The Barbarian Proud – To Find A Warrior


The Barbarian Proud



Episode II – To Find A Warrior

Proud and Seya made their way east through a white gray rocky terrain, Proud on a large brown mare named Heiress, and Seya on her grey stallion, Spirit.

‘So are you going to tell me about this dream?’ she asked him.

Proud was quiet for a moment more, then ‘We have to find a great warrior in a dark cavern east of here…’

‘The dream Proud?’ she repeated.

He looked over at her, ‘He was in it.’

She shakes her head, trying not to laugh, ‘This is so unlike you, you have no idea how strange this is,’ she replied.

‘I know.’


That night they set camp amongst the rocks.

Seya being a ranger, did all the cooking whilst traveling…

…while this night, Proud sat and looked at the sky.

Seya noted his odd behavior, but said nothing.

‘Two more days travel,’ he spoke.

She nodded, and began cooking the food over the fire.

They ate, then Proud took first watch.


In the morning they ate, then packed up and made their way eastward.

The sun beat down upon them, but they didn’t mind.

At one point a wagon passed by, they looked to be Bandits of a sort, but one look at Proud, and they dismissed any notion to circle back and attempt to rob them.

Barbarians were fairly rare in these parts, and one’s the size of Proud, well, lets just say there weren’t many.



Adventures Of Vilven Ledsong (Chapter XV) Windows

This D & D Campaign Began Over 2 Years Ago, And Continues… This Is The Tale Of How It All Began, Written/Retold by my Player!

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The room of the inn was spacious, decorated in rich, natural colors. It emulated the rest of the Wood Elf village of Willant. The nights were quiet here, but for the occasional expression of life from the nocturnal critters who let their presence be known outside.

Vilven laid in bed, moving onto her back to stare at the rough, wood ceiling. She was restless, her mind unable to calm despite the peaceful environment. She was exceedingly thrilled Jo Jo Bar the Bard had agreed to join them in their travel. A smile coming to her even now thinking of his exceptionally warm music and presence. Another companion. It felt good to not feel so alone, as she had felt when she was first sent unknowingly to this continent of Varamore, but still, what was it that Areiden really wanted from her? She didn’t pretend to understand, and she was still wrestling with the conflict. Though the sadness in some ways was starting to ease, the questions still remained.

Grid, Cho, Beaden, and Jo Jo. These people had become something so dear to her, regardless of the short time they had to really get to know each other. They had discussed their plans and all agreed to adjourn for the night, largely because Beaden was too drunk to respectfully explore the village, and also to give Jo Jo time to prepare to leave. They were to then travel south to the village of Kort the next day, leaving shortly after noon. Grid seemed rather up to the task of being in charge of everything for their trip, so she decided to leave most of the logistical tasks up to him. In fact, she was relieved he was so willing to take leadership of those things. Yes, her and her group of friends were moving forward, but if she was being honest with herself, she felt directionless. Though she had drifted for years in Water Plane, that life had definitely not been fulfilling. Areiden told her that she was going to prove herself to all who doubted her. What was it that he meant? Most of what she was doing felt largely unimportant,  and this uncertainty of significance was not comforting.

She moved back on her side to stare at the Tigron sleeping deeply in the adjoining bed. His large, lion mane fanned out in a display of quiet masculinity. He looked the most peaceful she could remember, his stillness making him look undeniably majestic, soft even. Whatever Areiden did want from her, she was grateful that she had friends nearby. Friends. She decided to focus on the warm feeling. It helped her push passed the attack of overthinking.

She sighed deeply, her eyes moving above Grid to look out the window. A half moon floated in the air, as still as Grid was. She watched it descend for what seemed like hours before the tranquility of the night allowed her to finally fall into slumber.

