.

Just as we seemed like we were going to get away, two daggers plunged into my uncles back…

…and he fell to his knees.

“Run Oz,” with this I sent his hawk into the air, but several arrows brought it down to the ground from three of the other thieves who had awoken.

I stood there frozen, Sherwood behind me, as my brothers, who had thrown the daggers at our uncle, stepped out of the shadows.

“We’re impressed Oz…” said the first.

“Very impressed,” added the second.

I just stared at them in disbelief.

Meanwhile my uncle fell to the ground, breathing his last breath.

“You killed our uncle, for what, the gold you’ll fetch for the animals,” I spoke in pain.

“Yes…” the first responded as he removed his dagger from our uncle’s back.

“Sounds about right,” added the second as he did the same.

“Now leave the cub, and we’ll let you go…” spoke the first.

Suddenly there was a fiery glow coming from below my waste…

…it was my right hand, and I rose it up.

My hand was on fire… and yet there was no pain.

My brothers looked at one another, baffled.

“What’s this, you practicing in the dark arts are yah…” the second spoke.

Meanwhile the three other thieves place their bows on their backs, and backed away, heading back to their camp.

Beyond that, i’d rather not say…

But suffice it to say, a large fire started in the woods, and y brothers were burnt alive in it.

I wasn’t proud of this…

I haven’t truly dealt with it emotionally.

When I returned to my parents home, I explained everything.

My mother started to cry, and left the room.

My father patted my shoulder, then joined her.

My brother Aras, who had given me Sherwood, had retrieved y sister’s hawk.

“I’ll take care of him for now, Jeneai doesn’t seem all that interested…” he explained.

“I think you should go for a while Oz… Until this settles down…  Don’t need the other thieves coming for you, and endangering the family,” he finished.

I nodded, still in shock from it all.

“Here,” he gave me a pouch with 100 gold, and 50 silver pieces.

“Take Sherwood with you, he will grow into a formidable companion,” he said with tears in his eyes.

I knew that Aras was hurting, he’d lost our uncle, who was truly more like a father to him than our actual father.

Me leaving was the right thing to do.

I felt at peace with it.

But what I truly needed to do was travel to The Key, home to the Mages of Thay, and there become an apprentice.

And that’s exactly what I did.


The Legend Of Oz – The Caster



by Doragon

Oz was one of eight children…

The youngest.

His oldest brother, like his father, was a farmer.

And for it, they never went hungry.

And his oldest sister, like his mother, was a seamstress

They never went without clothing.

Next there was the twin boys, both of them together turned to thievery…

…and were banished from our home at the age of 12.

My sister below that was very quiet…

I suspect she felt like she never belonged…

As I feel about myself.

My next brother is an Animal Trainer…

He traveled far and long at a very young age, learning about all sorts of animals…

…he accompanied my uncle who was a renowned hawk trainer.

In fact, it was this brother who returned with a gift for both me, and my next sister.

For me, it was a wild cat cub…

A tiger who I named Sherwood.

And for my sister, it was a hawk.

Now my sister, mainly interested in girlish type things, like…


Left it in its’ cage.

But when she was out with ‘boys’, I would take it out, and travel into the nearby glades with both Sherwood, and my sister’s hawk.

I must’ve seemed so strange.

But one day, as I took a rest from running, and play…

The hawk on my shoulder, and Sherwood laying some three feet from me, someone entered the glade.

More than just one…



And amongst them, all carrying great nets, were my twin brothers.

As I snacked upon a ripe piece of fruit, Sherwood suddenly made a slight growl…

…but before I could react, all three of us, the hawk, Sherwood and I were captured in these…


Tied to a tree, I begged for my brothers and their band of thieves not to take them…

…but they laughed, and disappeared with them into the surrounding woods.



The Warlock Hex – Araban Jairaal


The Warlock Hex

by Doragon

Chapter I – Enter Tyedra

Chapter II – Family

Chapter III – Cromick

Chapter IV – Tear Of Asmodeus

Chapter V – The Pact

Chapter VI – Night Watch

Chapter VII – The Brigadeers

CHAPTER VIII – Araban Jairaal


Archus, Hex and Kredon enter the well fortified base camp of The Brigadeers.

