The Warlock Hex – Araban Jairaal


The Warlock Hex

by Doragon

Chapter I – Enter Tyedra

Chapter II – Family

Chapter III – Cromick

Chapter IV – Tear Of Asmodeus

Chapter V – The Pact

Chapter VI – Night Watch

Chapter VII – The Brigadeers

CHAPTER VIII – Araban Jairaal


Archus, Hex and Kredon enter the well fortified base camp of The Brigadeers.

Two hundred of more members, from Fighters, to Rangers, to Barbarians and more populate the area.

Some glance at Hex as they go by, but not many.

They seem almost as they’re preparing for something.

Archus leads them to the Brigadeer Leader’s tent, the Dragonborn Eldritch Knight, ARABAN JAIRAAL.

Inside is a large, blue Dragonborn, Araban, wearing white armour, and looking over a large map which has been spread across a table.

Next to him are two Fighters pointing to different areas of the map, and at a back table, lounging and drinking ale, is Shaehun.

“Leading a group of Night Watch Clerics right to our base, probably not the best thing Archus,” Araban speaks without raising his eyes from the map laid in front of him.

Archus is about to speak, but Hex interjects,”It’s my fault…Araban is it?”

Araban looks up, his deep yellow eyes, with tall slight black pupils gazing at the Warlock.

“How can it be your fault? Did you know where our camp was?” he steps forward.

“No… But Archus did, and does, and so it is his fault!” Araban seems to drive this point without allowing for a counter argument.

It is at this point that Hex finally begins to get angry.

“Come Kredon, we’re leaving,” Hex leaves the tent, quickly followed by Kredon who is stumbling a bit in surprise.

Shaehun runs by Araban casting a glare back at him.

Meanwhile Hex is throwing his arms in the air, “Where did they take our horses!”

Shaehun approaches, and clasps Hex’s left shoulder firmly, “Hex, you must forgive Araban… They are in the middle of planning–” she stops herself from saying, “well… Planning for something.”

Hex looks at her his eyes glowing slightly purple, but her calmness, never before demonstrated to him, calms him as well.

“Stay Hex… We’ll have dinner with several of the Brigadeers, it will be good… Quite a feast,” she actually cracks a smile this time.

Hex’s eyes return to normal, “Very well… Where is our tent?”



Some thirty or so Brigadeer gather around the great dining table, with Araban at the end holding up an ale, “To the Brigadeers…” He smiles smugly, and they all drink and cheer…

Food is brought out quickly after, Hex and Kredon are sitting between Shaehun and Archus who seem friendly-ish.

But one particular Dwarf with a long brown beard can’t seem to take his eyes off Hex.

Hex feels mildly uncomfortable by this, but says nothing.

“So you brought that thing into our Camp, did yah…” the Dwarf suddenly speaks glaring with fire in his eyes at Hex.

Araban does not yet intervene, but rather watches.

“Darius–” Shaehan starts to speak, but is interupted…

“And you Barbarian… After we let you in to our Brigade, you up and vanish…” the Dwarf Darius continues.

He looks at Araban, “We have much to do Araban… We have no time to host a Hexblade barer, and a turncoat Barbarian.”

With this Archus stands and draws his bow, pointing it at Darius…

…Darius laughs, “Do it Drow…” he stands and leans his fists into the table, “Do it…”

“Enough… Sit down Darius… Archus…” speaks Araban.

“We’ll get to the bottom of their visits soon enough…”


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