‘Delving Into ‘HAIKON”, Part 2 of my ‘Farewell ‘Frost Rhealm’, Hello ‘HAIKON” Vlog

In this Part 2 of my ‘Farewell ‘Frost Rhealm’, Hello ‘HAIKON” Vlog goes deeper into my beginning my next Dungeons & Dragons 5e Project, ‘Haikon’

Check out Part 1 HERE

‘FRAGEN’ Stat Block


In The Spirit Of My Episode 7 ‘Frost Rhealm’ Story Podcast Today HERE

I Thought I’d Share My ‘FRAGEN’ Stat Block, Since They Made Their Entrance Into The Story For The First Time In This Episode



Medium humanoid (char’kanum), neutral

Armor Class: 15 (studded soft armor)   Hit Points: 36 (4D8+12)   Speed: 30 Ft.

STR: 14 (+2)   INT: 13 (+1)   WIS: 12 (+1)   DEX: 16 (+3)   CON: 16 (+3)   CHAR: 10 (-1)

Skills: Archery +7, Survival +5

Senses: Darkvision 60 Ft.

Passive Perception: 11

Languages: Char’kanum, Gnoll, Orc

Challenge: 1 (200XP)

Cold Resistance Automatically makes Constitution Save vs. Cold Attacks


The Fragen are a bluish white colored, white eyed, Hybrid of the charcoal skinned Char’kanum (See Captain Waydhus Description).

One might describe them as a beast like humanoid, much like an orc, but unlike an orc which is chaotic and beastly, Fragen’s are calm of mind, and deliberate.

Only found in Arctic regions, the Fragen are great hunters, and are often hired as scouts in the coldest of regions.

They are great archers.


Multiattack Two Attacks with their Shortbow, or Handaxe

Shortbow Ranged Weapon Attack (80/320) +7 To Hit, one target, Hit: 6 (1D6+3) Piercing Damage

Handaxe Melee Weapon Attack, +4 To Hit, 5 Ft. reach, one target, Hit: 5 (1D6+2) Slashing Damage (Ranged 20/60, +5 To Hit, one target, Hit 6 (1D6+3) Slashing Damage)


The Fragen Can Be Found In My ‘Frost Rhealm’ 5e Module PDF & PRINTED On Bonanza HERE Or Amazon (US) HERE  Amazon (UK) HERE



Transitioning From Creating One D & D Content, To The Next

Transitioning from ‘Frost Rhealm’ to ‘HAIKON’ has been tough, only because ‘Frost Rhealm’ is something that I started over 2 years ago, worked on for 6 Months, sat down for 15 Months, then worked on and finished for 10 more Months

The Video/Vlog below explains the process of Publishing my First 5e Module, and transitioning into a new project, ‘HAIKON’

This is Part One of Two


How Did Publishing My First Module Go?


The Beginning

Back in April, 2017, I Was doing a Dungeons & Dragons Vlog (Primarily Dungeon Master Content), and I began doing a series on my Homebrew Creation Process

It was then, after creating a continent, that I moved onto creating an Adventure Module (Frost Rhealm)

After a few episodes about it, I started considering Publishing it

Starting with launching a Indie Go Go (Kickstarter-esq)

But I admit, because Dungeons & Dragons meant so much to me, and because I had always felt it was a place that I could be 100% creative, without judgement, or pressure associated to it…

…I feared the idea of turning this great passion into ‘work’

And so I sat it down, and as it turned out, in October of 2017, I stepped away from Twitter & the D & D community

Not because of them, just because of life

The Return

In January 2019 (15 months later), after being away from Twitter & the D & D community for a while (I continued playing D & D the whole time), I missed them, and returned

It was also at that time that I picked ‘Frost Rhealm’ back up, and began pouring hundreds of hours into it

Editing is not my strength, but I did my best

The Art

I then hired an Artist to do 10 Drawings illustrations for me…

…and bought the rights to use a particular Drawing for the Cover


After messing with cover possibilities…


I landed on this one (Below)

Front Cover A PNG

Also asked about the rights for an additional drawing…


…I really felt this Drawing I’d come across captured the feeling of ‘Frost Rhealm’

The Artist was fine with me using it, but didn’t want payment for the rights


And a friend/D & D community member offered to do a Dragon Drawing for me (Something I wanted, but had ran out of money for)

The Maps

The Maps were a challenge…

They were going to cost more than I expected, so I decided to ask my illustrator if he’d consider creating Digital Versions of my Map Designs

Like so

I loved, and knew I would, the way his Artist-ness would seep through, and create a cool style (At least I think it’s cool)


Once the Content was complete, it came time to decide the Price Points for both the PDF & The Printed Version of ‘Frost Rhealm’

Originally I thought maybe $7.95 for the PDF (Though it’s a 81 Page Module, with over a year and a half effort into it, I really wanted to get it into peoples hands)

After some people who are close to me saw it, they really felt I shouldn’t throw away the value of it by selling it for too low of a price

So I finally decided to set the Price Point for the PDF to $11.95 (I figured I could always offer discounts/deals at some point)*

The Printed Version was set at $19.95

*During the Holidays I offered the PDF @ $7.95 & The Printed Version With ‘Free Freight’

Time To Publish

On November 8th, I launched ‘Frost Rhealm’!