Two hundred of more members, from Fighters, to Rangers, to Barbarians and more populate the area.

Some glance at Hex as they go by, but not many.

They seem almost as they’re preparing for something.

Archus leads them to the Brigadeer Leader’s tent, the Dragonborn Eldritch Knight, ARABAN JAIRAAL.

Inside is a large, blue Dragonborn, Araban, wearing white armour, and looking over a large map which has been spread across a table.

Next to him are two Fighters pointing to different areas of the map, and at a back table, lounging and drinking ale, is Shaehun.

“Leading a group of Night Watch Clerics right to our base, probably not the best thing Archus,” Araban speaks without raising his eyes from the map laid in front of him.

Archus is about to speak, but Hex interjects,”It’s my fault…Araban is it?”

Araban looks up, his deep yellow eyes, with tall slight black pupils gazing at the Warlock.

“How can it be your fault? Did you know where our camp was?” he steps forward.

“No… But Archus did, and does, and so it is his fault!” Araban seems to drive this point without allowing for a counter argument.

It is at this point that Hex finally begins to get angry.

“Come Kredon, we’re leaving,” Hex leaves the tent, quickly followed by Kredon who is stumbling a bit in surprise.

Shaehun runs by Araban casting a glare back at him.

Meanwhile Hex is throwing his arms in the air, “Where did they take our horses!”

Shaehun approaches, and clasps Hex’s left shoulder firmly, “Hex, you must forgive Araban… They are in the middle of planning–” she stops herself from saying, “well… Planning for something.”

Hex looks at her his eyes glowing slightly purple, but her calmness, never before demonstrated to him, calms him as well.

“Stay Hex… We’ll have dinner with several of the Brigadeers, it will be good… Quite a feast,” she actually cracks a smile this time.

Hex’s eyes return to normal, “Very well… Where is our tent?”



Some thirty or so Brigadeer gather around the great dining table, with Araban at the end holding up an ale, “To the Brigadeers…” He smiles smugly, and they all drink and cheer…

Food is brought out quickly after, Hex and Kredon are sitting between Shaehun and Archus who seem friendly-ish.

But one particular Dwarf with a long brown beard can’t seem to take his eyes off Hex.

Hex feels mildly uncomfortable by this, but says nothing.

“So you brought that thing into our Camp, did yah…” the Dwarf suddenly speaks glaring with fire in his eyes at Hex.

Araban does not yet intervene, but rather watches.

“Darius–” Shaehan starts to speak, but is interupted…

“And you Barbarian… After we let you in to our Brigade, you up and vanish…” the Dwarf Darius continues.

He looks at Araban, “We have much to do Araban… We have no time to host a Hexblade barer, and a turncoat Barbarian.”

With this Archus stands and draws his bow, pointing it at Darius…

…Darius laughs, “Do it Drow…” he stands and leans his fists into the table, “Do it…”

“Enough… Sit down Darius… Archus…” speaks Araban.

“We’ll get to the bottom of their visits soon enough…”

The Warlock Hex – The Brigadeers


The Warlock Hex

by Doragon

Chapter I 

Chapter II

Chapter III

Chapter IV

Chapter V

Chapter VI

CHAPTER VII – The Brigadeers


Standing before Hex, Kredon and Shaehun is The Drow Ranger, ARCHUS CULIVEER.

“Don’t all say hello at once,” speaks Archus as he sparks a stick and rock, and tosses it in the prepared pile of wood and brush…

…it lights up in a roar.

“It will be dark soon, so we’d best figure out a Watch,” he finishes.

“But you’re a…” Hex starts, but stops himself.

“A Drow, yes, but I suspect you’ve seen worse, judging by that rascal of a blade at your side,” Archus speaks with a menacing smile.

Shaehun approaches, and locks arms with Archus, “Archus!” she seems surprisingly happy to see him…

…even Archus takes note, “Hello Shae, good to see you’re still breathing, word had it you’d considered giving such trivialities up…” he smiled again, pulled his bow off his back, “I’ll take first watch,” and disappeared into the trees.