She saw herself. The image of her body stood hazy surrounded by an impossible blackness. Her eyes were desperate, searching the emptiness. Her breath was shallow as she took a few tentative steps forward.  In an instant, like a flash, the blackness around her was laced with the beautiful designs of frost. She gasped in surprise, her breath releasing in a white vapor as the temperature slid lower. In a panic, she wrapped her arms around herself, a futile attempt at warmth. The chill penetrated her body to have her shiver uncontrollably. She ran, but only seconds later watched as her body began to stiffen, the cold becoming paralyzing, the floor becoming ice. Her body was soon frozen, statuesque as it became fully immobile. She heard a voice. It was female, chilling, colder than the air, more alluring than the fractals which surrounded her. “Auril”, it said. The word echoed, bouncing off the ice, playing over itself until it became an unintelligible jumble of sound.  Vilven’s image started to break apart, bone by bone, until it was nothing but a pile of ice on the floor. 

She frantically sat up in her bed, the dream still at the edges of her consciousness. Her large eyes were wild as they shot open. She was trembling violently, unable to shake the impossible cold. She wrapped her arms around herself, gasping at the feeling of her ice cold skin. A movement then caught the corner of her vision. On verge of screaming, her chest heaving, she slowly looked toward where it had come from. She saw nothing but the curtains moving, the wind blowing in from the now open window. Had Grid opened it? Was the dream prompted from the frigid air? She paused, then scanned the room carefully, inwardly terrified to see the something or someone who was hiding in the shadows. There was nothing but the laced, white curtains dancing, the crisp air rushing into the room. Vilven stared at the curtains for a long time, as if she were trying to figure out if  what she was seeing was actually a ghost. She let her body sink with relief after a few minutes and moved out of her her bed, quiet to not wake the Tigron who was still fast asleep. She walked almost methodically to the wide open window.

The windowpane was slightly illuminated as she ran her hand over it. She looked outside to see a richly dark blue sky just laced with golden streaks, the sun still not visible.The village itself was still and quiet in the early dawn, the ocean air whipping through the silent trees. Her eyes scanned the expanse of sleeping shops and homes, then hesitated as they met a lit up window. The candlelight in the shop was dulled by the sheer curtains that framed the inside of its window. She stared trance-like at the glow, leaning herself out the window of the inn. Her indigo hair swayed forcefully from the wind, but her body was motionless as she looked, transfixed. Her eyes widened as she saw a shadow, a figure, pass by, their silhouette blurred. She felt a profound beckoning and curiosity, a tug from something deep within her.

She was careful to not wake Grid as she moved swiftly to her things, putting on her boots, belting her sickle in its sheath around her hips. She wrapped her cloak around her body, looking over her shoulder to glance with troubled inquiry back at the window. Who had opened it? Her eyes looked once again around the room. With a half sigh, half laugh to herself she walked to the window and closed it with finality. The dream scared her, that was all. She looked back out at the window still glowing from the candle, the ever growing morning sun becoming brighter around it.

She turned and walked with purpose out of the room. She walked silently, on a mission that blinded her of reason. She felt a pull, like the answers would come if she simply followed this loud impulse. She felt more and more drunk with it as she made her way down the stairs of the inn. Her feet hit the wood with a rhythmic tap, then a light crunch on the crisp morning grass when she exited. She shivered as the chill of the morning stung her face. With effort, she forced the cold memory of her dream from entering her mind. She focused once again on the window illuminated by the single candle. It seemed farther than it did before. Almost impossibly far. It edged on the divine, the radiating golden sky somehow enhancing its hypnotic glow.  With something like tunnel vision, she wandered toward it, her mind unable to think of anything else. The window: a beacon calling desperately for her to come. She crossed the expanse of the village, never taking her eyes away, until she was standing right in front of it. She gazed in with revered curiosity at the dancing candle. She stood like this quite awhile before she managed to look away. The focus of her hypnosis shifting to the door of the building. She took the few steps it took to stand before the door. It was very ordinary in appearance, just a simple, wood door, but something inside her knew. Something inside her knew that if she opened it and walked in, she would never be the same. There was a intense, cold gust of wind that ran over her as she placed her hand gently on the handle. Taking her time to register her intention, she took a deep breath, and turned the knob.

There was books.

Vilven blinked in surprise as she entered. Books of every size and condition were stacked in piles, placed on shelves covering every wall. She wasn’t quite sure what she was expecting, but it definitely wasn’t this. A bookstore? Or a library of some sort? The single candle that seemed so bright before masked the space in mostly shadows. Her eyes scanned to see if she could see anyone. A chill climbing up her spine as her dream again tried to encroach it’s way into her mind, the familiar feeling of searching for a stranger in the darkness. Vilven shook the feeling off.

