Adventures Of Vilven Ledsong


Over a year ago, I began a One Person Dungeons & Dragons Campaign with my Girlfriend Kait…

In October 2018, so inspired by the Story, she began a Blog Writing/Retelling our Tale from the beginnings.

In March 2019 she began Commissioning Art from an Artist called Living Silver, who drew Kait’s Character, Vilven Ledsong (Picture Above).

So Far she has Written the first 14 Chapters (Posts), and Commissioned the piece above, plus the First Four Chapters.


Tor Myth

Chapter I: Ouroboros

In this Picture, Vilven’s Father is banishing her from the Water Plane, basically because she is a Water Genasi, and he, and the other ‘Water Lords’ (Highly Powerful Water Elementals) look down upon them.



Chapter II: Pact Magic

In this Picture, Vilven is being bestowed powers from her now Patron, AREIDEN.



Chapter III: Choice And Notice

In this picture, Vilven has entered the Material Plane, in a lake outside of Castle Beaumont.



Chapter IV: Meeting Wiendle

In this picture, Vilven has climbed the side of Castle Beaumont, only to meet the Princess Wiendle in the tower room above.

The Art for the other Chapters is still to come, and Kait continues to write new Chapters as well!*

*All Other Chapters Current Art Does Not Belong To Us



Chapter V – Catlike

In this Picture, the Wizard Zed from Beaumont, enters his Magic Chambers with tea for both himself, and the unexpected guest (The Warlock Vilven Ledsong), whom his cat had warned him about.

Chapter VI – Encountering A Wizard

Chapter VII – A Charge And A Flame

Chapter VIII – Followed By A Lion

Chapter IX – Acquiescence

Chapter X – A Dialogue Of Friends

Chapter XI – Ineffective Planning

Chapter XII – Rivers And Races

Chapter XIII – Goodbyes And Reacquaintances 

Chapter XIV – Good Ale


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