The Paladin & The Rogue



‘Sir Stalos Kneels Within A Chapel, Of Other Men’s God… Not His

But He Is Not Alone’




Sir Stalos steps out into the camp, behind him a chapel of, not his god, but he finds peace their anyway.

Crossing his path are two Paladin’s of The Red Phoenix, one on each side of a shadowy charcoal cloaked young woman, with dark hair and dark eyes, her hands bound by rope.

Her eyes lock with his as she wipes dirt and blood from her mouth, she smiles with a slight glimmer in her eyes.

Sir Stalos is struck for a slight moment, then continues his way to his gray steed Oden, which is tied to a tall tree just outside of camp.

He mounts, and makes his way north…

…clouds of a storm lay ahead.

Sir Stalos himself wears a silver plate/chain mail mix…

…his tabard, white in color, bares no symbol.

At his side a long silver blade, once belonging to his uncle, a great knight.

On his back, a perfectly round shield, with white trim, and once again, no symbol.

His hair, a grey blond… His eyes a deep, dark blue.

His form is tall and fit, his face unshaven.

As he trudges forward, the cold northern rains come down upon him…

He senses something, but–

“Shouldn’t you sleep, until the rains are gone…” speaks a soothing, yet sly woman’s voice from behind him.

In one quick motion, he spins, slides off his horse, his silver blade pointed at…

…the girl from the camp.

She stands in the rain, her hands still bound, she holds them up to him, “Help a girl out.”

With a single sweep downward of his blade, the ropes are cut.

As he remounts, he speaks, “You could have gotten out of those yourself…”

“True… But a knight in shining armour, couldn’t pass up the opportunity.”

The D & D Communities Outstanding Replies Volo Or Mordenk

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‘The In Time Casino’ Map


I Redrew my Map for ‘The In Time Casino’, which I created for my ‘Great Game’ Poker-ish Tournament that I ran last year, and my current ‘Tournament Of Riches’ Tournament, that I’ve been running the last week.

Feel free to use the Map with my ‘The Great Game’ RPG Supplement I launched today on DriveThruRPG, or for anything else you may want it for.

  • The 10 Poker-ish Tables are numbered
  • The ‘X”s on the Map are where Guards are posted, to protect the Neutralness (Good Guy/Bad Guy competitors) of the Facility
  • The angular areas on the left and the right front of the map, with stairs leading to them, represent where fans can watch the tournament from
  • Right to the left, and right when you go through the two sets of double doors, are Bars for fans to get drinks (Competitors are served drinks during competition, but may go to bars between Rounds of Play)
  • The two Circles with Stars in the middle, are Statues
  • On the left and right, you must go down the great two step stairs to get to the Table area
  • The rectangles with rectangles in the middle of them on the left and right, are Stages for bands or Bards to perform live music for the competitors during play
  • The circle with a circle in the middle of it when you first walk in is a fountain
  • The square with a square in the middle of it in the center of the facility is the main stage, where things will be announced about the competition those that are running it
  • In the middle beyond the fountain, where there are two doors (One on the left, one on the right) allowing entrance into an area with 8 seats, are for those that which to me anonymous watchers may sit and watch through a one sides mirror
  • In the upper left and right corners, there are stairs to two identical areas, where Nobles & or People of importance may watch the tournament
  • At the top of the map, there are 4 doorways in what are glass walls, which lead to outside balconies
  • Between the two balconies are 8 tables, where very expensive seating/eating occurs during the competition


The Coming Of ‘The Great Game’


Though my Campaigns have always been Homebrew, I’ve always been curious about ‘Waterdeep’.

And last year, I decided to start merging Faerûn, and more specifically Waterdeep, into my world.

Thus, I have ‘two’ Material Planes within my world.

My Campaign has become largely Political, and Party has done much to bring peace in 3 of my 6 continents.

They are, however, not really ‘treasure hunters’.

And thus, I also use Waterdeep as a place where they can purchase certain Magic Items.

Basically, Waterdeep has largely become a place where my Party can get away from the troubles of their own Material Plane, shop, eat out at expensive restaurants, stay at nice hotels (Inns).

Following that line of thinking, came the creation of ‘The Great Game’.

A Poker-ish Tournament held at a lavish Casino, and managed/ran by The Masked Lords of Waterdeep.

It ended up being a great break from some of the regular day to day RPG activities, and an awesome opportunity for Roleplaying.

Including the fact that within the walls of this Casino, is a ‘neutral’ zone, meaning ‘good guys’, and ‘bad guys’ alike are welcome.

The facility is protected from the use of Magic, and all weapons are left at the door, allowing for this to happen.

Six months later (In game), I felt it was time to have another Tournament, and thus I created ‘The Tournament Of Riches’, which we’ve been playing during the last week.

It was during this last week that I decided that I’d like to share the Poker-ish Tournament with the RPG Community (This Supplement will work with any RPG System or setting).

And thus yesterday I sat down and typed up basically how it works, spruced up its’ presentation a bit, and Submitted it to @drivethrurpg.

It was approved, and launched today! Here


Great Black Snake (Treasure Etc. Protector)


Huge monstrosity (snake), unaligned

Armor Class: 18 (natural armor)

Hit Points: 184 (16D10+64)   Speed: 40 Ft.

STR: 21 (+5)   INT: 3 (-4)   WIS: 12 (+1)                                                                                        DEX: 16 (+3)   CON: 18 (+4)   CHAR: 3 (-4)

Saving Throws: Dex +6, Con +7, Wis +4, Str +8

Skills: Perception +7, Stealth +6

Damage Immunities: Poison

Condition Immunities: Poisoned

Senses:   Blindsight 30 Ft., Darkvision 120 Ft.

Passive Perception: 17

Challenge: 8


A huge black snake, often used to protect something of value, be it treasure or other.


Multiattattack The great black snake makes either two bite attacks, or one bite, one constrict attack.

Bite Melee Weapon Attack: +7 to Hit, reach 10 Ft., one target. Hit: 25 (3D12+5) piercing damage.

Constrict: Melee Weapon Attack: +7 to Hit, reach 10 Ft., one target. Hit: 22 (3D10+5) bludgeoning damage. The target is grappled (Escape DC 18). Until the grapple ends, the creature is restrained, and the snake can’t restrain another target.