A Look Into ‘Monsters Of The Underworld’, The Newest Book (Kickstarter) From Cawood Publishing


A Look Into ‘Monsters Of The Underworld’, The Newest Book (Kickstarter) From Cawood Publishing

Back on February 18th of this year, I wrote a Review for Cawood Publishers ‘Monsters Of Feyland’ (See That Review Here, Product Available @ DriveThruRPG Here)


I found the Art Organic, and the Creatures within Intriguing.



When I heard Cawood Publishing had launched their new ‘Monsters Of The Underworld’ Book/Kickstarter, I decided to reach out to Writer/Creator Andrew Cawood, to get an inside look into this new project, which is currently 45% Funded after 6 days (Kickstarter Project).

ME – “It must take a lot of work/hours to create a book like this?”

ANDREW – “Yeah, it takes months and months. First the general idea came to us after doing Monsters of Feyland. Then we put together a solid list of potential monsters and began to work on the stat blocks and descriptions. At the same time, we worked with the artist on different ways to approach the book and the art. Then we worked with the graphic artist on a theme to match the art. Once we’re funded, the monsters get refined/edited/more playtesting, new material is added, the artist gets to work on the remaining art, and the layout master gets to work. Then there are the printing and shipping phases.”

ME – “I loved the organic/raw feel of ‘Monsters Of Feyland’, will this book have a similar feel?”

ANDREW – “Yeah, we want an ‘old school’ meeting ‘new school’ vibe. I grew up with 1st Edition and we’re trying to keep some of the best parts of that and add some new elements.”

ME – “Your Artist Travis Hanson obviously takes whatever visions you might have, and brings them to life… How much of what you see in the art includes his personal take on what you’ve asked him to create?”

ANDREW – “I give Travis a description and he does his thing. After hundreds of illustrations, we’ve only ever had a couple of conversations on tweaking an image. We’re really on the same wavelength, wanting to present images that are edgy, intense but still fun and heroic. The reason I chose Travis was his incredible style, for the most part I get out of the way and let him do what he does best.”

Art For ‘Monsters Of The Underworld’

ME – “Will your Graphic Design And Layout be done by Jeff Porter Again? Explain to me your relationship with your Graphic Designer, and briefly how working with one works.”

ANDREW – “Yes. Jeff has been a member of our weekly D&D group, West of the Wood, for years. He’s a very talented guy who not only does the layout and graphic art, but also the videos and much more. As with Travis, I try to give Jeff a lot of freedom to do his thing. Then we negotiate the final look of the book as the process moves along. Sometimes we chat in person, sometimes we text or email. We’re both pretty laid back and honest. That helps a lot.”

ME – “Obviously you’re an imaginative guy, but you also seem to have a good business sense…

What lead you to doing a book on the Underworld?”

ANDREW – “Thanks. It’s at the heart of D&D in my opinion. One of the key elements, like the fey. My favorite all-time adventure series is the D1-3 series by Gygax. Any time a DM takes his players into a cave, or dungeon, or anywhere underground…these monsters could be there. And this book will be more of a setting book than Feyland, with even more resources for DMs to run an entire campaign.”

ME – “I know ‘Monsters Of The Underworld’ is your main focus right now, but do you already have an idea about what your next project will/might be?”

ANDREW – “For sure. We’re working on two other books. A new DM handbook for the DMs Guild and the 3rd monster book to follow Monsters of the Underworld.”


Art For ‘Monsters Of The Underworld’

ME – “Thanks for your time Andrew, I wish you luck/success with your newest creation!”

ANDREW –  “Thanks for your interest in our books.”

You can Follow Andrew Cawood on Twitter @cawoodpublish

And me @Dragon_Ryder7




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