The Warlock Hex – Family


The Warlock Hex

by Doragon

Chapter I 




Hex frantically looks through all the books on Devils and Demons in his families library.

“Is everything alright my Lord?” asks the Castle Warden Kredon who stands in the doorway.

Hex turns towards Kredon, then in several long steps approaches, and grabs his shirt desperately, his face sweating profusely, “Kredon, did my mother and father ever say anything to you about the Archdevil Asmodeus?!”.

Kredon stared at him, speechless.

“Of course they didn’t…” Hex continued, than released the large man’s shirt, and went back to frantically searching the library.

He then eyed his father’s desk, and tried to open it…

…but before he could say anything about it being locked, Kredon was at his side holding the key.

Hex looked at him, realizing how insane he must look, took the key, and opened it.

“What is it my Lord?”, Kredon questioned.

“Something… Horrible… Something… Monstrous,” he pronounced as he looked quickly through his father’s desk.

“Tell me,” Kredon said flatly.


There the two of them stood staring at the Tear Of Asmodeus Hexblade, floating where Hex left it in the middle of the church.

“You say… A Greater Demon brought it to you?” spoke Kredon who could not fully grasp the enormity of the situation.

“A Pit Fiend… Yes… Named Tyedra,” Hex said in almost hysterics, running his hand through his black hair, trying to figure out his next move.

“You say if it’s true, there should be a Contract?” spoke Kredon methodically.

“Yes… A Contract with the Archdevil Asmodeus,” Hex replied.

“If it does exist, I think I know where it might be,” continued Kredon.


Kredon pulls a secret lever attached to a suit of Armour, and the wall opens up to a solid gold safe.

“In there,” spoke Kredon.

Hex stood there in shock, “Do you–” he began, but Kredon had already begun opening the safe with its’ combination.

Within there was a pile of parchment with a black cover, tied together with silver thread.

CONTRACT, was written atop it in grey ash.

Within the parchment was such an elaborate contract placed on the strangest parchment one could imagine.

It was almost cold like metal, but appeared to be paper.

Without trying to read the whole thing, Hex went to the back, where both his mothers’ and fathers’ signatures were written in blood.

“This is insane…” spoke Hex.

“My god… It’s true,” spoke Kredon in disbelief.

Hex sat on his parents bed.

Kredon looked at him, “How long do you have?”

Hex just shook his head, “I don’t know… Not long… This thing was huge… He literally said he’d eat my soul if I didn’t comply.”

Kredon approached, “Take the blade.”

This surprised Hex.

“You can not make a pact with Asmodeus.”

“I have absolutely no knowledge about this blade…” replied Hex.

“Ask him… Ask the Pit Fiend, he’ll likely have to tell you.”

Suddenly Hex’s eyes lit up, “The Clerics of Talabus?”

Kredon looked at Hex blankly.

“When their Order came to an end twenty years ago, where did they go?”

Kredon thought for a moment, “The ones’ that remained Clerics went to three different Orders…” he explained.

“Cromick… The Leader…,” replied Hex.

“About a day and half’s travel northwest… An Order called Night Watch,” Kredon finished.

“I needs speak to him…”




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