The Journal Of Thorin Ryo – Challenging Times



by Doragon Kishu

Chap I – Paladin

Chap II – 200 Years Of Peace

Chapter III – Nekana Agnimitra

Chapter IV – The Spider

Chapter V – Thugs (Part 1)




Chapter IX – The Magic Grows

CHAPTER X – Challenging Times

Once we gathered supplies, and rested, we finally set off for the Blightlands.

Along our way we ran into an odd traveler, who insisted on traveling with us, and against my wishes, did.

But we positioned him ahead of us, so that we could watch him.

Our Elven Fighter Laenor, however, was intrigued by him, and so walked ahead with him.

After many hours of traveling the desert of Ganesboro, we came upon a village that appeared to be on fire.


At long last, the whole purpose of our Party coming together in Pinnacle had come to fruition…

To defend the Allied lands of Ganesboro from the onslaught of Gnoll attacks.

In order to protect the Magic Users (Mainly myself and our Druid Arinar), we took ranged positions.

Ashkan our Ganesmen Ranger also stayed back with us.

Sadly, only recently receiving more abilities from my God Theramus, I didn’t think to Cast Bless upon the Melee, which I later regretted, though we were successful none the less.

After slaying some 5 to 7 Gnolls, our Party began putting out the fires that stretched all across the village.

I heard someone calling out in the burning Tavern, and ran in to see if I could be of aid.

The voice seemed to be coming from the second floor, and though I suspected that it wasn’t a good idea to traverse the damaged stairs, my Paladin sensibilities took over, and I attempted to head up.

As I suspected, they gave, and I fell through them, landing in the fire itself, somewhere in the basement of the facility.

I Cast Lay On Hands on myself, thus removing the burns from my body.

I then made my way through the dark underbelly of the Tavern, and found myself in the storage room, which was filled with food, drink etc.

There was no door in, which meant there must be some sort of secret/hidden door, but I was unable to find it.

This is another moment that I later, once again, regretted, as I believe I could have Cast Thunderous Smite, and blasted my way right through one of the blank walls.

But these newly acquired gifts from my God, had yet to become instinct, and so instead I sat and made sandwiches for the Party as they tried to help the people upstairs, as well as trying to find a way to get me out.

Our other Elven Fighter Fildaerae was finally able to figure a way upstairs, but by the time she got there, one of the people in troubled had died.

She did, however, bring the remaining injured down into the street.

Meanwhile outside, Ashkan tried to save a little injured girl from one of the buildings, but could do no better than to bring her into the street.

Our Druid Arinar, however, was able to convince the little girl to drink a healing potion, and thus she survived.

We came to find out that she was mute, and her mother was one of the people Fildaerae saved.

As it turned out, the little girl was blessed with ‘magic’, and the mother wanted to send her south, further away from the Cursed Gnolls (If the gnolls claw or bite a magic wielder, they become cursed, and shortly die).

Though I was inclined to take her with us, having a soft spot for Magic Users because of my Mother (She was banished from his homeland because she had magical gifts which is frowned upon in the land), Ashkan convinced me that the way we were travelling would only have more Gnolls, and so one of our Party Members, Ulfin, the Dwarven Barbarian, said he’d take her south, then return to our Party.

We then left for a large City 5 hours North, and once we negotiated with the Captain of the Guard, we were allowed entrance where we would hit the local Tavern, then get a long nights rest at the Inn.

Prior to sleeping I spoke to the Captain of the Guard, and found out that there was a ‘magic enchantment’ surrounding the Blightlands, which cause one to go mad, and suggested that we take the tunnels underneath the border instead.

However, these tunnels were in rough structural shape, as well as being infested with Gnolls.

The Captain also sent one of his guards to show us to an entrance into the tunnels.

We entered the large tunnel and traveled through it for a bit, until we hit a fork and had to choose either right or left.

I detected that there were no traps, and so we flipped a coin, and went right.

Just as we entered the right tunnel, Arinar detected magic coming from ahead, but by then it was too late.

The sand opened up, and a huge spider came out and attacked Laenor who was in front.

He was struck, and injected with poison, I must get to him!


