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Drawings From My Player’s ‘Adventures Of Vilven Ledsong’ Blog, Telling The Story Of Our Campaign From The Beginning HERE

Art by Living Silver @Living_Silver (Twitter)

‘Frost Rhealm’ D & D 5e PDF on DriveThruRPG HERE


PRINTED VERSION (UK) HERE… World Building Videos:





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What Is ‘Frost Rhealm’


What Is ‘Frost Rhealm’

Two and a half years ago, I returned to D & D (I hadn’t really played since the early 2000’s), one of my greatest passions.

I began playing in the 80’s, then again in the 90’s, a blend of Basic/Expert & A D & D.

I was the Dungeon Master for two campaigns, but ran a handful of other Sessions, and was only a Player a couple Sessions here and there.

In 2017 I joined the D & D Twitter Community, and found out about 5e.

I never really got into 2e (Though I owned the books), and the other Editions seemed a bit too complicated/bogged down for me.

Partly because I’m not a big reader, also because I feel Rules are meant to bring Realism to games, but when I was a Teenager, I found that groups that I wasn’t running would spend 80% of the time arguing over rules.

For me Stories are all about Characters, Character Development, Story, and Story Scope… And I applied the same philosophy to Roleplaying/D & D.

I’m definitely not saying that there’s only one way to Roleplay/Play D & D, this is just the way I played.

That said, when I was exposed to 5e, I was blown away by the rules.

I quickly purchased a Players Guide, and initiated a group with some people I knew.

Until I fully understood the rules, I wasn’t going to DM (Dungeon Master), though the majority of my D & D had been me as Dungeon Master.

Also, I never used Modules, I created Homebrew Campaigns/Material.

Once I started to play D & D again, and connect with the D & D Community, I started a Vlog, and started doing Videos of discussing my Homebrew Creating Process.

Which led to ‘Frost Rhealm’

Which led me to considering Publishing ‘Frost Rhealm’ as a Module.

Several months later, I stepped away from Social Media, and though I kept playing D & D, I stopped working on my ‘Frost Rhealm’ Module.

At the end of 2017 the group I was in ended, and several months later, I picked up the 5e Dungeon Masters Guide, and began a new Campaign with me as the Dungeon Master.

It was a one person Campaign, but I run many Group Member NPC’s, they just don’t make the big decisions.

A year later, I found myself missing the D & D Community, and returned to Social Media/Twitter.

Threw up a few Vlogs, but mainly have continued playing my One Person Campaign, but also picked up my ‘Frost Rhealm’ Module, and poured a bunch more time into it.

For 2 or 3 months, I created and Published some NPC’s on DMsGuild and DriveThruRPG, but ‘Frost Rhealm’ was my main focus.

Once the content was largely complete, I knew I needed Art and Maps for the Module to look right.

But first I needed to generate some Funds for it.

Once I did that, I hired an Artist by the name of Allen Childers, met with him, and began what would be a 10 Drawing Project.

I then met with a Cartographer (Map Maker), but couldn’t quite afford the costs.

Also, I loved this Picture I came across…


by an Artist who goes by Ryky, it really made me think of ‘Frost Rhealm’, so I purchased the Rights to use it on my Cover etc.

Here’s the Art Allen has done for me so far! (Plus Ryky’s Piece)

I also Interviewed myself about the Project if you’re interested in more Details about ‘Frost Rhealm’ Itself

And created a Audio Trailer for it here

I’ve been so happy with Allen’s Art, that I decided I want to try and generate Funds for 10 more pictures (Slideshow below)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you’d like to Contribute towards More Art, here’s the Link

At this point I need to figure out the Maps, Allen has 6 more Images to Create, and I need to work on the overall look of the Interior.

Thanks for checking out ‘What Is Frost Rhealm’!


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Creating D & D Content Can Crush You A Little Bit… Is It Worth It?


A bit about me, and my D & D history.

I was an extremely imaginative kid, but, a very shy one.

I heard about Dungeons And Dragons (D & D) in the 70’s, and wanted to play soooo much.

But, I only had a couple friends, none of which played.

