Adventures Of Vilven Ledsong (Chapter II) – Meeting Wiendle


Chapter II Of My Dungeons & Dragons Campaign, Which Began 11 Months Ago, Written/Retold By My Player Who Plays Vilven

Prologue I: Ouroboros

Prolog II: Pact Magic

Chapter I: Choice And Notice


With urgency, Vilven began to pull herself up the frayed rope. Hand over hand, her legs scaled the castle wall.  Every inch seemed like an eternity, tension making her heart beat rapidly. She knew nothing about who was waiting for her in the window, but she had learned, seemingly in an instant, that sticking to your decision was the best way to survive. So she continued.

When she found herself about a foot away from the elegant windowpane, to Vilven’s surprise, a small, delicate arm came from it, toward her. Vilven’s eyes followed up the arm to see, unexpectedly,  a beautiful, young girl of about sixteen. Her hair was a perfect blonde, her eyes a sky blue. Vilven stared in something like confusion, before she came to understand, and grabbed the outstretched arm. Though the girl had to strain, she helped Vilven into the awaiting chambers on the other side of the window, to what seemed like, to Vilven, a sanctuary.

In actuality, it was merely a bedchamber, though it was a rather lavish one. The room was large, decorated with a bright, lavender color. Tapestries and paintings adorned the walls around intricately carved furniture of wood and metal.

“I saw you out there, in the water!” The human girl spoke excitedly to Vilven, as she pulled the rope into the room to lie carelessly on the ground, the other end tied to a leg of her bed.

“My name is Wiendle. What’s yours? Why are you here? What are you?” She asked curiously in a high, bell-like voice without taking a breath. Though the girl was friendly and eager, her high energy came more from an obvious, almost desperate need to relieve her loneliness and boredom than anything else. Vilven reading this figured it was safe to stay for the moment.

“I’m Vilven,” Vilven said, responding in the same universal language, though Vilven had not spoken it in many years, which gave her a slight, exotic accent. She looked around the room to see a beautiful, cushioned chair, “May I sit?” She asked the wide eyed girl.

“Oh, yes! Please, where are my manners? Would you like something to drink? Something to eat?” Wiendle said formally, walking Vilven to the chair. Though Wiendle stood close to a foot shorter than Vilven, she didn’t seem intimidated or worried at all. Vilven couldn’t tell if it was innocence or bravery that enabled this. “Won’t someone see my pitons?” Vilven inquired.

“Oh, don’t worry too much about that. I’ve let Jaren know, and he’ll make sure the other guards don’t see them.” Wiendle said in a matter of fact tone.

“Who is Jaren?” Vilven asked as she sat.

“Jaren…” Wiendle said with a sigh escaping her lips and love glowing in her eyes. “He is my love. We are to be married. Once we leave this place, that is.”

“Where is this place exactly?” Vilven asked quickly

Wiendle looked surprised for a moment. “Why, this is the city of Beaumont. This is King Beaumont’s castle.”

Vilven looked at her with little reaction. Vilven had never heard of this place, in fact she was suddenly struck with the realization that she was in a new world, full of complete unknowns. She became aware of her vulnerability, and decided to keep her guard up.

“Oh. Oh, right.” Vilven feigned knowledge.

“Yes. Also, I forgot to mention, I’m King Beaumont’s daughter. I’m Princess Wiendle . Well, I am for now. I may have to lose that title if I am to not be found when I runaway.”

“You seem awfully preoccupied with leaving here.” Vilven noted, looking around at the lavish surroundings. “But this seems like a beautiful place to live. Are you not happy? Is your father cruel to you?” She asked, thoughts of her own father filling her heart with pain.

“Oh, no no no. He is a wonderful father.” Wiendle said walking toward the window to gaze out at the big lake. “But he forces me to stay here. It is just so boring and I hate being treated like a child. I just want to see the world. I want the freedom to live my own life, I want to marry Jaren.” Leaning forward on the window pane, she continued.” You know, my father has never been the same after the attack here.” She turned back to quickly look at Vilven. “What are you?” Wiendle asked again, but with a sudden edge of distrust.

Vilven felt her magic hovering in the air, even before the thought crossed her mind. Areiden did not tell her how her magic would work, but she started to learn quickly. It was like an instinct that came from something deeper than thought. Her gut reaction and intense feelings would seem to effect the magic. She knew that she would influence Wiendle, but wasn’t sure how long it would last.

“I’m a mermaid” Vilven lied about herself expertly, helped by her magic. “I can help you escape. You and Jaren. I would just need direction where to go” She offered. Vilven thought about asking what the attack was about, but thought better of it, as it seemed to make Wiendle hostile.

“You would really help us?” Wiendle said excitedly, her mistrust completely vanished. “Oh, how I would appreciate it! Jaren will be elated!”

There was an abrupt knock that made Vilven jump. Wiendle walked to the door, to turn the beautiful, glass handle. She opened the door just an inch wide. “It’s Jaren!” Wiendle whispered, whipping her head toward Vilven, then back at Jaren on the other end of the door. Curious, Vilven walked behind Wiendle to see the young guard that was doing rounds outside the castle. He had seen her! But it was because he knew she was there.

Vilven walked back to the chair, feeling it best to stay hidden from view.

Wiendle opened the door a little wider to take a tray from Jaren, then closed it.

“You are going to have to leave soon. Jaren can only keep the guards preoccupied for so long” Wiendle said to Vilven. “But have some food before you leave. You were serious about helping us leave, right?” she asked as she handed Vilven the tray full of different breads, pastries, and spreads.

“Of course” Vilven responded.

“Give us until tomorrow night. We will be ready to leave by then. Eat.” Wiendle commanded.

Vilven began to eat, ravenously.

After about ten minutes, Vilven said her goodbyes to Princess Wiendle, climbed down and removed her pitons, to vanish again into the lake. Now with a mission at hand: To help Wiendle and Jaren escape.

But there was still so many questions. Who was this King Beaumont? What was this attack? Where exactly was she?

Vilven decided her sneaking around may not be over. There was still so much more to learn about this place. But one thing she knew for sure, her magic was real. And it felt good. Really good.

With a smile on her face, reeling from excitement, she swam deep into the lake, to see what else she might discover.


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