“That–” started Kredon.

“–is an amazing being,” finished Shaehun, who then realized she was making too much of Archus, and turned towards the fire.

“You two get some sleep, you’ll need it, I’m going to stay up, take second watch when Archus comes in,” she speaks without room for negotiation.

Hex looks at Kredon and shrugs, “So be it,” he then throws some things into a pot, and puts it over the fire,”but first, we eat”.


Shaehun joins Archus in a tree which he watches from.

“So who is this guy Shae, that you’d bring him to the Brigadeers?” Archus asks without taking his eyes off the watch.

“A Warlock… Lord of Talabus to be specific…” she replies.

“You know these words mean nothing to me, why have you brought him?”

“The Tear of Asmodeus directed him to find me… And beyond that, call it a feeling,” she explains.

“A feeling,” Archus says with a slight laugh.

“Is Araban at home, or off saving the world again?” Shaehun says with a laugh herself.

Archus smiles, this time softer, “The noble blowhard is there… Every last scale,” they both laugh.


Hex wakes early, and goes quickly into a trance.

Magic that fills me… I know not what your purpose is, or how you might react to serving this blade… I will do my best not to taint you


I know nothing of you Blade… Only that I am bonded to you, and you are bonded to Asmodeus


“Good morning my Lord,” speaks Kredon as he runs his hands through his thinning hair, “breakfast?”

Hex nods.

Archus walks into camp, but Shaehun is no where to be seen.

“Shae will meet us at the base,” he says.

“Base?” Hex stands, and looks a bit surprised.

“You’ll see soon enough… For now, we need to get out of these woods, those Clerics will search them soon enough,” and with this Archus reaches down and grabs a piece of bread from near the fire.


The six Night Watch Clerics, two Elven Rangers and Cormick stand near what appear to be tracks leading into the woods.

“About 18 hours ago I’d say, but they may have made camp,” speaks the first Ranger.

“I still don’t understand why you didn’t join us in Angolo?” speaks one of the Night Watch.

“I need Hex to trust me… By my not showing up, he may have doubts that I was actually involved,” he explains openly.

“Can you take my men in there?” Cormick asks the two Wood Elf Rangers, they look at one another, and shake their heads.

“There’s a Drow Ranger known as Archus Culiveer in there… It’s his territory, and he wouldn’t take kindly to a couple Wood Elves entering it,” the second Ranger explains.

“Very well,” Cormick hands them a purse of gold coins, and the two of them make there way down the road.

“Find them,” he speaks, and the six Night Watch enter the wood.


The Warlock Hex – Night Watch


The Warlock Hex

by Doragon

Chapter I 

Chapter II

Chapter III

Chapter IV

Chapter V

CHAPTER VI – Night Watch


Six Night Watch Clerics stand outside the Usepf Tavern


Meanwhile inside, Kredon has woken Hex, and across the hall Shaehun’s door opens, “Quickly, in here!”

Hex grabs his gear, and joins Kredon as they go into Shaehun’s room.

She’s opened the window, “Quickly, this roof will drop us into the alley!”

The three of them make their way out the window, and into the alley.

Meanwhile, two of the Night Watch Clerics enter the Tavern, and question the Inn Keeper.

In the alley are Kredon and Hex’s horses, Shaehun gets onto the back of Kredons, and they ride out into the street!

The four remaining Night Watch Clerics see them, but are unable to stop them on foot.


Within an hour they reach a thick forest, where they weave their way in and out amongst the trees.

“Did you see Cormick?! I didn’t see Cormick,” exclaims Hex.

“No I did not!” replies Kredon.

Forty five minutes later, they’ve gone deep enough into the forest, that Shaehun tells them to halt.

She dismounts, “We wait here,” she speaks as she heads into the surrounding woods, and begins to gather firewood.

Hex and Kredon dismount as well, and sit on some medium size rocks surrounding the area that will likely be the fire.

Hex is out of breath, “How could he do this… How could Cormick turn his Order against us?”

Kredon shakes his head, not knowing.

“Because that thing is Evil!” proclaims Shaehun as she enters camp, and drops a bunch of wood in the middle of what will be their fire.

