My Grandfather Was A Carpenter


My Grandfather Was A Carpenter…

Two Of My Uncles Were Contractors

And My Dad Was A Developer

My Skills Lay Elsewhere, But Applying These Techniques That I Found On YouTube, I Am Now Building Dungeon-Ware


Mini Tower

Truth Be Known, I Built These For Myself, As I Have Recently Begun Using Battle Mats For Particular Encounters In My Dungeons & Dragons Campaign


Long Dungeon Corridor

But I Am In Need Of Money, This Laptop Is Slowly Dying


Dungeon Corner

In The Past, I’ve Thought About Creating Games, I Even Made Some Early Stage Prototypes, But My Truest Passion Was Film Making & Writing


Large Dungeon Room

Which I Pursued From 2000-2003 (Film Making), 2002-2004 (Screenplay Writing), 2011-2013 (Novellas/Fantasy Novel), And 2016-17 (Web Series)


Dungeon Corridor

But Unfortunately, I Did Not Pursue Neither Film Making, Nor Writing Long Enough To Be Lucrative

D & D Has Been A Passion For A Long Time, I Played (DM’d) In My Teens, Late 20’s, And Have Reentered Playing, & DM’ing In 2017-Present (5e)

If You Have Any Interest In Purchasing Any Of This Dungeon-Ware, You Can Check Out My Site Here BLACK ORC