Dragons Flight – Issue #1

dragons flight

Thanks for checking out the ‘Dragons Flight’.

I want to start by saying, I love D & D… Played in my teens, played in my twenties, and playing again now.

It’s the most imaginative game possible, set in one of my favorite genres, Fantasy.

That said, I’m creating ‘Dragons Flight’ as a way to talk about, and/or celebrate different areas of D & D, including Homebrew Creation, Portraying/Playing Characters, DMing (Dungeon Mastering), and even some comments about the latest Episodes of Critical Role.


The Breakdown Of Dragons Flight


Since I began playing, when I was 17 or 18 years old, I’ve been creating my own content. Part of that is because I’m not big on reading, and thus modules were a bit much for me, and part of it is because I love creating worlds, characters and stories.


Losing yourself in a character has to be one of the most cathartic and exhilarating things possible. That said, playing a Paladin is my absolute favorite thing.

DMing (Dungeons Mastering)

I remember really wanting to play D & D when I was a kid, but I was shy, and didn’t know anyone who played. When I was 17-18 I decided the only way I was going to be able to play, was by running a game. Not being a big reader, I picked up the Basic and Expert Set, as opposed to AD & D (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons), and over time weaved in rules from AD & D to add depth and complexity. The result was I fell in love with DMing, I love creating stories, and characters, and roleplaying them.


Though I’ve played and love this game forever, I do appreciate how Critical Role has helped to expose the greatness of the game, as well as having somewhere to go to just watch a good game being played, between great friends.

Dragons Flight Issue #1

Homebrew Creation

My current campaign takes place in a Material Plane that I created, consisting of 6 Continents, one small Additional Continent (It basically has a large city on it), and one ‘Demiplane’ Continent (It lays somewhere between this plane, and another).

I have, however, also been slowly working Faerûn into my campaign, and more specifically, Waterdeep.

Primarily because I’ve always been drawn (It sounded cool) to Waterdeep, though I’ve never played in it, nor ran anything in it before.

So in my world, there’s ‘Two’ Material Planes, mine, and Faerûn.

The way I’ve structured it is that ‘The Underdark’ lay somewhere between the two… Basically, if you can find a way down into the Underdark from either Plane, you can then make your way to the other Material Plane.

Either that, or Plane Shift from one Material Plane to the other, which my group does from time to time.

But for the most part, my group spends their time defending their Two Home Continents, VARAMORE (There first home as a group, where they still have a Keep, and are Marshals to the main Town), and AQUAONIA (Where they helped to bring peace, and have since purchased a castle in, to accommodate not only their large group, but friends they’ve met along the way).

Portraying/Playing Characters


Though for most of the time I’ve played D & D, I’ve been the DM, I also love playing… In 2017 when I returned to D & D, I learned the 5e Rules, and created a group where I was a Player named THORIN RYO, a Paladin.


Paladin’s are my favorite Characters, though in the middle of 2018, I gave a Tiefling Mage/Wizard a go, named KANE, and have loved it, though we don’t play that Campaign all that much.

DMing (Dungeon Mastering)


I have to admit, my greatest passion in D & D, is being a Dungeon Master… I love Creating Worlds/Characters/Stories and Roleplaying.

In my teens I ran a group that made it to like 8th Level, before we stopped playing.

In my late 20’s, my group played around the same Level, 8 I think. Though we may have begun playing at 5th Level, which I do sometimes, depending.

But currently I’m running my longest, and highest level Adventure/Campaign…

Our Leader is a Level 14 Warlock, and the worlds that are beginning to unlock for the Player, as well as me in regards to Storytelling Etc., are awesome.

In fact my Player recently started Blog Posting our beginnings of this Campaign in Story Form, and I’ve been RePosting them on this Site.

If you’re interested you can check them out here.

Chapter I: Ouroboros

Chapter II: Pact Magic

Chapter III: Choice And Notice

Chapter IV: Meeting Wiendle

Chapter V – Catlike

Chapter VI – Encountering A Wizard

Levistus pic

Currently our group is trying to stop our Material Plane from becoming a Frozen Wasteland by the Devil Prince Levistus…


…coupled with the Lord of The Ice Plane CRYONAX…


And aided by one of my groups earliest enemies, SAUKURUK, and or AURIL, the Ice Queen Demi God.

I call it ‘WINTER NEXT’, and beyond the major players, there is a particular NPC in the story who actually started it all, yet to be named.

Critical Role


When I started getting back into D & D in 2017, I started Tweeting on a my Dungeons & Dragons Account @Dragon_Ryder7, and became quickly aware of an online streamed game by a Group called Critical Role.

I tried to watch it a bit, to no avail, as I found it a bit difficult to just be watching others play… I wanted to play, lol

But over time, I tried it again, and became hooked.

I started watching on Episode 70 Something of Campaign 1, and after some time, finally caught up to the current shows.

I then stopped watching it as I was Writing Blogs and Creating Vlogs and Playing, and just didn’t make time for it.

In the end, I missed the ending Episodes, and when I lept ahead to watch the Final Episode of Campaign 1, I literally couldn’t because of how emotional it was, lol

I’m a bit of a softy, and they were all falling apart, ha

Anyway, I was excited to watch the Brand New Campaign 2, and have been watching all of those since.

In the latest Episode, my favorite part was when Chris Perkins (Head Designer of the Current D & D Material) for basically what was a Cameo… The enthusiasm and joy between him and the Critical Role Crew in those small moments that he was there, was exactly what’s at the heart of D & D… Imagination, and Friendship.


I Hope You Enjoyed The First Issue Of ‘Dragons Flight’, I’d Say It Was Going To Be A Weekly Thing, But Knowing Me, It May Be More Than Weekly That I Post Them… Or Less, lol… Until Then, Slay On!

Doragon Kish-


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