The Legend Of Oz – The Caster



by Doragon

Oz was one of eight children…

The youngest.

His oldest brother, like his father, was a farmer.

And for it, they never went hungry.

And his oldest sister, like his mother, was a seamstress

They never went without clothing.

Next there was the twin boys, both of them together turned to thievery…

…and were banished from our home at the age of 12.

My sister below that was very quiet…

I suspect she felt like she never belonged…

As I feel about myself.

My next brother is an Animal Trainer…

He traveled far and long at a very young age, learning about all sorts of animals…

…he accompanied my uncle who was a renowned hawk trainer.

In fact, it was this brother who returned with a gift for both me, and my next sister.

For me, it was a wild cat cub…

A tiger who I named Sherwood.

And for my sister, it was a hawk.

Now my sister, mainly interested in girlish type things, like…


Left it in its’ cage.

But when she was out with ‘boys’, I would take it out, and travel into the nearby glades with both Sherwood, and my sister’s hawk.

I must’ve seemed so strange.

But one day, as I took a rest from running, and play…

The hawk on my shoulder, and Sherwood laying some three feet from me, someone entered the glade.

More than just one…



And amongst them, all carrying great nets, were my twin brothers.

As I snacked upon a ripe piece of fruit, Sherwood suddenly made a slight growl…

…but before I could react, all three of us, the hawk, Sherwood and I were captured in these…


Tied to a tree, I begged for my brothers and their band of thieves not to take them…

…but they laughed, and disappeared with them into the surrounding woods.




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