The Barbarian Proud – To Find A Warrior


The Barbarian Proud



Episode II – To Find A Warrior

Proud and Seya made their way east through a white gray rocky terrain, Proud on a large brown mare named Heiress, and Seya on her grey stallion, Spirit.

‘So are you going to tell me about this dream?’ she asked him.

Proud was quiet for a moment more, then ‘We have to find a great warrior in a dark cavern east of here…’

‘The dream Proud?’ she repeated.

He looked over at her, ‘He was in it.’

She shakes her head, trying not to laugh, ‘This is so unlike you, you have no idea how strange this is,’ she replied.

‘I know.’


That night they set camp amongst the rocks.

Seya being a ranger, did all the cooking whilst traveling…

…while this night, Proud sat and looked at the sky.

Seya noted his odd behavior, but said nothing.

‘Two more days travel,’ he spoke.

She nodded, and began cooking the food over the fire.

They ate, then Proud took first watch.


In the morning they ate, then packed up and made their way eastward.

The sun beat down upon them, but they didn’t mind.

At one point a wagon passed by, they looked to be Bandits of a sort, but one look at Proud, and they dismissed any notion to circle back and attempt to rob them.

Barbarians were fairly rare in these parts, and one’s the size of Proud, well, lets just say there weren’t many.



The Barbarian Proud


The Barbarian Proud



“I Woke From A Dream, Covered In Sweat…

…this has never occurred…

…not to me”

Rising from his bed in a tavern in ‘Rusk’, is the formidable form of ‘PROUD’, a 7′ tall, golden haired barbarian.

Though he is muscular, he is more long and lean, than bulky.

Naked, with two girls passed out (Also naked) in his bed, he clothes in soft white armour, retrieves his enormous two handed axe, which is leaning against the corner, near the door…

…tosses two silver coins on the bed, and leaves.


‘BAM BAM BAM!’ Proud stands outside a door to another room, pounding away on it.

‘Seya! Rise!’ he hollers, awaking many other tenants, several opening their door to yell at whomever had woke them…

…then slowly closing their doors with one look at the enormity of Proud.

Meanwhile, inside the room, a red haired woman (Also naked), also with a woman in her bed, but only one…

…rises, wiping sleep from her eyes, and makes her way to the door.

She opens it, ‘Proud… What is it… You know we were up drinking all night…’

‘I had a dream…’


The two make their way to their horses, Seya wears a long rust colored cloak, over soft tan armour, and has an illustrious Elven made long bow on her back.

‘Couldn’t this wait until after breakfast?’ she spoke.

Suddenly Proud comes to a complete halt.


They eat breakfast back in the Inn.

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The Paladin & The Rogue – Episode III



Episode I

Episode II


The Rogue Girl appointed herself as ‘on watch’, being the Paladin Sir Stalos had laid down and gone straight to sleep.

“He hasn’t even asked me my name yet, what kind of Knight is this…” She spoke, as she sat and leaned back against the main tree that kept them from the rain.

An hour or so later, her gut told her she was being watched…

…when suddenly a crossbow bolt struck the tree right by her head!

Her eyes went wide, “Sir Stalos! We have company!”

With this the Paladin systematically rose from his slumber, clutching his long sword with both hands, and eyes glowing white glancing at the bolt in the tree, “Hobgoblins…”

At his feet is his breast plate, but he’s still wearing his chainmail.

He looks over at the girl whose climbing the tree at an unnatural rate, his eyebrow raises.

Suddenly three Hobgoblins emerge from the rain and mist, run into the camp, scimitars raised above their heads, “Ahhhh!” they howl.

Sir Stalos speaks words under his breath, and his sword begins to glow a blue and gold, as the first one gets within range he strikes it down with a single swing…

He then swipes at the second one, but it strikes its chainmail, it does not penetrate.

Suddenly a fourth Hobgoblin enters the camp from behind the Paladin, and as he’s about to stab him in the back, the Rogue drops from the tree plunging two daggers into its’ throat “GURPTT!” its last sound as it falls to the ground

Sir Stalos glances behind him, noting the girls kill, “Hmm”.

The Hobgoblins swing their scimitars at the Knight, but he does not allow them to hit, he grinds his teeth, and with two more exact swipes, takes the last two Hobgoblins out…

He looks to the girl, “Get your things, there’s likely more nearby!”.

She does as he says, “Not sure we’re the ones that should be running…” she says under her breath.

He mounts his horse Odin, and reaches for the girl…

…she mounts.

The Paladin & The Rogue – Episode II



Episode I



Sir Stalos continues his trek northward, the rain continuing to pour down upon him, getting worse the further north he rides.

The cloaked girl running just enough to keep up with his horse…

…he brings it to a halt, and faces her.

“Why are you following me…” he spoke slightly bugged.

“Aren’t you a Paladin? Shouldn’t you offer to put me on your horse with you,” she spoke flashing those dark eyes, hoping to convince him.

“I am not with the Order of the Red Phoenix,” he replied, and began to turn northward once more.

“I know… Your tabard is blank… But you’re still a Paladin, right?” she replied.

He faces her once more, “What is it you want, how do you know I’m heading anywhere you’d want to be?”

“North is good enough,” she spoke, looking back behind her as if she might be being followed.

“Very well,” with this he reaches down, and pulls her up so that she’s sitting behind him.

She wraps her arms around him loosely, “Thank you…”

They rode for a while, neither speaking, until…

“Don’t you want to know why they were holding me captive?” she spoke.

“Not really,” Sir Stalos replied.

“Humor me…” she repsonded.

“Very well, why were they holding you captive…” he spoke more than asked.

“I stole some of the offerings from their chapel…”

Sir Stalos did not reply.

“Nothing? No judging comments?” she spoke, almost disappointed.

Suddenly he brought his horse to a halt, and had her get off…

…he dismounted as well, and began building a fire under a tree, where the rain wouldn’t extinguish it.

“Nothing more than what I expected,” he replied as he passed his hands over a pile of wood, and lit it ablaze.

She watched in slight awe, “What is it like to do that?”

He looked up at her, “You ask a lot of questions…” he replied, then sat on a log by the fire, and gathered some food from his pack.

She sat on the log across from him, “Yeah…”

He threw her some bread, “Scoping me out?”

“Oh… I don’t know,” she takes a big bite out of the piece of bread, as if she hadn’t eaten for days… she hadn’t.

He watched, then catches himself, not wanting to get too invested in someone he knew he couldn’t trust.

“I am not your judge, nor jury… What you’ve done is between The Order of the Red Phoenix, and you,” he concluded as he finished up his eating.

She looks back, watching for something.

He notices, “What will you do if they come for you?.

She, almost startled, looks over at him, “I don’t know.”

“Hmm…” he stands, “Well, we can rest here, or move on.”

She stares up at him, “There’s something different about you… What happened to your god?” she spoke.

“We rest here then,” with this he lays out his bedroll under the tree, takes his chest plate off, and lays down.

She just watches as he falls asleep.