In the 80’s any exposure to D & D Players left me with the feeling that 80% of the time, Players would argue over rules, as opposed to playing.

This did not interest me.

Image result for dungeons and dragons red book

It was then I came to the realization that the only way I was ever going to play, was if I ran the game myself.

I was never much of a Reader (More of a Creative Writing, Math guy), so one look at the A D & D Book, and I knew I’d never make my way through it, let alone learn it.

That’s where the D & D ‘Red’ Book came in… Basic Rules.

Image result for dungeons and dragons expert

Then came the Expert Rules…

Related image

From there I would slowly add in A D & D Rules to add more depth to the game.

I ran a Campaign for maybe 2 or 3 years, all Homebrew stuff, and it was great.

Then in the late 90’s I was in a theatre production of Hamlet (Loved Shakespeare, but not much of an Actor, lol), and someone found out that I used to Dungeon Master (DM).

Soon two Actors & two people from my work would make up a new group of Evil/& Or Chaotic Characters, which I’d never ran, but loved.

I’m big on villains.

I had always created my own Homebrew content, and would soon create ‘The Black Orc’, a Hybrid of Orc with higher Strength, and Intelligence.

One of my Players played one in our Campaign.

We played for maybe 8 months, then that group faded.

In the 2000’s it was World of Warcraft for me…

Then in 2017, I returned to D & D with my Doragon Kishu Twitter.

The Community was awesome, and D & D had really begun to take off.

Image result for dungeons and dragons 5e player's handbook

None of the other Editions of D & D had really grabbed my attention, but when I was exposed to 5e, I really liked it.

Since I hadn’t played D & D in a while, I thought I’d start out as a Player, picked up a Players Guide, and started a group up with a friend as the DM.

He didn’t have time to create Homebrew material, so I supplied him with some of the stuff I had created at some point.

Meanwhile I started a D & D Vlog (Doragons Domain) on YouTube, where I talked about DM stuff, including my Homebrew building process.


Three or four months in, I had begun creating a Module called ‘Frost Rhealm’, and even considered trying to Publish it…


I found a cool Artist, but needed a few hundred dollars for Art, and thus created a Fund Raiser.

But literally minutes after launching it, I canceled it.

I was struggling with the fear of making a passionate hobby of mine, into a job.

Would I lose something along the way?

Not long after that, life stuff came up, and I stepped away from Social Media (Twitter) for what ended up being 15 months.

Related image

During that time, I never stopped playing, or creating Homebrew content.

I also picked up the Dungeons Master Guide, and returned to Dungeon Mastering.

In fact I’ve been running a one person campaign for over a year now, and have truly explored two continents of my 6 continent world, Varamore, and Aquaonia (Forgive the bleary photos).

At some point I also brought Faerûn in (Specifically Waterdeep), as a ‘Second’ Material Realm.

In January I returned to Social Media (Twitter), and it has been awesome reconnecting with the D & D Community.

I also started creating NPC Characters, and Hybrid Creatures.

Image result for dmsguild

I chose DMs Guild because I didn’t want to worry about limitations on what I created (As far as Creatures Etc.).


The first Content I created was FOR THE LOVE OF ORCS

Basically I’ve created 4 Hybrid Orcs, the Red, White, Blue & Black.

The Red and Black were from back in the 90’s campaign, and the White and Blue were from my Frost Rhealm Module.

But I hadn’t created full blown stats for any of them, until now.

  1. Black Orc – Smartest & Strongest of the Orcs, generally used as Generals of Armies for Evil Leaders.
  2. Red Orc – Engineers, like the Dwarves of Orcs, they specialize in building Bridges, operating Ballistas etc.
  3. Blue Orc – Frost/Cold Resistant Warriors, generally in cold regions.
  4. White Orc – Frost/Cold Resistant Scouts, also generally in cold regions.

I didn’t try to sell this Title at first, I just wanted to pour it into the D & D World, see what people thought, and just get em out there.