I got a huge amount of support, tons of ‘Likes’, tons of ‘RT’s’, the D & D community was awesome


To my surprise, I sold several Printed Versions (Which is what I like to use, but wasn’t sure others felt the same way), as opposed to PDF’s


Really wanting to get ‘Frost Rhealm’ into people’s hands, I started to do some giveaways

Starting with some of the Community Members who really showed support via ‘Likes’, ‘RT’s’ and general encouragement

Then around the holidays, I gave some away to the general D & D Community

Maybe Too Many Tweets


I was so excited, that I may have Tweeted about it a bit too much lol

No one ever said that, but it was something I felt some 6+ weeks later

I’ll do better next time


Initial (First look) feedback from those that received it was great

On a personal level, my Girlfriend (Who DM’s my second campaign I’m in), was blown away

My family was also a bit shocked at how good it looked (In the Printed Format)

Though I thought it would come out cool, I too was a bit blown away how good the actual Printed version ended up looking

But I poured 17 months into this project, so I’m glad it showed

As far as Actual Use Feedback, I had incorporated an earlier version into the Campaign I run for my Girlfriend, and it went great


But it wasn’t until two days ago, that I finally got some ‘post’ published feedback about ‘Frost Rhealm’

My Bro came down to see us, and really wanted me to run him through ‘Frost Rhealm’

I explained to him that it wasn’t a ‘One Shot’ (We only had one night to play, then he’d be leaving), but after much deliberating with myself, I said #R%@ it, and just started him at the 3rd Starting Point (Further in), so we could get into it a bit

It went better than expected

First of all, the power was out, so we played by candlelight & cellphone light (He took the photo above during play), which added great ambiance

But once we really started to get into the content, my Bro was blown away… Told me I have to create new Modules, and my Girlfriend (Who I had run the Session so I could experience kinda being a player), stopped in the middle and said ‘This is great!’ holding up the module

I realize that this feedback came from my Bro & Girlfriend, but there’s no one’s opinion I’d trust more, and both of their comments came completely spontaneously during game play

I’m still very excited to hear about more Players experiences in ‘Frost Rhealm’, but for now, I’m really happy I did this project

More to come

Thanks for Reading/Listening


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illustrator Allen Childers on Twitter @childersartfx

Cover Art by Ryky on Instagram @rykyart

Dragon Art by Eric Buchert on Twitter @atanak74

‘Ice Castle’ Art by Will Roberts on Art Station Here


Pick Up a Copy Of ‘Frost Rhealm’ PDF Here 

& The Printed Version Here (US)

UK Printed Version Here

‘ZAIKRON’ Stat Block

Art by Allen Childers

When I originally started creating my ‘Frost Rhealm’ Adventure (In mid 2017), I’d planned on using several different Orc Hybrid’s I’d created…

But when I picked it up again (In January 2019), I decided to create some Orc Type Humanoids instead

One of them is the ‘Zaikron’


Medium humanoid (char’kanum),chaotic neutral

Armor Class: 16 (skale mail)   Hit Points: 45 (5D8+15)   Speed: 30 Ft.

STR: 16 (+3)   INT: 10 (-)   WIS: 10 (-)   DEX: 15 (+2)   CON: 17 (+3)   CHAR: 6 (-2)

Skills: Intimidation +2, Long Sword +6, Battleaxe +6

Senses: Senses: Darkvision 60 Ft

Passive Perception: 10

Languages: Char’kanum, Gnoll, Orc

Challenge: 1 (200XP)

Cold Resistance Automatically makes Constitution Save vs. Cold Attacks


Zaikron are an Arctic Breed of the charcoal skinned Char’kanum (See Captain Waydhus Description).

One might describe them as a beast like humanoid, much like an orc, but larger and better warriors.

Unlike the Char’Kanum who stand 6’6”-7’ tall, the Zaikron are generally 6’-6’6” in height, and have a dark purplish skin color, with dark green eyes, and aren’t quite as strong or smart as the other.

Generally found in cold, mountainous regions, the Zaikron’s are renowned warriors, often wielding a sword in one hand, and an axe in the other.


Multiattack Two Melee Attacks, one with a Longsword, one with a Battle Axe

Longsword Melee Weapon Attack: +6 To Hit, 5 Ft. reach, one target, Hit: 7 (1D8+3/1D10+3 with two hands) Slashing Damage

Battle Axe Melee Weapon Attack, +6 To Hit, 5 Ft. reach, one target, Hit: 7 (1D8+3) Slashing Damage