The Journal Of Thorin Ryo – The Magic Grows



by Doragon Kishu

Chap I – Paladin

Chap II – 200 Years Of Peace

Chapter III – Nekana Agnimitra

Chapter IV – The Spider

Chapter V – Thugs (Part 1)




For Now I’m Shifting My ‘Journal Entries’ Back To Blog Form, And Thus We’ve Had Two Or Three Sessions Since My Last Update On My Vlog, DORAGONS DOMAIN

Once within the rundown town within the Ganesboro Sands, several of us went to the local Tavern to partake in the local Camel Milk Ale…

I Did not, but it was good to sit with a couple Members of the Party, and watch them ‘not’ be in danger.

Meanwhile our Druid Arinar went to the local Herb Shop, and found out from the Shop Owner that they too had lost someone to the ‘mysterious’ flying creature, and suggested we talk to a Hunter at the end of the town, who was about to head out to Hunt the Beast.

We gathered everyone, but on the way Laenor, being in such a hurry, ran right through a sword juggling act, causing one of the jugglers to be impaled.

Arinar tried to remove the blade, and treat him, but it was too late.

Our Ganesmen Ranger Ashkan spoke to the locals, and he and Laenor decided that they would attend the funeral/ceremony which would take place a month from then.

The other Juggler knew that it was an accident, and held no ill well.

More and more Laenor’s brashness was putting himself and others in danger, but for now, we carried on to the Hunter.

The Hunter was a man named Grizz, who had apparently Won Pinnacle Hunt each of the previous two or three years, and so we met our competition.

But he seemed to be much more interested in hunting this Large Winged Beast.

And so we spoke to him, and he agreed to let us travel with him to battle the Beast.

Nekana our Female Barbarian decided she would not go, as she had grown weary of not pursuing our Original Quest, to aid Pinnacles Allies against a Gnoll Onslaught.

We were able to convince her to come, barely, but I knew we needed to continue on our original Quest soon, or she would indeed leave us.

Once we reached the Cave where the Beast lived, we moved in, and had a lethal battle…

The Beasts Wings were 50 Feet across, and looked to be part bird, part Dragon.

When we struck it, it bled a green gooey blood…

…there was something very unnatural about this Beast.

When the Beast Breathed Fire on the Paty, Nekana and I were too close, and were both struck down, knocking each of us unconscious, and dying.

The Beast tried to escape, but our Ranger took one last shot, which pierced the Beast’s head, and/or throat, and killed it.

Laenor fed Nekana a Healing Potion, raising her from near death…

…while Arinar raised me.

Dying, or near dying, has changed me.

We then entered a small entrance, where there was a Door with A Puzzle we had to figure out, which we did.

Then we had to cross some Trapped Tiles, which set off Arrows should we fail, but once again, we were able to decode the Trap.

In the room after that we found our missing Party Member, Iven, but he was in a sort of a cocoon, and had lost one of his arms.

We also found the missing Shop Owners son.

Nekana recogonized a necklace Iven was wearing, and said that it was hers, but won’t tell us anymore than that… Only that she thinks Iven must have stolen it from somewhere, but Iven says it’s the only thing he owns that supposedly was given to him from his Father.

And so dissension in the Ranks once more.

This road we travel is treacherous, and I find it doubtful that we shall all live to tell the tale.

In a Dream, a God by the name Theramus, a “God of Truth, and Compassion”, reached out to me and requested that I serve him soon.

I agreed in the dream, and began to feel as though more magic had filled me.

We returned to the run down town, soon we will set off to continue our quest of battling the Gnolls.


Thorin Ryo’s Sacred Oath Ceremony Speech



by Doragon Kishu

(The Speech My Paladin Character Will Be Reading For His Sacred Oath Ceremony When He Hits Level 3, Which Will Be Soon)



There came a day in my life when a divine ability entered my body, mind and spirit…

And since then, I have found my true home in its’ light.

More than ‘Training’, my path towards Paladinship has been an Awakening of who I truly am.

A few nights ago, I was reached out to in my dreams by a God known as ‘Theramus’…

Perhaps some of you have heard of him.

He is a God of ‘Truth & Compassion’.

He spoke to me… Called upon me to serve him…

To… Aid him in the betterment of this world.

I shall answer this call.

I will make the Sacred Oath of Devotion in his name.

Though I shall always love, and cherish my natural born parents, Theramus will be my Guide and Teacher in this life hence forward.

When I set off to Pinnacle, leaving my home in Mount Marshal…

Leaving my Post as a Swordsman of Landrich, and Servant to King Balthild…

I knew not what lay ahead for me.

Only that these hands bearing blue light, were meant for something…


There are things about my past I have not disclosed, much like many, if not all of us.

