Grimmur Backstory


So our weekly Dungeons & Dragons Sessions have been put on hold, due to two of our Members being unavailable for a while, and so we’re creating a Starfinder Campaign to play with those who can still make it

Here’s my Backstory for my Vesk Mercenary, Grimmur.



Grimmer comes from a long line of Fighters for the Vesk Empire.

And though he is loyal to his people, he was intrigued when the Races combined to ward off the Swarm.

A Mercenary by trade, Grimmur gets the job done no matter what Race his client may be.

Grimmur has always worked alone, the way he liked it, no complications, get in, get out…

…but has found lately a desire to be part of something more.

He’s looking for a Team of individuals who will earn his trust…

…or die trying.