I think like 178 Free ones were downloaded, but I have absolutely no idea if people actually use the Free stuff, or just download it because its free, lol

BM Cover2

Then came BLACKMETH… My absolute favorite NPC Villain, from back in my Original Campaign in the 80’s…

He’s an ‘Alpha’ (Stronger) black werewolf who was hunting the group, until he got his head cut off by our Fighter, who teleported behind him (Sword of Teleportation), and Rolled A 20…

I had to give it to him.

The group, however, should have burned the body, as a later enemy of the groups resurrected many of their enemies, and brought them all against them!

I offered Blackmeth as ‘Pay Want You Want’, but that didn’t really work out, lol

There were like 62 downloads, which is cool, but they were all for Free, lol

Oh well, live and learn.

Converted (4)

Then came CORANDERO (Paladin), my favorite NPC Hero, who I used to hunt my Second Campaign Group in the 90’s with, as, like I said, they were Evil/& Or Chaotic.

I actually blended two Archtypes for this guy, and made him/created a ‘Paladin Of Righteousness’.

Because I didn’t like the idea of him being called a ‘Paladin of Vengeance’, so I blended attributes of Vengeance, and Devotion.

This time I actually Charged $.50, and sold 5 of him, so I was pretty stoked.

I know that’s not a lot of money, but I really love this character, and of course it feels like a micro step in the right direction.

I then actually read the DMs Guild License Agreement (Of course, I should have initially), I knew they got 50% of my profits, which I was fine with, but I didn’t realize that anything I Published on there I couldn’t Publish anywhere else, like a Kickstarter Independent Project, etc.

This kind of upset me.

I mean I get it, it’s probably a way to protect their selves, but for me the creator, it hit me kind of hard.

The Orcs are my babies…

As are the NPC’s, but the Orcs, though I was basically giving them away for free, are something that I will likely have in any kind of World or Module Content.

So I spoke to there Customer Service, who were very nice, to verify.

Image result for drivethrurpg

And figured if I want to Self Publish through a Third Party again, I would likely use DriveThruRPG, who have two different set ups, one Exclusive, one Non-Exclusive.

The truth is, there’s a creature in my Frost Rhealm Module that I’d have to use DM’sGuild to Publish it…

I could remove the creature, and Publish it Independently, or through DriveThruRPG, but I realllly don’t want to take out this creature.

So I will have to see.


I then put all of my DMs Guild Content into one 9 NPC Set (Black Orc Gaming 9 NPC Pack), and sold it for $1.00…

Sold 4 Copies, so I was pretty pleased.

I know, I know, it’s not a lot of money, lol

But, at least I’m getting stuff out there.

darath cover

After several weeks, I finally licked my wounds, and shifted over to DriveThruRPG…

Launching my First NPC Character over there yesterday, DAR’ATH (Barbarian Knight)

Dar’Ath wasn’t his original name…

I actually based this character off a character in a Blog Story Series I wrote back in 2011-12 called ‘Dark Rider’.

But because I was still paranoid from the DMs Guild thing, even though I’m using the ‘Non’ Exclusive setup on DriveThruRPG, I didn’t feel comfortable using the Dark Rider name.

I’m selling Dar’Ath for $.50, but sadly have sold none so far, lol

What really breaks my heart when my Content doesn’t sell, is I really like these Characters/Hybrids etc.

And I want people to use them.

Yes, sales are great, we all need money to survive, and it reinforces what we’re doing/gives us a sense of pride, but man, I hate that no ones using this dude, lol

I now stand on a precipice (Not sure that’s quite the right word, but I like the way it sounds, lol), trying to decide, where do I go from here?

Do I finish Frost Rhealm, and Publish it on DM’s Guild, knowing I’m giving up some rights by doing it.

Do I just keep making Single NPC’s, knowing they may not sell all that well, and will never be used.

Do I make larger groups of NPC’s like the 9 NPC Pack, and hope people will buy them that way?

As an Artist who is truly passionate about D & D (Especially Playing it), taking multiple blows with my creations has, and is tough.

It’s not all the work that I know is necessary to build  the content, or get it out there…

It’s the heartache that comes when you pour your energy/heart/creativity into something, and just watch the Character sit there…

…not being used.

