‘Frost Rhealm’ Podcast


I’ve been working on a Dungeons & Dragons 5e Module, called ‘Frost Rhealm’

5 Weeks ago I created an ‘Audio’ Trailer for it, and put it on YouTube

Someone recommended that I make it into a Podcast, so here it is!

Check it out, a Story Based on my ‘Frost Rhealm’ Module

Episode 1

Episode 2 (The Proposal)

Remarkable Inns & Their Drinks – In Review


Several months ago, I came across what looked like an amazing RPG Product… ‘Remarkable Inns & Their Drinks.’

The cover alone blew me away, but the concept of a book like this, especially because I’m primarily a Dungeon Master, really excited me.

Two weeks back, I contacted the Lore Smyth Company asking them when their Hardcover would be available again on their Site (It’s Sold Out, on their Site, but there is a Hardcover Version Available on DriveThruRPG). UPDATE 4/2/19 It’s Available on their Site Now! HERE & on DriveThruRPG HERE

I’ve wanted it since I saw it.

I then went on to tell Chris The Founder, how I’d love to Review the Product (You can check out my other Reviews HERE)

Though The Hardcover Isn’t currently available on his Website, he did send me a PDF so that I could Look at & Review the Product.

Here we go;


cover ritd 

The Cover alone had me sold on this Product


remark 1

First of all, the Art is Exceptional… Alluring

Section 1 : Remarkable Inns

remark 2
Whitewoods Inn

In this Section, they give Info. about 8 different Inns, Including;

  • Innkeepers & Staff
  • Notable Patrons
  • Menu Specials (Food & Drink)
  • Rumors & Secrets
  • Other Inn Specific Things
remark 3
Thoros Stonestorm (Patron of Gromm’s Aleforge)

This Section is Amazing and Elaborate, and includes descriptions of Inn specific Food & Drinks

Not only that, but there’s 42 Pages of it!

Right away, there’s so much Info. at a DM’s disposal

Section 2: Bringing Your Inns To Life

remark 4

“This section provides everything
you need to bring your inns
to life, and offer your heroes
fun things to do when they are
visiting. Some are presented
as optional rules. Others
are intended to spark your imagination and
encourage you to find new fresh ways to handle
an otherwise ordinary visit to the tavern.”

(Quoted from Book)

This book is so Elaborate (I know I keep using this word, but it is)

So thought out, so thorough

Here are the Topics in this Section;

  1. Disposition (Such as Inn Preferences towards certain Classes, or Races (Including Disposition Levels (Ranging from Violent, to Non-Viloent), The Effects of Disposition, Being Favored
  2. The Innkeeper’s Authority (Including, Gaining The Innkeeper’s Favor)
  3. Security (Including things like The Characters Sensing Danger, The Virtues Of Low Security, Getting Away With Murder
  4. Wealth & Prices (Including things like Poor Establishments, Wealthy Establishments)
  5. Lodging Establishments (Including Common Services, Uncommon Services, Respected Trustee, Exotic Services, Home Base & Long Stay, Postal Messaging (Including Prices))
  6. Work & Training (Including Prices)
  7. Battlemasters
  8. Food & Drinks (Including Common Dishes & Drinks (Including Pricing), Scarcity & Preserving Food, More Than Just Beer)
  9. Outlandish Dishes & Drinks (Including Prices) (Delightful Tea & Drinks, Magical Draughts)
  10. Games & Gambling (Including Distracting Opponents & Cheating)
  11. Extraordinary Games (Including several Extraordinary Games)
  12. Duels & Bar Fights (Including Creating Epic Brawls)

An unbelievable Section (26 Pages of Brilliant Material)

Section 3: Create Your Own Inn

remark 5

“You’ve challenged your heroes to
smite mighty dragons, or restore
honor to the realm. You’ve crafted
backstories and monsters, guilds
and maps to parts unknown. Why
not create your own tavern – the
heart and soul of the adventurer’s journey?”

(Quoted from Book)

Here are the Topics;

  • Structure & Location
  • Unusual Locations
  • Inn Characteristics
  • Decorating Your Inn
  • 100 Memorable Things To Characterize Your Tavern
  • Creating The Innkeeper & Servants (Including Appearance & Personality)
  • Deepen Your NPC’s
  • 100 Story Hooks For Your Inn

All I can say, is Wow (13 Pages in this Section)

Elaborate (Again), Thorough, Imaginative

This Book is just as Impressive as I thought it would be, judging by the Cover, and Concept

I can not Recommend it enough to Dungeon Masters looking to further Deepen their Game Play experiences for their Players… And their selves.

