Adventures Of Vilven Ledsong (Chapter IV) – Encountering A Wizard


Chapter IV Of My Current Campaign, Which Began 11-12 Months Ago, As Written/Retold By My Player Who Plays Vilven

Prologue I: Ouroboros

Prolog II: Pact Magic

Chapter I: Choice And Notice

Chapter II: Meeting Wiendle

Chapter III – Catlike


The older man said nothing further, just held out his hand, indicating he knew about the book and wanted it back.

Vilven looked down at his outstretched arm, then up at his hard expression, then back at his arm. With a resigned sigh, Vilven held it out in his direction. With a quickness that she didn’t expect, he grabbed it and threw it carelessly onto his desk as he walked past her. He made his way to his chair on the other side of the desk, having to avoid piles of books and papers on the floor. The black cat loyally followed him to curl at his feet.

“I just wanted to read it.”  Vilven said, with just a twinge of attitude. She realized she was the culprit, but his disposition was automatically irritating to her.

As he sat back down, already reading a piece of paper on the desk, he waved his hand toward her. “Fine, read it, then get out”,

Mildly offended, but not going to decline his offer, she turned, went to the book, turned it to face her, then opened it with her free hand, the other one still holding the tea he gave her. The book was in an Elvish language, but luckily she was familiar with Elvish enough to follow what it said. And after the first page, she realized regrettably, it wouldn’t be helpful to her even in the slightest. It described some sort of complicated technique to memorize spells better that only Elves would have time to decipher.

With disappointment, she closed the book deliberately, placed the tea onto the cover, and with a final glance at the old man, turned to leave.

“Seems an awful lot of trouble you went through to read a paragraph.”. The man said without looking up when she reached the door.

Vilven stopped to look back over her shoulder, then she slowly turned to face him, “Are you going to tell anyone about me?”  she asked.

He looked up at her with a curious expression, then stood. “Do you know where you are, girl?”

Vilven took a step inside, trying to gauge the situation and how much she should disclose to this strange, old man. Looking sharply into his eyes she responded with the truth, “All I know about where I am is that this is King Beaumont’s castle. I was hoping to find out more, but that plan didn’t work out as planned. Obviously.”

With deep wisdom, he took a few steps toward her. “You’re not from here, are you? Not even from this plane. You’re a genasi”

She didn’t respond.

With a nod of concession, he continued to speak  “You are correct, you are in King Beaumont’s castle.”  He began to walk slowly around the room then, idly brushing dust off  various items and objects, glancing every so often at her like a teacher to a student. “It’s in the forest region.” He continued as he crossed his arms behind his back. “The forest region of Varamore, in the Material Plane”.

Vilven stared blankly at him, but her mind was quickly trying to connect this new information with what she had already learned from Wiendle.

“I heard there was an attack here…” Vilven inquired after a pause.

He raised an eyebrow at her in response, “Did you.” he said in a dry, facetious tone. “What is your name?” he added, ending the subject.

Resigned that he wasn’t going to say anything more about it, she introduced herself, “I’m Vilven Ledsong. I am a genasi, a water genasi. I’m from the Water Plane.”

“You can call me Zed.” He said, then made his way back to his desk, and his chair. “I’ll leave it at that.” He spoke, almost to himself, as he sat back down. He picked up and began reading the piece of paper he had been reading before. “You better leave. Before someone else finds you. God knows you probably woke up the entire place” He said without looking up.

Vilven gave a small nod, a slight smile coming to her face “Thank you, Zed.” she said slowly and meaningfully. Then she turned, to walk through the open doorway.

“And Vilven,” Zed called out to her, she looked back.  “Shut the door.”


“Varamore…” Vilven murmured to herself when she was back in the lake, laying on the bottom among the sand and rocks, the darkness of the night finally making her eyes fall with drowsiness. She had never heard of Varamore before, and couldn’t remember if she had ever heard of this particular plane of existence before either. But regardless of how much more she wished she knew, she was content that she had come to learn even this much on her first day. She felt that she was quite comfortable in her new life, though she wasn’t sure where it was leading. She was happy to have met Wiendle and Zed. She was content that she was sent here for a reason, she could be content in looking for information and solving the mystery.  She could even willingly accept that in some capacity she belonged to Areiden now, and was no longer fully free. But what was difficult, what truly tore her inside, was she still grieved the loss of her home. She had lost her whole existence and was being asked a great deal to accept all these changes. She wasn’t angry in this knowledge, just deeply sad. A foreign world, strangers, unknown abilities…In truth, even she was beginning to be different, act different, and she ached for her old self and her simple life.  “Varamore” Vilven said again, with a sob, and began to cry until she fell asleep in her heartache.

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