Nuff Said,

Thanks For Listening/Reading

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D & D Community Brainstorming DORAGONS DOMAIN Subject Ideas

SUBJECT brainstorming

It’s been a couple weeks+ since I Posted a New DORAGONS DOMAIN D & D Vlog, So I hit the D & D Community for some Subject Ideas.

Here’s what they had to say.




Suggestion 1






Suggestion 2


Suggestion 3



Suggestion 4



Suggestion 5


Suggestion 6


Here are the Links For Those Episodes;





Thanks to all the D & D Community who partook

Here are their Twitter Links;

And Here’s Mine @Dragon_Ryder7


Definitely have some good ideas here for future DORAGONS DOMAIN D & D Vlogs!




Villains (Part II)



Part 1


In my last post, I analyzed the First Two Villains of my current Campaign, comparing them against my belief that any story can only be as good as the Villains.

My 3rd Villain

Image result for dungeons and dragons 5e young white dragon

Are next Villain was really more of a ‘One Shot’ Villain…

We were seeking out ‘The White Wizard’, a renowned Wizard, to help us with some troubles we were having…

…which lead us to a cave where he supposedly lived, but instead we found it was all a ploy.

A White Dragon secretly lived there, and spread the story that the White Wizard lived there, and so before we knew it, we were face to face with her.

It was the scariest fight we’d had yet, but in the end, after much battling, we finally got the upper hand, and spared her life for a future favor.

Image result for half elf king

Our next Villain was a Half Elf King from the North, who had aligned with a Horned Devil who had its’ sites on ruling the Nothern Region of our groups home continent.

On a visit north, our group foiled their plans, which caused the King to kidnap a Party Member, in hopes of luring our Group Leader, so that he could banish her to THE DARK PLANE (A Prison Plane in my Homebrew world).

But our group, with the help of friends, intercepted them at sea and had a battle with several Barbed Devils.

In the end The King lost his life to the Horned Devil he had aligned himself with.

Which led us to our 5th Villain…

Image result for dungeons and dragons horned devil

A Horned Devil named CORMUGUN.

But we’ll continue there in our next Villains Post!



Thanks For Checking Out VILLAINS (Part II)

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Villains (Part I)

Image result for dungeons and dragons villains

Whether in Film, Writing or Roleplaying Games…

I can not express the importance of good Villians.


My favorite Villain of all times, is DARTH VADER.

Could you imagine for a moment what those Original Star Wars Films would have been like without him…

I can not.

The same goes for LORD OF THE RINGS, such amazing Hero characters in those Stories… But without SAURUN, SARUMAN, the DARK RIDERS the list goes on and on.

My theory is this… A Story where there is a good guy, and a bad guy, can only be as good as the bad guy.

Because, who cares if some amazing Hero, defeats a lame bad guy.

And when I say ‘lame’ bad guy, I don’t mean a bad guy whose written to be lame on purpose, which can be hilarious.

But this is an RPG/Dungeons & Dragons Blog, so lets focus on that.

What inspired me to write this article was that I was reflecting on the Villains I’d thrown at my Campaign Group so far.

Had I followed my own theory?



The first true Villain in my current campaign, was SAUKURUK (Auril), Goddess of Winter.

Auril (pronounced: /ˈɔːrɪlAW-rill[7]), also known as The Cold GoddessThe Frostmaiden,[3] Icedawn[4], and the Goddess of Winter,[13] was a fickle, vain, and evil deity, who was primarily venerated out of fear.[7] The few among the Iulutiuns of the Great Glacier who worshiped her called her Saukuruk.[5] She was additonally seen as being synonymous with the Queen of Air and Darkness by some communities of fey, such as those of the Shiverpine Forest in the Deep Wilds.[16]

Taken from FORGOTTEN REALMS, I weaved her into our storyline, even though our Characters at the time were not all that high a level.

This made her very scary.

But more than that, I made her slightly mad, and obsessed with bringing our Warlock Leader under her wings as a Priestess of Auril (This was her undoing), all while trying to achieve her plan of turning the Hill Region of VARAMORE (Homebrew Land) into an ice covered realm under her control.

Her madness, her power and more than anything, her unyielding attempts to get into our Warlock’s head, and lure her into the darkness that would be a Priestess of Auril.

