Adventures Of Vilven Ledsong (Prolog II) – Pact Magic


Prolog II Of The Current Campaign That I’m Running, Which Began 11 Months Ago, Written By My Player, And Warlock (Vilven Ledsong)

*The Art Above Is Commissioned For This Chapter by Living Silver

Prologue: Ouroboros


Vilven stared up at the two ominous eyes looming over her. “Vilven,” The deep voice spoke again. Panicked she reached for the only weapon she had, a small dagger. She had encountered a few dangerous creatures of the sea before, but generally the fish communicated and were well aware of when there was a threat. These fish around her, however, didn’t warn her or say anything about this individual. Wielding her dagger, she held it awkwardly in front of her with both hands and pulled herself to her feet as quickly as she could. “I mean to help you, Vilven”.

“What…what do you want from me?” she spoke shakily, her thoughts quickly running through different plans of escape.

The eyes glowed even brighter, and in a flash floated a ball emanating a dim, yellow light, it cascaded over Vilven’s figure leaving a shadow behind on the dark sand beneath her. Some of the fish, spooked by the flash of unnatural light, swam away hastily. It took a moment for Vilven’s eyes to adjust, but after blinking a few times she could now see who it was standing in front of her.

The water churned within him, and also like her father, he was nearly twice her height. Though he adorned no beard, he had a mohawk of watery hair, falling to one side of his head. Though she had never officially spoken with him, she knew him as one of the elder water elemental, his name Areiden. He wore his robes and was one of the ones who decided her fate to be banished that night.

With a disgusted look on her face, Vilven sheathed her dagger. “Don’t worry, I’m leaving here.” She spoke distastefully, as she turned the opposite direction, and began making her way into the impending darkness.  “Yes, you will be leaving.” spoke Areiden.

Vilven shook her head at the confidence she heard in his voice. With a bolt of anger that even surprised her, she turned to face him. “Was I really doing anything to offend you so badly?” She said firmly. “I hardly let my presence be known around the elemental, and I assuredly don’t want to be around them, so pompous and arrogant. I can’t believe you are forcing me out of my home.” Close to tears, Vilven turned and began to walk away again.

“Vilven, I know you are in distress. I agreed to have you banished, but not for the same reasons the other elders did.” He spoke in a clear voice, as he took a few steps toward her.

She stopped then, “Then why did you do it?” she said quietly, more broken than before.

“You are meant for greater things, Vilven. And I want to help you. One day you will prove your worth to all who doubt you. Even your father.” He replied.

She turned halfway so she could look up at his face, her big, black eyes exposing her confusion, but also her curiosity. “I’m not sure how you can help me now. If you really wanted to help you should have fought to let me stay here. This is my home, Areiden.” She turned fully to face him now, “I don’t belong anywhere else.”

“You are wrong about that, Vilven.” He interrupted almost in a matter of fact cadence. “You belong elsewhere. And trust me, I can help you better now.”

“How can you possibly help me?” She spoke, her interest and curiosity coming to the forefront of her emotions.

“I want to give you power, Vilven. I want you to allow me inside your being. I want to be a team, for together we can help the world.” Areiden spoke passionately. His eyes glittering with each word.

Vilven staggered back at his response. “I don’t want that.” She said, her fear coming back to her quickly. “Leave me alone” she said, ready to sprint.

“Vilven,” he said, “I’m not speaking romantically, but of something greater than that. If you give a piece of yourself to me, if you give a part of your being to me, I can give you the power. You can do much good in the world. This world is in need of healing, and so are you. I can help.” He repeated. “You will grow, and get stronger, and as you do I’ll be able to channel my power to you. You just need to trust me.” He stretched his arm toward her, offering his large hand.

She stared at it at first. But soon she, cautiously,  stepped forward, gazing vulnerably at him. She moved her hand toward his, her arm bent ready to repel. Her fingers just inches away from his before she stopped. She closed her eyes and she suddenly became aware of the stillness around her. Did she even know what she was doing? He was one of the ones that was causing her so much pain, and now she was supposed to trust him? Was this some sort of trick? Something to hurt her, or make her look like a fool?

But opening her eyes she had to admit to herself, there was something in his voice, something in his eyes Vilven couldn’t ignore. She had faith in him.

“Trust me, Vilven.” said Areiden’s voice inside her mind. And in a sudden, impulsive motion she touched a fingertip to his.

She felt it instantly, but slowly, a piece of what could only be described as her soul leaving her, but instead of disappearing, she felt it inside of Areiden. And the space empty from that part that left, was instantly filled with power. She could feel the magic and the strength, and though foreign, it felt like it belonged. She felt it run through her blood, and felt it open her up.

He moved away then, his arm lowering. “Vilven…”

Her eyes moved to look at him dreamily, as if drugged. “You will get used to the power.” He said comfortingly. “Stay connected to this place. It will always be a part of who you are. You will return one day.”

He pulled an anklet from his pocket, and with another flash of his eyes, it magically floated, to clasp around her ankle. As it did, she felt more stable, more in control of this new sensation within her.

“Get your rest. We will begin our journey in the morning.” He took her hands gently to guide her to the sandy floor of the ocean. And as she lay, he looked down upon her.

“Hail, Vilven. It is a special night. You have become a warlock, and I, your patron.”



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