“Hello?” She called out into the empty, dark store. It was so quiet she thought she could hear an echo of herself. She waited, but no one answered. With a mix of confusion, fear, and disappointment she turned to leave.

Then she heard light footsteps behind her, her whole body tensed at the sound. Anticipation and panic making her heart beat rapidly. With a slight hesitation, she slowly looked over her shoulder to see who she was to meet on the other side of the window.

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Adventures Of Vilven Ledsong (Chapter XIV) He’s Good


This D & D Campaign Began Over 2 Years Ago, And Continues… This Is The Tale Of How It All Began, Written/Retold by my Player!

Find All Earlier Chapters HERE!

At Beaden’s disgruntled request they made their way to the tavern of Willant, Beaden pushing his way past them to lead like a dehydrated horse.

Vilven stared at his back as he rushed through. She went along with the group decision, though she wasn’t sure she was all that excited about it. Vilven had never seen a tavern before the one in Warden, and after that experience she felt taverns were nice enough, but she found herself more fascinated by the people of Willant. It was as Grid had told her, these elves seemed to hold no initial resentment toward them. Instead, they looked pleasantly toward them with gentle, peaceful eyes. Though, Vilven noticed, they did look at her with slight fascination and bewilderment.  She had become more and more aware that as far as she could tell there were not many like her here. Not many Genasi. And though the people seemed to regard her kindly, it still made her feel strange, and surprisingly sorrowful, to become aware of her obvious minority in the Material Plane. It reminded her all over again the rejection she had faced from those in the Plane of Water. Sadness gripped her and she was swarmed with feeling of estrangement, but just then, she heard the most beautiful sound, which seemed to cut through her emotions. It wailed out in a joyous glitter, it hung there, and seemed to fill the air with inspiration and light.

Vilven smiled as it seemed to twirl into her and ease her worries.

As they stepped into the tavern, modest and made of a deep, rich wood, she found the source of the music.

He was was short, smaller than a man. He was dressed in bright clothes, reds and yellows and gold. He bounced around on one of the tables as he played his fiddle, shimmering coins sparkling around him, like something out of a beautiful children’s tale. Vilven was mesmerized.

“He’s good” Cho’s voice resonated behind her.

She looked over her shoulder to see Cho’s wholesome face nodding in approval at the little man.

“Good?” Vilven said almost confused.

“Yeah.” Cho responded as he gripped her shoulders gently, and urged her out of the doorway to a nearby table, where Beaden and Grid were already sitting.

Vilven felt a wave of butterflies come to her, making her feel ridiculous, at the feeling of the strength in Cho’s hands. She nearly blushed as he pulled out a chair for her and eased her into it, before taking a seat beside her. After a moment of panic by her feelings, she decided to turn her attention back to the musician.

He was good. His fingers seemed to tickle the strings in a technically difficult manner, urging them to burst out the bright sound. Vilven smiled again.

Grid seemed as pleased as she was at the musician’s talent, even Beaden couldn’t help but shoot a glance at the fiddle player between long gulps from his tankard.

A few patrons flicked some coins in the performers direction. Vilven’s eyes grew wide with realization and she plunged her hand inside her bag, to take out a fistful of coins. Grid, Cho, and Beaden looked at her, then at each other, with slight concern.

“What in the hell are you doing?” Beaden said insultingly at Vilven.

Vilven looked at him, surprised for a moment, then she narrowed her eyes in challenge.

“I’m giving him money.”

Grid leaned toward her to place his paw on her shoulder, speaking in a gentle tone. “Well, at least take out the gold ones, that should be enough.” He said reasonably.

Vilven sighed, then grudgingly began to sift through the coins, putting the gold back into her bag.

“Clueless…” Beaden whispered under his breath.

“Beaden.” Cho said through a wince.

Vilven laughed reproachfully back, “And how much will your excessive drinking cost us, Beaden? What is that, your third ale already?”