It went really well, so much so, that even once Saukuruk was gone (Banished to my Prison Plane, Dark Plane), every time we’d go to a snowy region, our Warlock feared she would return, or was watching her.

Related image

The next true Villain in the Campain, was the Greater Fire Elemental EFREEN… Or what I would call, a Fire Lord.

Our Warlock’s Patron is a Greater Water Elemental (Or, Water Lord), by the name of ARIEDEN.

Efreen was Arch Enemies with Arieden many years back, and upon seeing the rise of his influence in the Material Realm (There are two Material Planes in my World, my Homebrew, and Faerûn) via his Warlock, decided it was time to strike back at the foe who’d stopped him once before from terrorizing the Material Plane.

He did this by approaching the General of Saukuruk’s Large Orc Army, an Oathbreaker Paladin named HUNTER DANE, whom was left without a cause after Saukuruk’s Banishment, and lured him to serve Efreen.

The whole Water vs. Fire aspect of this Enemy, coupled with the fact that it was truly an opportunity for the Warlock Leader to show her Patron that his enemies, were her enemies, made this a great Villain.

For the sake of brevity, I shall continue the Analysis of my Campaign’s Villains in a Second Post!

Thanks for checking out VILLAINS!


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Monsters Of Feyland – Review


Back in early 2017, I returned to the world of Dungeons & Dragons via Twitter, and the D & D/RPG community.

D & D had really begun to take off, and it was exciting to see.

During 2017 I began creating my own Homebrew content, and vlogging, and even considering Self Publishing my own content.

One of the Independent Publishers of RPG content I did notice was Cawood Publishing.

And though I have yet to buy any of their product, I was intrigued by their Campaign Setting The World Of MYRR. I still am actually.

I stepped away from social media at the end of 2017, and returned this January, and one of the things that quickly grabbed my eye upon my reentry was Cawood Publishing’s MONSTERS OF FEYLAND.


The art of the cover grabbed my eye immediately, and lately I had begun entering several different planes in my Campaign, and had been intrigued by what I had heard about the Feywild.

I replied to one of their Tweets, and they contacted me letting me know about the different versions, PDF, Softcover and soon the Hardcover.

I love Hardcover books, and told them that I am definitely interested once it comes out, and I have some funds. (UPDATE, The Hardcover has arrived!)

A week went by and I decided I’d like to Review the book, so I reached out to them and asked if they could supply me the content so that I could.

They warmly responded, and sent it to me immediately.




Right off the bat, as I say, the Cover is Amazing… It lures you into a Magical Mythical place of unknowns and Adventure.


The ILLUSTRATIONS within the Book were done by Travis Hanson, and I find it to be Magical, Imagination Provoking and Organic.

There’s a beautiful & unique drawing done for each of the 100 Creatures.

Each of which draw you further, and further into the world of The Feyland.




Written by Andrew Cawood, it’s obvious to me that when Andrew closes his eyes at night, he sees other worlds of color and mystery.


Each of the characters are put together meticulously, and are full of life, making the use of any one of them a dream for Dungeon Masters.

And the overall theme is truly mischievous and alluring.








Graphic Design and Layout are by Jeff Porter.

The way the book is set up, makes it easy to use, and appealing to search through


Table of Contents;

  1. Feyland/Advice
  2. Feyland Courts
  3. Monsters
  4. Beasts
  5. Challenge Ratings
  6. Encounters Table


The book begins with a description by Andrew of Feyland, which really sets the stage/brings the world to life…

It also speaks of the Three General Divisions of Feyland, the good Seelie Court, the evil Unseelie Court, and the Wild Fey.


The Advice Section gives insights for the DM, such as how the Fey love to make deals, and will use a multitude of trickery to achieve contracts with newcomers to Feyland, binding them with powerful magic.

And how the Fey are less interested in combat, and more interested in drama, and toying with those who have never been there.

It also speaks of the many ways that one might cross the threshold/enter the magical world of Feyland, such as portals etc.

There’s also a table listing creatures within each of the two courts, as well as a table which demonstrates the Hierarchy of each.