Or just to mix things up from what you normally put in your worlds, whether Homebrew, or Module Etc. based.

Remarkable Inn’s & Their Drinks is Available on their Website HERE

And DriveThruRPG HERE

Also Here’s their Twitter LoreSmyth

Also keep an eye out for ‘Remarkable Shops’ which they recently Kickstarted (More info. HERE) UPDATE 4/19/20 This Is Also Available Now In Their Shop HERE & DriveThruRPG HERE

Image result for dungeons and dragons remarkable shops

I wasn’t paid to do this Review, I just knew when I saw the Cover & Content, it was going to be great

Thanks for checking out my Review!


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What Is ‘Frost Rhealm’


What Is ‘Frost Rhealm’

Two and a half years ago, I returned to D & D (I hadn’t really played since the early 2000’s), one of my greatest passions.

I began playing in the 80’s, then again in the 90’s, a blend of Basic/Expert & A D & D.

I was the Dungeon Master for two campaigns, but ran a handful of other Sessions, and was only a Player a couple Sessions here and there.

In 2017 I joined the D & D Twitter Community, and found out about 5e.

I never really got into 2e (Though I owned the books), and the other Editions seemed a bit too complicated/bogged down for me.

Partly because I’m not a big reader, also because I feel Rules are meant to bring Realism to games, but when I was a Teenager, I found that groups that I wasn’t running would spend 80% of the time arguing over rules.

For me Stories are all about Characters, Character Development, Story, and Story Scope… And I applied the same philosophy to Roleplaying/D & D.

I’m definitely not saying that there’s only one way to Roleplay/Play D & D, this is just the way I played.

That said, when I was exposed to 5e, I was blown away by the rules.

I quickly purchased a Players Guide, and initiated a group with some people I knew.

Until I fully understood the rules, I wasn’t going to DM (Dungeon Master), though the majority of my D & D had been me as Dungeon Master.

Also, I never used Modules, I created Homebrew Campaigns/Material.

Once I started to play D & D again, and connect with the D & D Community, I started a Vlog, and started doing Videos of discussing my Homebrew Creating Process.

Which led to ‘Frost Rhealm’

Which led me to considering Publishing ‘Frost Rhealm’ as a Module.

Several months later, I stepped away from Social Media, and though I kept playing D & D, I stopped working on my ‘Frost Rhealm’ Module.

At the end of 2017 the group I was in ended, and several months later, I picked up the 5e Dungeon Masters Guide, and began a new Campaign with me as the Dungeon Master.

It was a one person Campaign, but I run many Group Member NPC’s, they just don’t make the big decisions.

A year later, I found myself missing the D & D Community, and returned to Social Media/Twitter.

Threw up a few Vlogs, but mainly have continued playing my One Person Campaign, but also picked up my ‘Frost Rhealm’ Module, and poured a bunch more time into it.

For 2 or 3 months, I created and Published some NPC’s on DMsGuild and DriveThruRPG, but ‘Frost Rhealm’ was my main focus.

Once the content was largely complete, I knew I needed Art and Maps for the Module to look right.

But first I needed to generate some Funds for it.

Once I did that, I hired an Artist by the name of Allen Childers, met with him, and began what would be a 10 Drawing Project.

I then met with a Cartographer (Map Maker), but couldn’t quite afford the costs.

Also, I loved this Picture I came across…


by an Artist who goes by Ryky, it really made me think of ‘Frost Rhealm’, so I purchased the Rights to use it on my Cover etc.

Here’s the Art Allen has done for me so far! (Plus Ryky’s Piece)

I also Interviewed myself about the Project if you’re interested in more Details about ‘Frost Rhealm’ Itself

And created a Audio Trailer for it here

I’ve been so happy with Allen’s Art, that I decided I want to try and generate Funds for 10 more pictures (Slideshow below)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you’d like to Contribute towards More Art, here’s the Link

At this point I need to figure out the Maps, Allen has 6 more Images to Create, and I need to work on the overall look of the Interior.

Thanks for checking out ‘What Is Frost Rhealm’!


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