Qued Foros, Underground Temple Of Zarnack


One hundred and fifty years ago, in the Land of Thay, an extraordinary Water Elemental appeared, and by its’ command, called upon the ocean to flood the Southern Regions.

It then returned to the Water Plane.

A Necromancer by the name of Zarnack The Unyielding, so impressed by this show of power, built an underground Temple in its’ honor.

He, however, referred to the Elemental as a ‘God’, and demanded that he/it be praised.

Zarnack built this Temple underground, in case the ocean should rise again at the Elemental’s will…

Built under the remains of one of the many cities which it destroyed.

As the years went by, Zarnack had several hundreds of Cultists join his following, and demanded 20 virgin sacrifices each month.

The number was so taxing, that he often called upon his own Followers to sacrifice themselves, should they be unable to find the virgins.

On Zarnack’s 122 birthday, in great ceremony, he plunged a knife into his own heart, and with his last breath told his 8 High Priests of Qued Foros to ‘Seek Out The Great Bear’, and to draw from it the mystery of Therianthropy, and to inject the secrets into his corpse in order to raise him once more.

Zarnack died, and was placed into a tomb below Qued Foros.

The High Priests did as they were told, and seeked The Great Bear…

Brought into the fold of Qued Foros, were the ‘Bandits of the Bear’, who often had Black Bears at their side.

At long last the Great Bear was found, and brought to the confines of Qued Foros, where it is worshiped, and experimented on, in hopes of optaining the secrets of Therianthropy…

…yielding the manifestation of Werebears, and the essence that would raise the undead body of Zarnack, back to life.


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