The Warlock Hex – Cromick


The Warlock Hex

by Doragon

Chapter I 

Chapter II



Hex rides fiercely on his pure black steed, Elvhane.

Riding next to him is Kredon on a great grey stallion, a two handed sword strapped on his back.

The two make good time to The Night Watch Temple, but when they arrive, there is a ceremony happening within.

Four Apprentices become full fledged Clerics of The Night Watch.

Hex and Kredon watch from the back of the Temple Chamber as an Elderly Cleric conducts the ceremony.

By the end two Night Watch Clerics had seen them in the back, and stood one on the left, and one on the right of them.

“May we be of some service?” they asked.

“Cromick… I’m here to see Cromick,” Hex replied anxiously.


“You’ve found me, how may I be of service?” spoke the tall, early 50’s Cleric, with grey hair, a sharply cut beard, and no mustache.

Hex steps forward, “I am Lord of Castle Talabus… Son of Maydren and Ilkay Talabus,” Hex explained.

Cromick simply stared at him, then glanced at the two Clerics at the doorway who were still waiting to be relieved.

He nodded at them, and they departed.

“I see…” replied Cromick.

Hex being wise enough, could tell the mention of them made Cromick uneasy.

“So than you know?” spoke Hex.

Cromick froze, “Yes, I know…”.

“Good… I need your help!” exhaled Hex.

“Ha, I can not help you… Besides, haven’t your parents passed?” replied Cromick who had now poured himself a stiff drink, from a bottle he had not opened in years.

“Can you tell me Cromick, what is a Hexblade?” blurted out Hex.

Cromick turned and faced Hex and Kredon, “This is not the place to discuss this…”



Cormick, Hex and Kredon sit at a table, in a fairly busy tavern.

Cormick orders them all drinks.

“First of all, Hexblades are made of Sentient Magic, which means they have a personality of their own… You will never fully control the powers it possesses, but it may allow you to use it… As long as you don’t piss it off,” explained Cormick who then takes a large swig of ale.

“If what you say is true, it sounds like your parents contract somehow bound either you, or any offspring of theirs in some way… Do you have the contract with you?” he asks.

Hex hesitantly pulls it out from his black and purple velvet robe, and sets it on the table.

“My god… Horrifying… I’ve never actually seen an Archdevil’s Contract so close,” responds Cormick.

“It’s very difficult to read… Almost like it doesn’t wish to be read by any other than those that signed it…” explains Hex.

Cormick doesn’t pick it up.

“My guess is that you’re going to need to accept this pact with the Hexblade,” continues Cormick, “which makes you a Hexblade Warlock,”.

“Warlock?” exclaims Kredon.

“I see you have not told your Warden that you are a Warlock,” interjects Cormick.

“I had not fully embraced it myself,” replied Hex.

‘I will say this, you must not serve Asmodeus directly, for he is pure Evil,” finishes Cormick.


Hex is completely silent during the ride back to Talabus Castle, Kredon right behind him, as they ride at a much slower pace.

Too slow…

Suddenly a dark red fiery portal opens before them, and Hex without hesitation, rides right through it, it then closes leaving Kredon behind.

Hex sits upon his great black steed in the middle of the church, the Asmodeus Tear Blade floating right where he left it.

Ten feet beyond the blade stands the Pit Fiend Tyedra once more.

Have You Made Your Choice…

He speaks ominously.

Hex dismounts from his horse, and steps towards the blade, “Yes,” he says as he takes it by the handle, and screams as his body is filled with dark energy!

He falls to his knees, blood coming from his eyes…

…Tyedra is gone.



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