My reasons for this were, and are meant to protect someone who means very much to me.

But soon enough I will depart this knowledge to my trusted companions…

To The League of Unity.

To all of you.

The life of a Paladin is not an easy one…

It is riddled with difficult tasks, and living at a standard that can be trying to maintain.

I shall approach it with Vigor, Truth and Compassion, even towards myself.

Theramus demands it.

I demand it.

Now I’ve asked some of you to say some words in regards to the Tenants, and/or things that run through me, as a Paladin of Devotion.

I have asked Laenor to say a few words about Honor, as I find him to be most Honorable…

And Arinar to speak a few words about Compassion.

Ashkan a few words about Duty.

And Nekana a few words about Courage.

(They’ll each Speak)

I thank all of you for being part of this.

DORAGONS DOMAIN (Episode 7) 5e Campaign Update

My Latest Dungeons & Dragons 5e Campaign Update!


The Journal Of Thorin Ryo 

by Doragon Kishu

Chap I – Paladin

Chap II – 200 Years Of Peace

Chapter III – Nekana Agnimitra

Chapter IV – The Spider

Chapter V – Thugs (Part 1)





doragons domain2

My First Dungeons & Dragons Vlog DORAGON’S DOMAIN, Including Part 2 of The Last “The Journal Of Thorin Ryo” Entry 

The Journal Of Thorin Ryo 

by Doragon Kishu

Chap I – Paladin

Chap II – 200 Years Of Peace

Chapter III – Nekana Agnimitra

Chapter IV – The Spider

Chapter V – Thugs (Part 1)

CHAPTER VI – Thugs (Part 2, within Vlog)

The Journal Of Thorin Ryo – Thugs


The Journal Of Thorin Ryo 

by Doragon Kishu

Chap I – Paladin

Chap II – 200 Years Of Peace

Chapter III – Nekana Agnimitra

Chapter IV – The Spider



There we were, mid battle, the Giant Black Fury Mother Spider dead, and its’ remaining babies around us.

Our Barbarian Nekana began to spin, finishing up one of the two swarms, and rest of the group was able to finish up the other.

We had a short discussion, checking how many Healing Potions we had left etc…

“I’m not sure we can survive whatever’s coming around the next corner,” I spoke, knowing this would not sway the group from continuing…

…and so we did

After traveling a bit further, we left the dark of the Spiders Den, and/or hallway, and entered a long wide hall, the walls now covered in torches.

A voice inside my head said that if we had traveled past the Giant Spider, we could have used these torches to burn down the Den instead…

Oh well, who knew.

Next we came across a fork in our path…

After inspecting the ground, our Druid Arinar indicated that there were Traps either way, but the way to the right was the way the Death Squad had taken the girl.

And so we continued on, only to come upon a door.

Laenor, our Elven Fighter, inspected the door, but found nothing.

Our Human Fighter Fildaerae tried to open the door by lashing her whip at the handle, so she could pull it open, but that did not work.

“Why don’t we just tie your whip to it, and pull it open?” spoke Laenor wisely as I was about to just open it.

And so we did.

It opened into a dark chamber, but our Dark Vision Elves could see that it was empty.

We then tossed a lit torch into the middle of the room…

…at first nothing.

And then, it began to sink, and was gone…

“Quicksand,” I spoke.

Ashkan, our Human Ranger, was able to take a better look, and determined that there was a 2 foot wide path, shaped snake like, across the room.

I suggested roping across, but my rope was 50′, and the room was 70′.

We quickly determined that our Barbarian Dwarf Ulfin, who was 5’2″ by 5′ wide, would not have an easy time trying to cross.

But we tied the rope to Ulfin, and would have the others cross holding onto the other end of the rope.

But first, Larnor went and grabbed some of the hallway torches, and Ashkan crossed, leaving a few torches on the path ahead, so all could see it.

Most of us had no problem crossing, but our Female Barbarian Nekana, a very tall, strong woman, fell in twice.

Fortunately Laenor and Ulfin were able to pull her out.

At that point we decided to send the rope over with an arrow, striking the wall.

And the Party members that made it across already tossed her the rope, and would pull her over.

However, Nekana, with the rope anchored to us, was able to pull her self through the sand with ease.

Next, Laenor crossed without problem, and we were good to go…

…leaving our good friend Ulfin behind to guard the hallway, as he could not cross.