Beaden just grunted distastefully, and returned back to chugging his drink

Vilven shook her head as she stood, the copper and silver still a sizable amount in her hand. She walked happily to the table where the fiddle player still danced around, and placed the money gently at his feet. She looked up at him, to meet his gaze, his purple eyes twinkling at her. He smiled graciously, and nodded in thanks. Vilven could feel his deep warmth and laughed with happiness at his presence.

She nearly skipped back to the table, and sat gingerly into her chair, feeling very satisfied.

She smiled at her three companions, her eyes resting on Beaden’s miserable face.

“Here, Beaden, you can have my ale.” She said as she pushed it toward him.


“Hello there, hello, hello” the halfling performer said in a cheerful, bright voice to the four of them as they were getting ready to leave, “I just wanted to make my way over here and thank you for your very generous contribution! I’m Jo Jo Bar. And… you are?”

Grid smiled warmly at him as he shifted his bow on his back. “Hello Friend, I’m-”

“Oh, Jo Jo Bar!” Vilven interrupted as she swooped down and hugged him. “You are so very amazing. My name is Vilven.”

“Oh, ho ho ho ho” Jo Jo Bar giggled.

Cho waved graciously at him, “I am Cho, this is Beaden, and this is Grid.”

Beaden stared. Grid nodded, “Well met.” he said formally.

“Do you live here, Jo Jo? Or are you travelling? We are going south, do you want to come with us?” Vilven said quickly, each phrase vibrating with more and more excitement.

“Well, he he he, I don’t really live anywhere, but I have been playing here in Willant for several months now.” Jo Jo responded heartily.

“Forgive my pretty friend, my fine fellow.” Grid said as he leaned gracefully toward the halfling.

“Forgive me for what?” Vilven responded. “He said he doesn’t live here, and could very easily travel with us, right?”

Grid shot Vilven a tolerant glace, “She’s new to this land, and is very… enthusiastic.”

“Ugh, I’m leaving” Beaden spat, and staggered out of the tavern.

Vilven rolled her eyes behind him. Cho gently walked forward, as he ran a hand through his blond hair to push it out of his face. “Perhaps we can continue this outside?” He suggested pleasantly, though he looked a bit anxious.

“That would be fine!” Jo Jo Bar said joyously, unfazed, and then walked through the doors outside. Vilven narrowed her eyes at Grid, plainly aggrieved, then followed suit.

Vilven was embraced by the afternoon sun and the penetrating scent of the sea. She looked over to see Beaden leaning up against the wall of the tavern, Jo Jo standing next to him, and walked over to them. Grid and Cho were closely behind her.

“So, what do you think, Jo Jo Bar?” Vilven started. “I’m sure there are other taverns for you to play at wherever we are going?”

Jo Jo scratched at his chin, looking thoughtfully into the distance. “Well, an adventure does sound appealing…”

“Then you’ll come with us?” Vilven said hopefully.

“An adventure?” Beaden questioned quietly to himself.

Jo Jo thought for a moment longer, then grinned, pleased “Why not!” He elbowed Beaden’s leg “This one is certainly in need of good cheer.”

Vilven grinned back at her new companion.

The Paladin & The Rogue – Episode III



Episode I

Episode II


The Rogue Girl appointed herself as ‘on watch’, being the Paladin Sir Stalos had laid down and gone straight to sleep.

“He hasn’t even asked me my name yet, what kind of Knight is this…” She spoke, as she sat and leaned back against the main tree that kept them from the rain.

An hour or so later, her gut told her she was being watched…

…when suddenly a crossbow bolt struck the tree right by her head!

Her eyes went wide, “Sir Stalos! We have company!”

With this the Paladin systematically rose from his slumber, clutching his long sword with both hands, and eyes glowing white glancing at the bolt in the tree, “Hobgoblins…”

At his feet is his breast plate, but he’s still wearing his chainmail.

He looks over at the girl whose climbing the tree at an unnatural rate, his eyebrow raises.

Suddenly three Hobgoblins emerge from the rain and mist, run into the camp, scimitars raised above their heads, “Ahhhh!” they howl.

