The Warlock Hex – Enter Tyedra


The Warlock Hex

by Doragon

CHAPTER ONE – Enter Tyedra


A dark, shoulder length haired man in his late twenties sits upon the side of a fairly simple bed.

Wearing both black, and purple velvet robes, there’s no mistake that there is magic present within him.

He is HEX, the Heir of Castle Talabus…

…his family home, today marks the one year anniversary of his parents death.

Something that he’s not likely to speak about.

In their honor, The Warden of Castle Talabus, KREDON, a dear friend to the family, and loyal servant, has prepared a special dinner.

A total of 11 of the families closest friends arrive at the castle that night, and a wondrous feast is had.

But try as they might, none of them is able to shake Hex out of the dark cloud that has surrounded him since his parents demise.

A Scientist, and Tinkerer to some degree, Hex spends most of his days in the lower part of the castle, where he studies the natures of things…

…though in his heart, the magic waits.

Late that night, after the guests had left, Hex was once again in his large workshop, tucking his woes into his work.

“Will there be anything else this evening my lord?” questioned Kredon whose large, strong form stood in the doorway.

Hex froze, and turned towards him, “Kredon, as I’ve said, you needs not call me Lord… We are friends,” he continued on with his work.

“It is the appropriate thing my Lord, if that’s all, I shall turn in,” and so he did.


Just as the Midnight Bell Tolls, a voice enters Hex’s mind.


Hex raises his head from his work, stunned…

…he wipes his hands on a rag, then heads to his bedroom where he gets a large black coat… The snow has come early this year.

He heads towards the Churh of Talabus, once a thriving home to the Clerics of Talabus, no one has entered the old church in years.

It’s very dark, but Hex seems to be able to find his way to the center of the faded church.

“I am here… Now answer me, or I shall deliver myself directly to our Doctor,” he speaks.

All is silent.

When he’s about to turn and go, dark blue glowing eyes appear in the darkness beyond… Right where a Talabus High Cleric would be standing giving his weekly words.

Do You Know Who I Am Hex?

Hex stands in silence for a moment, “I’m afraid I can not say.”

Into the Moonlight that comes from through one of the large windows steps a thirteen foot, monstrous grey red devil, known as a PIT FIEND.

Think Hard Hex…

Once again Hex stood silently, but this time, he spoke the truth.

“I suspect you’re a Pit Fiend, Servant to Armodeus, come to collect my soul or some such thing,” he responds confidently.

Tyedra laughs, filling the church with his darkness.

Good… Good

Tyedra pulls a long item, covered in black velvet from his back, and lays it on the floor before him.

Hex if baffled.

“I don’t know what that is, but I can assure you, I am not Evil.” he speaks.

Tyedra uncovers an amazing, completely black, curved blade, but does not touch it.

You Don’t Need To Be…

Replies Tyedra.

With this Hex steps forward towards the Pit Fiend, unphased by his horrific friends terrifying appearance.

Tyedra takes three loud steps back, his feet more like hooves.

Hex kneels down before it, “This is magnificent,”.

Tyedra smiles slightly.


Hex stands and looks at him, “But why are you here, er”…


“Tyedra… I’m not sure what any of this has to do with me?” Hex speaks perplexed.

It Has To Do With Your Parents Hex…

Hex glares in disbelief at Tyedra.

“They weren’t Evil either,” he retorts.

No… But They Did Serve Asmodeus

Hex’s head started to spin, but he maintained, “Archdevil of the 9 Hells? Are you insane…” he knew of course this was no question for a Greater Devil.

Hex turned to leave but the ebony blade was there floating before him.

You Have Two Options Hex… Serve The Tear Of Asmodeus

Hex turned back, “Tear Of Asmodeus?” he questioned.

Tyedra Stepped towards him.

Yes… The Blade Before You Is A Hexblade Of Asmodeus’s Making

“Hexblade?” Hex found himself merely repeating Tyedra at this point.

Tyedra now stood right before Hex, his dark blue glowing eyes cast down upon him.

Or Serve Asmodeus Directly, Per Your Parents Contract

Hex had no answer… He’d gone sheet white.

Suddenly a dark red firey gate opened behind Tyedra, and he turned and stepped towards it.

Or I Will Eat Your Soul…

And he was gone…

…Hex fell to his knees, tears going down his cheeks, the sword once again before him, floating… Waiting.




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