Kredon rolls up his sleeves, and begins to set the wood up so that it will light more easily.

Shaehun heads back into the woods.

Hex looks down at the Tear of Asmodeus, “She’s right.”

“Right or not, she needs to pay you a bit of respect,” replies Kredon discouraged by the Barbarian’s outspokenness.

“I respect no one, certainly not the wielder of a Hexblade!” she snarls towards Kredon, this time she carries some dried weed, which she places down next to the wood Kredon had prepared.

Kredon takes the brush and tucks it under the wood, readied to be lit.

“I am not her Liege Kredon,” Hex speaks.

“But you are a good man!” he announces glaring in her general direction as she looks back from whence they came…

…she pays him no mind.

Hex stands and looks at Shaehun, “You don’t need to be here Shaehun… It was the sword that sent me to you.”

Shaehun looks over her shoulder at Hex, “Do you even know why?”

“Well, because you were the previous owner I suppose… But beyond that, I don’t,” he replies.

“He’ll be here soon enough…” Shaehun speaks as she too takes a place on one of the rocks.

“He?” replies Kredon.

She just looks at Kredon, then back at Hex, “That thing never spoke to me… But by the gods, it was thirsty for death, and oh how I fed it…” her head bows, “I fed it too much.”

“There’s something you’re not telling us,” speaks Kredon.

“Well your Warlock here went to bed before I could…” she replies.

With this, Hex sits down, “I’m listening.”

“My brother wouldn’t take no for an answer… We got into a grappling over the blade, and…” she suddenly gasps as a black hooded and cloaked Humanoid drops from the trees behind Hex and Kredon.

“She killed her own brother…” the stranger speaks as he pulls down his hood revealing a Drow.

PICTURE CREDIT – Battle Cleric, Red Cleric

The Warlock Hex – The Pact


The Warlock Hex

by Doragon

Chapter I 

Chapter II

Chapter III

Chapter IV

CHAPTER V – The Pact



Shaehun, Hex and Kredon sit at an off to the side, fairly table.

Shaehun drinks, Hex and Kredon do not.

“I had that blade for about a year,” Shaehun explains.

“But a year was long enough.”

“How did you come upon it?” asked Hex.

Shaehun’s body language changed, became more uneasy.

“My brother… He was captured by an enemy Barbarian Clan… The Nors, as they’re called… But there were too many of them… Maybe 12, or 15… So out of desperation I prayed to our Gods that they might aid me… But none answered… So I prayed to someone else,” with this Shaehun’s eyes look blacker than ever.

“Asmodeus…” interjected Kredon.

Shaehun looked at the large man, and nodded.

“Enter the Tear of Asmodeus… There it was, just sticking in the ground outside the Nors camp… The most beautiful blade I had ever seen… And the way it felt, like—” she explained, but Hex finished her sentance.

“–it was made for you, and only you.”

Shaehun looked at Hex,”Yes.”

“How did you part from the blade?” questioned Kredon.

“Well… This blade did indeed aid me in freeing my brother, leaving some 7 of the Barbarians slain, the two of us fled… We drank, we laughed, we were young again… That is… Until he asked to see the blade.”

“Did you let him?” asked Hex.

“Well… See, yes… But not touch… And this raged him… He emplored me to let him hold it, and I refused… I could already feel its’ darkness filling me from the 7 kills I had used it for… Something in me was changing.”

Hex looked uneasy, “Well… I don’t know about the two of you, but I need to get some rest, I shall get us all rooms,” with this he stood, and went to the Inn Keeper.

Shaehun normally wouldn’t let a man buy her a room, but this was different.

She looked at Kredon, “He hasn’t killed with it yet, has he…”

Kredon bowed, and shook his head no.

“Alright then, each of you have a room, goodnight,” he spoke, and was gone…

…but he would not sleep that night.

Instead when he closed his eyes, he saw the dark blue eyes of Tyedra in the Talabus church.

You Have Two Options Hex… Serve The Tear Of Asmodeus

Or Serve Asmodeus Directly

His words rang through him like a cold knife.


Came from Hex’s door, and when he opened it, Kredon stood in the hallway.