Sir Stalos speaks words under his breath, and his sword begins to glow a blue and gold, as the first one gets within range he strikes it down with a single swing…

He then swipes at the second one, but it strikes its chainmail, it does not penetrate.

Suddenly a fourth Hobgoblin enters the camp from behind the Paladin, and as he’s about to stab him in the back, the Rogue drops from the tree plunging two daggers into its’ throat “GURPTT!” its last sound as it falls to the ground

Sir Stalos glances behind him, noting the girls kill, “Hmm”.

The Hobgoblins swing their scimitars at the Knight, but he does not allow them to hit, he grinds his teeth, and with two more exact swipes, takes the last two Hobgoblins out…

He looks to the girl, “Get your things, there’s likely more nearby!”.

She does as he says, “Not sure we’re the ones that should be running…” she says under her breath.

He mounts his horse Odin, and reaches for the girl…

…she mounts.

The Paladin & The Rogue – Episode II



Episode I



Sir Stalos continues his trek northward, the rain continuing to pour down upon him, getting worse the further north he rides.

The cloaked girl running just enough to keep up with his horse…

…he brings it to a halt, and faces her.

“Why are you following me…” he spoke slightly bugged.

“Aren’t you a Paladin? Shouldn’t you offer to put me on your horse with you,” she spoke flashing those dark eyes, hoping to convince him.

“I am not with the Order of the Red Phoenix,” he replied, and began to turn northward once more.

“I know… Your tabard is blank… But you’re still a Paladin, right?” she replied.

He faces her once more, “What is it you want, how do you know I’m heading anywhere you’d want to be?”

“North is good enough,” she spoke, looking back behind her as if she might be being followed.

“Very well,” with this he reaches down, and pulls her up so that she’s sitting behind him.

She wraps her arms around him loosely, “Thank you…”

They rode for a while, neither speaking, until…

“Don’t you want to know why they were holding me captive?” she spoke.

“Not really,” Sir Stalos replied.

“Humor me…” she repsonded.

“Very well, why were they holding you captive…” he spoke more than asked.

“I stole some of the offerings from their chapel…”

Sir Stalos did not reply.

“Nothing? No judging comments?” she spoke, almost disappointed.

Suddenly he brought his horse to a halt, and had her get off…

…he dismounted as well, and began building a fire under a tree, where the rain wouldn’t extinguish it.

“Nothing more than what I expected,” he replied as he passed his hands over a pile of wood, and lit it ablaze.

She watched in slight awe, “What is it like to do that?”

He looked up at her, “You ask a lot of questions…” he replied, then sat on a log by the fire, and gathered some food from his pack.

She sat on the log across from him, “Yeah…”

He threw her some bread, “Scoping me out?”

“Oh… I don’t know,” she takes a big bite out of the piece of bread, as if she hadn’t eaten for days… she hadn’t.

He watched, then catches himself, not wanting to get too invested in someone he knew he couldn’t trust.

“I am not your judge, nor jury… What you’ve done is between The Order of the Red Phoenix, and you,” he concluded as he finished up his eating.

She looks back, watching for something.

He notices, “What will you do if they come for you?.

She, almost startled, looks over at him, “I don’t know.”

“Hmm…” he stands, “Well, we can rest here, or move on.”

She stares up at him, “There’s something different about you… What happened to your god?” she spoke.

“We rest here then,” with this he lays out his bedroll under the tree, takes his chest plate off, and lays down.

She just watches as he falls asleep.

The Paladin & The Rogue



‘Sir Stalos Kneels Within A Chapel, Of Other Men’s God… Not His

But He Is Not Alone’




Sir Stalos steps out into the camp, behind him a chapel of, not his god, but he finds peace their anyway.

Crossing his path are two Paladin’s of The Red Phoenix, one on each side of a shadowy charcoal cloaked young woman, with dark hair and dark eyes, her hands bound by rope.

Her eyes lock with his as she wipes dirt and blood from her mouth, she smiles with a slight glimmer in her eyes.

Sir Stalos is struck for a slight moment, then continues his way to his gray steed Oden, which is tied to a tall tree just outside of camp.

