The Warlock Hex – Night Watch


The Warlock Hex

by Doragon

Chapter I 

Chapter II

Chapter III

Chapter IV

Chapter V

CHAPTER VI – Night Watch


Six Night Watch Clerics stand outside the Usepf Tavern


Meanwhile inside, Kredon has woken Hex, and across the hall Shaehun’s door opens, “Quickly, in here!”

Hex grabs his gear, and joins Kredon as they go into Shaehun’s room.

She’s opened the window, “Quickly, this roof will drop us into the alley!”

The three of them make their way out the window, and into the alley.

Meanwhile, two of the Night Watch Clerics enter the Tavern, and question the Inn Keeper.

In the alley are Kredon and Hex’s horses, Shaehun gets onto the back of Kredons, and they ride out into the street!

The four remaining Night Watch Clerics see them, but are unable to stop them on foot.


Within an hour they reach a thick forest, where they weave their way in and out amongst the trees.

“Did you see Cormick?! I didn’t see Cormick,” exclaims Hex.

“No I did not!” replies Kredon.

Forty five minutes later, they’ve gone deep enough into the forest, that Shaehun tells them to halt.

She dismounts, “We wait here,” she speaks as she heads into the surrounding woods, and begins to gather firewood.

Hex and Kredon dismount as well, and sit on some medium size rocks surrounding the area that will likely be the fire.

Hex is out of breath, “How could he do this… How could Cormick turn his Order against us?”

Kredon shakes his head, not knowing.

“Because that thing is Evil!” proclaims Shaehun as she enters camp, and drops a bunch of wood in the middle of what will be their fire.

Kredon rolls up his sleeves, and begins to set the wood up so that it will light more easily.

Shaehun heads back into the woods.

Hex looks down at the Tear of Asmodeus, “She’s right.”

“Right or not, she needs to pay you a bit of respect,” replies Kredon discouraged by the Barbarian’s outspokenness.

“I respect no one, certainly not the wielder of a Hexblade!” she snarls towards Kredon, this time she carries some dried weed, which she places down next to the wood Kredon had prepared.

Kredon takes the brush and tucks it under the wood, readied to be lit.

“I am not her Liege Kredon,” Hex speaks.

“But you are a good man!” he announces glaring in her general direction as she looks back from whence they came…

…she pays him no mind.

Hex stands and looks at Shaehun, “You don’t need to be here Shaehun… It was the sword that sent me to you.”

Shaehun looks over her shoulder at Hex, “Do you even know why?”

“Well, because you were the previous owner I suppose… But beyond that, I don’t,” he replies.

“He’ll be here soon enough…” Shaehun speaks as she too takes a place on one of the rocks.

“He?” replies Kredon.

She just looks at Kredon, then back at Hex, “That thing never spoke to me… But by the gods, it was thirsty for death, and oh how I fed it…” her head bows, “I fed it too much.”

“There’s something you’re not telling us,” speaks Kredon.

“Well your Warlock here went to bed before I could…” she replies.

With this, Hex sits down, “I’m listening.”

“My brother wouldn’t take no for an answer… We got into a grappling over the blade, and…” she suddenly gasps as a black hooded and cloaked Humanoid drops from the trees behind Hex and Kredon.

“She killed her own brother…” the stranger speaks as he pulls down his hood revealing a Drow.

PICTURE CREDIT – Battle Cleric, Red Cleric


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