Both sections give a very mischievous/Puck of A Midsummer Night’s Dream kind of feeling to the land.



It’s like I say…


Andrew and Travis, with meticulous care, have brought to life a wondrous world…


A mysterious, and alluring realm.


Full of color, and intrigue.


Beyond the Creatures within, Andrew has supplied you with a Table indicating a list of the creatures by CR Level.


As well as an Encounters Table.


Everything you could ever need, to leave your world behind, and enter and embrace MONSTERS OF FEYLAND.


For More Info. About MONSTERS OF FEYLAND, Reach Out To Cawood Publishing on Twitter @cawoodpublish

For The Product, Go To MONSTERS OF FEYLAND ON DriveThruRPG

And You Can Find Me On Twitter @Dragon_Ryder7

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Magic And Light (Chapter III)- Choose Your Class

Magic And Light – Chapter III




Chapter I – A Gathering Of Friends (The Journey Of Zah)

Chapter II – Making Characters

CHAPTER III – Choose Your Class

“So what do we do?” I questioned.

“Open up your notebooks… First thing we’re going to do is roll your Stats,” explains Johnny.

“Stats?” replies Mike.

“Like our Strength, Intelligence, Dexterity Etc… You’ll see… I’ll explain as we go.”

Johnny suddenly places a pile of 6 Sided Dice in the middle of the coffee table.

“Roll four 6 Sided Dice, 6 times, each time take the three best #’s, add them up, then write them down,” explains Johnny.

“Like this,” Trevor says, then grabs and rolls four 6 Sided Dice.

“I rolled a 6, 1, 1 and a 2… If I take the best three and add them up, it equals 9… Which basically sucks, ha!”continues Trevor.

“I write down 9, it’s my fist Stat roll… Now I do that 5 more times…” Trevor starts to roll some more times,”These are my 6 stat scores.”

Trevor writes down 9, 13, 9, 17, 11 and 15.

“The first number is my Strength, the second my Intelligence, 3rd Wisdom, 4th Dexterity, 5th Constitution and 6th is my Charisma,” he explains.

Mike looks totally confused.

“Here Mike, I’ll help you,” Stacy says, then writes down the #’s as Mike rolls them.

“Once you have your 6 Stat Scores, we’re going to make some adjustments,” explains Johnny.

“So we should have written in pencil,” Stacy says with an annoyed tone.

“Nah, once we have the final #’s, we’ll put them on actual Character Sheets…”

…with this Johnny hands each of them Character Sheets.

Mike looks overwhelmed.

“I got your back Mike,” I tell Mike, to try and put him at ease.

Once everyone has rolled and written down their #’s, Johnny continues.

“Ok, now you have the option to reroll your lowest Stat,” explained Johnny.

“Except your Charisma, leave that as it is,” he continues.

“But before you do that let me look at your scores…” with this he looks over Stacy’s scores.

“A lot of Strength, and everything else is decent, you rolled well,” with this Stacy tries not to smile with pride.

“Strength is important for Fighters, Barbarians and Paladins… I’m going to play a Paladin, so you might consider playing a Fighter or Barbarian…” explains Johnny.

“Wait, you’re going to play a Character?” questions Barry.

“Yeah, but he won’t make any of the important group decisions, I’ll leave that to your Characters…” Johnny replies.

“Because most of you are new to Dungeons & Dragons, and or Roleplaying, I thought it might be helpful for me to have a Character with the group… Plus, I love playing Characters…”

After Johnny looks over all of their Characters, Trevor decides to play an Elven Ranger because he has High Dexterity, Barry creates a Drow (Dark Elf) Bard, because of his high Charisma, Mike creates a Cleric (Human) because of his high Wisdom, and Stacy decides to make a Dragonborn Fighter.

I was going to go with a Rogue because I have decent Dexterity, but we realized we didn’t have any Warlocks, Sorcerers or Wizards, so I switched to creating a Tiefling Wizard, my Intelligence was pretty good, which is their main Stat.

And Johnny’s Paladin is a Half Orc.

“So are we done making Characters?” asks Barry.

“Nope, there’s more work to be done,” replies Johnny.