He mounts, and makes his way north…

…clouds of a storm lay ahead.

Sir Stalos himself wears a silver plate/chain mail mix…

…his tabard, white in color, bares no symbol.

At his side a long silver blade, once belonging to his uncle, a great knight.

On his back, a perfectly round shield, with white trim, and once again, no symbol.

His hair, a grey blond… His eyes a deep, dark blue.

His form is tall and fit, his face unshaven.

As he trudges forward, the cold northern rains come down upon him…

He senses something, but–

“Shouldn’t you sleep, until the rains are gone…” speaks a soothing, yet sly woman’s voice from behind him.

In one quick motion, he spins, slides off his horse, his silver blade pointed at…

…the girl from the camp.

She stands in the rain, her hands still bound, she holds them up to him, “Help a girl out.”

With a single sweep downward of his blade, the ropes are cut.

As he remounts, he speaks, “You could have gotten out of those yourself…”

“True… But a knight in shining armour, couldn’t pass up the opportunity.”

Adventures Of Vilven Ledsong (Chapter XIII) – Shifted Memories

This D & D Campaign Began Over 2 Years Ago, And Continues… This Is The Tale Of How It All Began, Written/Retold by my Player!

Find All Earlier Chapters HERE!


Vilven felt the boat beneath her slowly float further into the beautiful sea. Her blue hair billowed behind her as the forceful ocean breeze embraced her. With childlike excitement she stood at the helm. She had seen the occasional boat sail above her in the Water Plane, but she had never been on a ship of any kind. Taking in the depths of the ocean, she felt as if she were flying over the water. At first it was thrilling, but as the sails pushed the boat farther from shore, she felt a tug, a deep need, to be underneath the waves. She could feel the water flowing within her dance with the flow of the tide. An endless exchange she had become accustomed to. The memory of her home filling her heart with familiarity, but also deep sadness and longing.

Behind her, Cho and Beaden were arguing in a harsh whisper. Cho, handsome as his blonde hair tossed in the wind, held the same warm disposition toward his friend. His smile radiated his carefree nature as he tightened his bowstring on his new weapon. Beaden, in contrast, was not smiling at all. His face was disgruntled, though his loose, fluid gait was proof he was more relaxed than he let on. Their friendship was deeply interesting to Vilven, much different than the ones she had with her fish friends back home. She looked behind the two rangers to see Grid’s lion-like frame. He was sitting on a barrel, his legs pushed out and crossed at the ankles with ease. His ears twitched, as his pipe hung from his mouth, the smoke stream dancing into a seductive design before the hard wind from the sea pushed it away. And though the four of them were scattered around the deck, she felt very close to these people she barely knew.

She turned, placing her hand gently on the railing, her fingers skimmed the weathered but somehow smooth wood as she walked slowly to them, each step placed deliberately.  When she made her way next to Grid, she halted and shifted toward the ocean.

“Do you think I would alert many if I went in for a swim?” she asked dreamily. Grid raised his gaze to her, his cat eyes shifting to view her shape.

“I think not.” Grid responded reasonably, taking a long puff from his pipe, his eyes sparkled with playfulness.

Vilven smiled humorously, and with purpose pulled herself up onto the oak railing, somehow able to balance herself. She took a deep breath of anticipation then dived gracefully to the sea, shouts of panic starting behind her. Even Beaden running to the side of the boat to exclaim, “What is she doing!”

As she flew down into the silky water, she took a breath of relief, her whole body relaxing from the water’s touch. She allowed herself to sink for a moment before she began to chase the ship, her body weightless and free as she swam. She was grateful for the trance-like movement she could fall into, but forced herself to stay close enough to not be stranded. Though soothing, the ocean felt different, more powerful. Her magic became quite obvious to her she felt as if she glowed with the essence of it.

The fish, feeling a similar tug, chased after her, and swam around her. A dance she had once found commonplace now became extremely beautiful and thrilling, her heart filled with emotion.

“Thank you.” Vilven sighed as she swam through the blue expanse of the sea. To what or who, she wasn’t sure, but she knew she was grateful.

She swam for quite a few hours, until the sun met the sea to change it a beautiful, shimmering orange. She made her way back to the side of the boat where someone had thoughtfully left a rope ladder for her. She climbed up, her arms both tired and energized at the same time.

When she was back upon the deck of the ship, she gasped as she nearly bumped into Beaden. He was standing there, a scowl on his face and his arms crossed so tightly Vilven was worried they would turn purple.

“What’s wrong?” Vilven asked him tranquilly.

“You drag me onto this boat, and the first thing you do is jump off.” He responded in an aggravated tone.

“I’m back, aren’t I?” She said calmly. “Was it you who left the ladder for me?”

He just looked at her, his eyes squinting angrily.

“Oh, Beaden, that was very sweet of you” Vilven said warmly as she went in for a hug. His arms finally uncrossed to push her away with a distasteful grunt, then he stomped off to go below deck.

Vilven just smiled at his back, as she used her magic to dry herself. The day turning to night as they sailed toward their destination.

They traveled for two more days until they finally reached the port of Willant. As they approached the docks, Vilven noticed that the town was a similar size to Warden. It even had a similar aesthetic, even the people looked similar. But there was a warmth they were greeted with which she did not expect. The elves were just as beautiful, tall and angular, but seemed much more relaxed than those in Warden. Their hair, eyes, and clothes were more earthy in tone, mostly rich browns, dark greens, and warm yellows. The energy was more that of nature, trees and plants sprouting in an unruly manner around charming, dark brown, wood structures.

“Are they elves, Grid? They seem different.” Vilven asked him quietly as they walked off the the boat . Beaden and Cho arguing over their bows behind them.

“They are indeed. Wood Elves.” Grid replied.

“They are different than the ones in Warden?” She asked, wanting more explanation, as Cho reluctantly switched bows with Beaden.

“Unlike the High Elves, the Wood Elves do not look down on races that are not their own.” Grid said knowledgeably. “They’re a warm, colorful people with great respect for the trees and world around them.”

Vilven smiled in approval, and became excited to learn more.

“So, Lads, where to first?” Grid called behind him at the two rangers.

“A tavern.” Beaden replied, quickly and bitterly.

Vilven Art by @Living_Silver


‘FRAGEN’ Stat Block


In The Spirit Of My Episode 7 ‘Frost Rhealm’ Story Podcast Today HERE

I Thought I’d Share My ‘FRAGEN’ Stat Block, Since They Made Their Entrance Into The Story For The First Time In This Episode



Medium humanoid (char’kanum), neutral

Armor Class: 15 (studded soft armor)   Hit Points: 36 (4D8+12)   Speed: 30 Ft.

STR: 14 (+2)   INT: 13 (+1)   WIS: 12 (+1)   DEX: 16 (+3)   CON: 16 (+3)   CHAR: 10 (-1)

Skills: Archery +7, Survival +5

Senses: Darkvision 60 Ft.

Passive Perception: 11

Languages: Char’kanum, Gnoll, Orc

Challenge: 1 (200XP)

Cold Resistance Automatically makes Constitution Save vs. Cold Attacks


The Fragen are a bluish white colored, white eyed, Hybrid of the charcoal skinned Char’kanum (See Captain Waydhus Description).

One might describe them as a beast like humanoid, much like an orc, but unlike an orc which is chaotic and beastly, Fragen’s are calm of mind, and deliberate.

Only found in Arctic regions, the Fragen are great hunters, and are often hired as scouts in the coldest of regions.

They are great archers.


Multiattack Two Attacks with their Shortbow, or Handaxe

Shortbow Ranged Weapon Attack (80/320) +7 To Hit, one target, Hit: 6 (1D6+3) Piercing Damage

Handaxe Melee Weapon Attack, +4 To Hit, 5 Ft. reach, one target, Hit: 5 (1D6+2) Slashing Damage (Ranged 20/60, +5 To Hit, one target, Hit 6 (1D6+3) Slashing Damage)


The Fragen Can Be Found In My ‘Frost Rhealm’ 5e Module PDF & PRINTED On Bonanza HERE Or Amazon (US) HERE  Amazon (UK) HERE